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The Urantia Book - Indexed Version

The Urantia Book

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Sponsored by a Nebadon Corps of Local Universe Personalities
acting by authority of Gabriel of Salvington

Local universe time
Dual nature of man
"This is the way."
Melchizedek incarnations
Primary Lanonandeks
Secondary Lanonandeks
Tertiary Lanonandeks
The midsoniters
Salvington Worlds of the Finaliters
(1) The spirit of intuition
(2) The spirit of understanding
(3) The spirit of courage
(4) The spirit of knowledge
(5) The spirit of counsel
(6) The spirit of worship
(7) The spirit of wisdom
Created Evening Stars
Ascendant Evening Stars
The Worlds of the Evening Stars
The Worlds of the Archangels
Race commissioners
Nebadon Corps of Perfection
Worlds of the Spirit-fused Mortals
Nebadon educational system
Solitary Messengers
Universe Circuit Supervisor-Andovontia
Census Director-Salsatia
Associate Inspector
Assigned Sentinels
Universal Conciliators
Technical Advisers
Celestial Recorders
Morontia Companions
(1) Susatia
(2) Univitatia
(3) Material Sons
(4) Midway Creatures
The Spironga
The Spornagia
Courtesy colonies
(1) Ascension Candidates
(2) Mid-phase Cherubim
(3) Morontia Cherubim
(1) Primary Midwayers
(2) Secondary Midwayers
(1) Son-Spirit Ministers
Bestowal attendants
(2) Court Advisers
(3) Universe Orientators
(4) The Teaching Counselors
(5) Directors of Assignment
(6) The Recorders
(7) Unattached Ministers
(1) The Intelligence Corps
(2) The Voice of Mercy
(3) Spirit Co-ordinators
(4) Assistant Teachers
(5) The Transporters
Seraphic transport techniques
(6) The Recorders
(7) The Reserves
(1) Supervising Assistants
(2) Law Forecasters
(3) Social Architects
(4) Ethical Sensitizers
(5) The Transporters
(6) The Recorders
(7) The Reserves
(1) Administrative Assistants
(2) Justice Guides
(3) Interpreters of Cosmic Citizenship
(4) Quickeners of Morality
(5) The Transporters
(6) The Recorders
(7) The Reserves
(1) The Voices of the Garden
(2) The Spirits of Brotherhood
(3) The Souls of Peace
(4) The Spirits of Trust
(5) The Transporters
Departure of a seraphic transport
(6) The Recorders
(7) The Reserves
Mortals of the transient or experiential Adjuster sojourn
Mortals of the non-Adjuster-fusion types
Mortals of Adjuster-fusion potential
The unnumbered series
Techniques of memory reconstruction
(1) Space potency
(2) Primordial force
(3) Emergent energies
a. Puissant energy
b. Gravity energy
(4) Universe power
(5) Havona energy
(6) Transcendental energy
(7) Monota
(1) Preadjutant-spirit minds
(2) Adjutant-spirit minds
(3) Evolving morontia minds
The cosmic mind
(1) The Finaliter World
(2) The Morontia World
(3) The Angelic World
(4) The Superangel World
(5) The World of the Sons
(6) The World of the Spirit
(7) The World of the Father
Parental experience
The probation nursery of Satania
(1) Circles of the Sons of God
(2) Circles of the angels
(3) Circles of the Universe Aids
(4) Circles of the Master Physical Controllers
(5) Circles of the ascending mortals
(6) Circles of the courtesy colonies
(7) Circles of the finaliters
Requisite parental experience
Morontia Companions
Adjuster fusion
(1) Circuit Regulators
(2) System Co-ordinators
(3) Planetary Custodians
(4) Combined Controllers
(5) Liaison Stabilizers
(6) Selective Assorters
(7) Associate Registrars
(1) Pilgrim Guardians
(2) Pilgrim Receivers and Free Associators
(3) Hosts to Celestial Visitors
(4) Co-ordinators and Liaison Directors
(5) Interpreters and Translators
(6) Excursion and Reversion Supervisors
(7) Area and Building Custodians
Celestial humor
Mortal humor
(1) Seraphic Evangels
Original of Twenty-third Psalm
(2) Racial Interpreters
(3) Mind Planners
(4) Morontia Counselors
Stereoscopic effect of mota
Truth and fact
(7) Ministering Reserves
Success, failure, and ego
(1) The atmospheric types
(2) The elemental types
(3) The gravity types
(4) The temperature types
(5) The electric types
(6) The energizing types
(7) The unnamed types
(1) Adjustment to planetary environment
Experimental series inspected by Tabamantia
(2) Brain-type series
(3) Spirit-reception series
(4) Planetary-mortal epochs
(5) Creature-kinship serials
(6) Adjuster-fusion series
(7) Techniques of terrestrial escape
(1) The dispensational or group order of survival
(2) The individual orders of ascension
(3) The probationary-dependent orders of ascension
(4) The secondary modified orders of ascension
(5) The primary modified order of ascension
Tabamantia an agondonter
Twelve reasons
The seven stages on a planet
Release of midwayers
Adamic departure
The Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme


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