Part II. The Local Universe

Paper 45

3. The System Government


45:3.1  The chief executive of a local system, the System Sovereign, is always supported by two or three Lanonandek Sons, who function as first and second assistants. But at the present time the system of Satania is administered by a staff of seven Lanonandeks:

  1. 45:3.2  1. The System Sovereign —Lanaforge, number 2,709 of the primary order and successor to the apostate Lucifer.

  2. 45:3.3  2. The first assistant Sovereign —Mansurotia, number 17,841 of the tertiary Lanonandeks. He was dispatched to Satania along with Lanaforge.

  3. 45:3.4  3. The second assistant Sovereign —Sadib, number 271,402 of the tertiary order. Sadib also came to Satania with Lanaforge.

  4. 45:3.5  4. The custodian of the system —Holdant, number 19 of the tertiary corps, the holder and controller of all interned spirits above the order of mortal existence. Holdant likewise came to Satania with Lanaforge.

  5. 45:3.6  5. The system recorder —Vilton, secretary of the Lanonandek ministry of Satania, number 374 of the third order. Vilton was a member of the original Lanaforge group.

  6. 45:3.7  6. The bestowal director —Fortant, number 319,847 of the reserves of the secondary Lanonandeks and temporary director of all universe activities transplanted to Jerusem since Michael's bestowal on Urantia. Fortant has been attached to the staff of Lanaforge for nineteen hundred years of Urantia time.

  7. 45:3.8  7. The high counselor —Hanavard, number 67 of the primary Lanonandek Sons and a member of the high corps of universe counselors and co-ordinators. He functions as acting chairman of the executive council of Satania. Hanavard is the twelfth of this order so to serve on Jerusem since the Lucifer rebellion.

45:3.9  This executive group of seven Lanonandeks constitutes the expanded emergency administration made necessary by the exigencies of the Lucifer rebellion. There are only minor courts on Jerusem since the system is the unit of administration, not adjudication, but the Lanonandek administration is supported by the Jerusem executive council, the supreme advisory body of Satania. This council consists of twelve members:

  1. Hanavard, the Lanonandek chairman.
  2. Lanaforge, the System Sovereign.
  3. Mansurotia, the first assistant Sovereign.
  4. The chief of Satania Melchizedeks.
  5. The acting director of the Satania Life Carriers.
  6. The chief of the Satania finaliters.
  7. The original Adam of Satania, the supervising head of the Material Sons.
  8. The director of the Satania seraphic hosts.
  9. The chief of the Satania physical controllers.
  10. The director of the system Morontia Power Supervisors.
  11. The acting director of system midway creatures.
  12. The acting head of the corps of ascending mortals.

45:3.10  This council periodically chooses three members to represent the local system on the supreme council at universe headquarters, but this representation is suspended by rebellion. Satania now has an observer at the headquarters of the local universe, but since the bestowal of Michael the system has resumed the election of ten members to the Edentia legislature.



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