Throughout you will find I use the following conventions:

1) GBA (Gail Bird Allen) are my initials.

2) LTAT's are 'Let's Talk About That' items and I underline the subject I want to LTAT with a light purple dashed line.

3) Personal comments, notes and LTAT's (Let's Talk About That) are enclosed in brackets [ ] and color coded purple to stand out against the content text.

4) Links color coded in dark blue are off-site reference pages (a word definition and audio pronounciation, or author links to another page, etc.) brought to you in their own personal window - like this one - without leaving this page.

5) I use saddlebrown regular and bold for important emphasis, as well as regular bold.

6) Instead of sending you to another page, whenever I can, I bring the page to you in its own personal window (like this one) right on the page you're on. You can also right click links and choose 'open in a new tab' or 'open in new window'. Reader's choice.

7) Every scripture, writing, article, and treatise includes a Facebook comments section. You can post a comment *just* on the page, or you can also allow the post to appear on your personal Facebook page if you want. Your choice. This is a great tool for discussing a particular document.