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Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins: ET Influences on Humankind's Biological and Cultural Evolution Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins: Et Influences on Humankind's Biological and Cultural Evolution

Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins: Et Influences on Humankind's Biological and Cultural Evolution Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins: Et Influences on Humankind's Biological and Cultural Evolution

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Paperback: 373 pages
Publisher: Silberschnur; 2nd Printing edition (1997)

Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence

Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence

According to Dr. Michael Salla and many other experts in the field of ET research, for almost 70 years the US government has engaged in an extensive "official effort" of disinformation, intimidation and tampering with evidence in order to maintain a non-disclosure policy about extraterrestrial presence. Writes Dr. Salla: "Ever since I began to publish the early versions of the chapters in this book in January 2003 as "Study Papers" on my website,, I have received a consistent stream of supportive letters encouraging my research, and unsolicited information from former government, military, intelligence employees confirming many of my hypotheses. This has given me hope that eventually full disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on the planet will occur, since interest is high and so much information is now in the public arena. States Jim Marrs, author of Rule by Secrecy and Alien Agenda: "Michael Salla presents an astounding and eye-brow raising alterative history of the past 100 years. He postulates that since at least the 1930s every major war and policy decision has been in response to an undisclosed extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

Paperback: 326 pages
Publisher: Dandelion Books, LLC (February 2004)

Secret Science and the Secret Space Program Secret Science and the Secret Space Program

Secret Science and the Secret Space Program Secret Science and the Secret Space Program

There are areas of science that are off limits to the public and are not taught in our universities. The science and technology of anti-gravity and extracting energy from space itself was developed in the late 19th and early 20th century by scientists and experimenters like John Worrell Keely, Nicola Tesla, and Thomas Townsend Brown. But today, this science is purposely overlooked and regulated to the world of "Black Projects." The publicly acknowledged space program is but a "smoke screen" to hide a secret space program, overseen by NSA, the CIA and a secret branch of the U.N., that is so secret that even some U.S. Presidents and Congressional oversight committees are not even aware of it. Secret Science and the Secret Space Program will document and provide an in depth look at this secret science and technology and the secret space program that has already colonized Mars, built bases on our Moon and other planet's moons and given us the ability to travel to the stars. "Black" science is so far ahead of acknowledged science that this book will seem like science fiction to many who read it.

About the Author

Herbert G. Dorsey III received a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of California at Santa Barbara in 1982. In 1985, he became acquainted with the ideas of Thomas Bearden and John Bedini which allowed for free energy generation but ran counter to his formal schooling. Herbert Dorsey realized that there were holes in the formal science that he was taught and resolved to become a free energy researcher. Along the way, he also discovered the science of anti-gravity. In the 1990s, he attended many UFO conferences and met many interesting people that worked on secret government projects and was amazed at what he learned from them. Now, he wishes to share that knowledge with you.

Paperback: 212 pages
Publisher: Herbert Grove Dorsey III (November 12, 2014)

The Urantia Book The Urantia Book
The Urantia Book The Urantia Book


Love is truly contagious and eternally creative. (p. 2018) “Devote your life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world.” (p. 2047) “Love is the ancestor of all spiritual goodness, the essence of the true and the beautiful.” (p. 2047) The Father’s love can become real to mortal man only by passing through that man’s personality as he in turn bestows this love upon his fellows. (p. 1289) The secret of a better civilization is bound up in the Master’s teachings of the brotherhood of man, the good will of love and mutual trust. (p. 2065)


Prayer is not a technique of escape from conflict but rather a stimulus to growth in the very face of conflict. (p. 1002) The sincerity of any prayer is the assurance of its being heard. … (p. 1639) God answers man’s prayer by giving him an increased revelation of truth, an enhanced appreciation of beauty, and an augmented concept of goodness. (p. 1002) …Never forget that the sincere prayer of faith is a mighty force for the promotion of personal happiness, individual self-control, social harmony, moral progress, and spiritual attainment. (p. 999)


There is a great and glorious purpose in the march of the universes through space. All of your mortal struggling is not in vain. (p. 364) Mortals only learn wisdom by experiencing tribulation. (p. 556)


The angels of all orders are distinct personalities and are highly individualized. (p. 285) Angels....are fully cognizant of your moral struggles and spiritual difficulties. They love human beings, and only good can result from your efforts to understand and love them. (p. 419)

Our Divine Destiny

If you are a willing learner, if you want to attain spirit levels and reach divine heights, if you sincerely desire to reach the eternal goal, then the divine Spirit will gently and lovingly lead you along the pathway of sonship and spiritual progress. (p. 381) …They who know that God is enthroned in the human heart are destined to become like him—immortal. (p. 1449) God is not only the determiner of destiny; he is man’s eternal destination. (p. 67)


Almost everything of lasting value in civilization has its roots in the family. (p. 765) The family is man’s greatest purely human achievement. ... (p. 939)


…Faith will expand the mind, ennoble the soul, reinforce the personality, augment the happiness, deepen the spirit perception, and enhance the power to love and be loved. (p. 1766) “Now, mistake not, my Father will ever respond to the faintest flicker of faith.” (p. 1733)


The story of man’s ascent from seaweed to the lordship of earthly creation is indeed a romance of biologic struggle and mind survival. (p. 731) 2,500,000,000 years ago… Urantia was a well developed sphere about one tenth its present mass. … (p. 658) 1,000,000,000 years ago is the date of the actual beginning of Urantia [Earth] history. (p. 660) 450,000,000 years ago the transition from vegetable to animal life occurred. (p. 669) From the year A.D. 1934 back to the birth of the first two human beings is just 993,419 years. (p. 707) About five hundred thousand years ago…there were almost one-half billion primitive human beings on earth. … (p. 741) Adam and Eve arrived on Urantia, from the year A.D. 1934, 37,848 years ago. (p. 828)

From the Inside Flap

What’s Inside?

Parts I and II

God, the inhabited universes, life after death, angels and other beings, the war in heaven.

Part III

The history of the world, science and evolution, Adam and Eve, development of civilization, marriage and family, personal spiritual growth.

Part IV

The life and teachings of Jesus including the missing years. AND MUCH MORE…


God, …God is the source and destiny of all that is good and beautiful and true. (p. 1431) If you truly want to find God, that desire is in itself evidence that you have already found him. (p. 1440) When man goes in partnership with God, great things may, and do, happen. (p. 1467)

The Origin of Human Life, The universe is not an accident... (p. 53) The universe of universes is the work of God and the dwelling place of his diverse creatures. (p. 21) The evolutionary planets are the spheres of human origin…Urantia [Earth] is your starting point. … (p. 1225) In God, man lives, moves, and has his being. (p. 22)

The Purpose of Life, There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and this plan is an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life. (p. 365) This new gospel of the kingdom… presents a new and exalted goal of destiny, a supreme life purpose. (p. 1778)

Jesus, The religion of Jesus is the most dynamic influence ever to activate the human race. (p. 1091) What an awakening the world would experience if it could only see Jesus as he really lived on earth and know, firsthand, his life-giving teachings! (p. 2083)

Science, Science, guided by wisdom, may become man’s great social liberator. (p. 909) Mortal man is not an evolutionary accident. There is a precise system, a universal law, which determines the unfolding of the planetary life plan on the spheres of space. (p. 560)

Life after Death, God’s love is universal… He is “not willing that any should perish.” (p. 39) Your short sojourn on Urantia [Earth]…is only a single link, the very first in the long chain that is to stretch across universes and through the eternal ages. (p. 435) …Death is only the beginning of an endless career of adventure, an everlasting life of anticipation, an eternal voyage of discovery. (p. 159)

About the Author

The text of The Urantia Book was provided by one or more anonymous contributors working with a small staff which provided editorial and administrative support during the book's creation. The book bears no particular credentials (from a human viewpoint), relying instead on the power and beauty of the writing itself to persuade the reader of its authenticity.

Leather Bound: 2097 pages
Publisher: Urantia Foundation; Box Lea edition (August 25, 2015)

Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness

Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness

From the Back Cover


“Thomas Streicher breaks new ground in investigating the chronically controversial topic of alien-human contact.” --Dean Radin, Ph.D., senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Since prehistoric times all cultures report encounters with strange beings and crafts from the sky as well as stories of extra-planetary experiences--that is, travel to other planets, moons, and stars. In the case of modern accounts, these benevolent alien-human interactions bear striking resemblance to one another, even among people with no knowledge of other alien-human claims. And all experiences marked a spiritual turning point in the person’s life, providing a loss of the fear of death, enhanced spiritual insights, a connection to cosmic consciousness, or increased motivation to be of service to humanity.

Exploring fresh dimensions of ET contact and extra-planetary experience (XPE) using Harvard professor and researcher John Mack’s witnessing approach to paranormal incidents, Thomas Streicher interviews 7 renowned people who have experienced XPE--including astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Norma Milanovich, and Stanford-tested remote viewer Ingo Swann--and shares the positive spiritual effects of XPE on their lives. Placing their experiences in the context of historical accounts of alien-human encounters from ancient Sumerian, Vedic, Egyptian, Tibetan, Hopi, Dogon, and biblical records as well as 19th- and 20th-century testimonies from Orfeo Angelucci, Billy Meier, Elizabeth Klarer, and others, the author reveals the similarities of these experiences with those of his interviewees. Streicher shows these experiences are not contrived hallucinations but genuine transformative spiritual awakenings akin to near-death and out-of-body experiences.

THOMAS JAMES STREICHER, Ph.D., a student of John Edward Mack, M.D., earned his doctorate in psychology from Saybrook University. The founder and director of Divine Spark, a non-profit dedicated to helping people through free meals and other means to activate the divine spark within each of them, he lives in Nevada City, California.

Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Bear & Company (March 19, 2012)

Twelfth Planet: Book I of the Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles) Twelfth Planet: Book I of the Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles)

Twelfth Planet: Book I of the Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles) Twelfth Planet: Book I of the Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles)

Over the years, startling evidence has been uncovered, challenging established notions of the origins of life on Earth—evidence that suggests the existence of an advanced group of extraterrestrials who once inhabited our world.

The first book of the revolutionary Earth Chronicles series offers indisputable documentary evidence of the existence of the mysterious planet Nibiru and tells why its astronauts came to Earth eons ago to fashion mankind in their image.

The product of more than thirty years of meticulous research, The 12th Planet treats as fact, not myth, the tales of Creation, the Deluge, the Tower of Babel, and the Nefilim who married the daughters of man. By weaving together the biblical narrative with Sumerian and Babylonian clay-tablet texts, it challenges the established notions of the origins of Earth and mankind, and offers a compelling alternative history and prehistory of both.

About the Author

Zecharia Sitchin is an internationally acclaimed author and researcher whose books offer evidence that we are not alone in our own solar system. One of a handful of scholars able to read the Sumerian cuneiform tablets, he has combined archaeology, ancient texts, and the Bible with the latest scientific discoveries to retell the history and prehistory of mankind and planet Earth. His trailblazing books have been translated into more than twenty languages; his first one, an oft-quoted classic, celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of its publication. A graduate of the University of London and a journalist and editor in Israel for many years, he now lives and writes in New York.

Paperback: 464 pages
Publisher: Harper; Reprint edition (March 27, 2007)

The Roots of War and Domination The Roots of War and Domination

The Roots of War and Domination The Roots of War and Domination

Domination behavior, using force to control others, is destabilizing and disruptive in families, groups and communities. At the international level, aggressive domination is war the breakdown of the civilized order. Dr. Metzner tracks the roots of war and domination: in the psychological consequences of violent child abuse; in historical and prehistorical patterns of resource competition; and in mammalian predator behavior gone awry. One can see these ancient predatory patterns operating in the capitalist and imperialist policies of nation states. Seeking still deeper roots, he explores lesser known mythological and esoteric teachings: the Buddhist myths of power-addicted demons; the legend of the corruption of the Atlantean civilization; the Nordic myths of wars among the gods; and the Sumerian myths of dominating extra-terrestrial war-lord colonizers who genetically engineered our human ancestors. Finally, he examines the complex and profound teachings of the mysterious 20th century sage G.I. Gurdjieff, who located the ultimate causes of war in the extra-planetary environment and cosmic history. It is the author s intention and hope that these explorations of this most intractable of humanity s problems may lead others to further discoveries and possible solutions.

About the Author

Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. is a recognized pioneer in studies of consciousness and its transformations. He is a psychotherapist and Professor Emeritus at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he was also the Academic Dean for ten years in the 1980s. He collaborated with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert in the studies of psychedelic drugs at Harvard in the 1960s, and co-authored The Psychedelic Experience. His books include Maps of Consciousness, The Well of Remembrance, The Unfolding Self and Green Psychology; as well as two edited collections on the science and phenomenology of ayahuasca and the psilocybin mushrooms. He is founder and president of the Green Earth Foundation, an ecological educational organization, and teaches a training program in Alchemical Divination.

Paperback: 92 pages
Publisher: Regent Press (March 15, 2008)



the Human Genome Project

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D


DNA Breakdown
DNA Breakdown

DNA Breakdown

The online Canadian National newspaper recently began publishing a series of articles reporting the scientific discovery of extraterrestrial genes in human DNA. There is much evidence to support genetic 'upgrades' of human DNA at various points in human evolution by extraterrestrials. This makes it very important to demarcate between exopolitical research on the historic extraterrestrial role concerning human DNA, with ongoing scientific investigations that are part of the Human Genome Project. I wish to clarify my own role and contribution to such research. This will remove any possible misperception that I am part of an exo-scientific research team associated with the Human Genome Project that might arise from a Canadian National story published on Monday January 26, 2007. See: Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA.

A story published on January 8, 2007 concerned an alleged scientific breakthrough led by Professor Sam Chang who was reported to be part of the Human Genome Project. He reportedly led a team of researchers that established the existence of extraterrestrial genes in human DNA. These were found to be embedded within the 97% of the human genome described as junk DNA. See: Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA.

The Jan 8 report excited great interest due to growing scientific speculation that human DNA may be encoded with extraterrestrial information. This argument was first proposed by Professor Paul Davies, from the Australian Centre for Astrobiology at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Prof Davies argument was published in the New Scientist in August 2004. He argued that non-coding sequences in human DNA, i.e., junk DNA, may be in fact extraterrestrial information or messages. He said:

  DNA, the molecule that contains the script of life, encodes its data in a four-letter alphabet. This would be an ideal medium for storing a cosmic calling card. In many organisms, humans included, genes make up only a tiny fraction of their DNA. Much of the rest seems to be biological gobbledygook, often called "junk DNA". There is plenty of room there for ET to etch a molecular message without damaging any vital genetic functions. See: Do We Have To Spell It Out?  

Essentially, junk DNA may be either an extraterrestrial message and/or parts of extraterrestrial genetics encoded into human DNA. It is this latter possibility that Prof Chang's research had demonstrated according to the Canadian National report.

I have attempted to verify the existence of Prof Chang and his team of researchers but have so far been unsuccessful. Significantly, Linda Moulton Howe conducted an interview with Prof John McPherson, a former Co-Director of the Genome Center, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. Prof McPherson had no knowledge of Prof Chang, but acknowledged that the extensive number of scientists working on the Human Genome Project made it possible that they had simply not met or yet communicated by email. See: Human Genome Project: Junk DNA Is Still A Mystery. Prof McPherson commented that he did not find the Prof Chang story to be credible. Yet it is very likely that there is a more classified branch of the Human Genome Project that involves the location of extraterrestrial genetics which Prof McPherson and many other Human Genome Project scientists may simply not be aware of.

While it is possible that Prof Chang works on a more classified area of the Human Genome Project, it's important to note that I and others have not been able to verify his existence. It is very likely that classified research is occurring on extraterrestrial genetics in the human genome, but we need credible testimonies to verify this. Consequently, I cannot the verify the accuracy of the Canadian National's January 8 report concerning Prof Chang's research findings confirming the discovery of extraterrestrial genes in human DNA.

Given the lack of verification for Prof Chang's existence and of a team within the Human Genome Project working on exobiology, I therefore have to distinguish it from my own exopolitical research efforts concerning extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. I also need to distinguish the Human Genome Project from my collaboration with other researchers interested in exopolitics.

My own exopolitics research efforts analyze the testimony, credentials and documentation of a number of whistleblowers, 'contactees' and researchers concerning extraterrestrial visitation and residence on Earth. My work lies in developing suitable exopolitical research methods for cases where most physical evidence has been deliberately removed or tampered with, and/or witnesses intimidated into silence. My exopolitics work uses qualitative research methods that are appropriated from the social sciences. See: Science and Faith Based Approaches to UFO Research.

My exopolitics research should not be confused with scientific projects associated with the Human Genome Project that use quantitative research methods in various university departments, scientific laboratories or corporations. I need to emphasize that I am a political scientist by training and not an exo-biologist. My work complements the research goals of those in the Human Genome Project interested in the origins of human DNA, but does replicate the strict scientific laboratory protocols occurring in the Human Genome Project. At best, my exopolitics research complements the extraterrestrial DNA research findings reported to have been made by Prof Chang, whose research team may work within or be related to a more classified program within the Human Genome Project.

This takes me to elaborating briefly on the exopolitical view concerning human DNA being encoded with extraterrestrial genetics. Many are familiar with the work of Zecharia Sitchin concerning evidence of genetic manipulation of a primitive hominoid that created humanity 300,000 years ago using the DNA of extraterrestrials called the Anunnaki. This is recorded in Sumerian cuneiform texts which Sitchin has translated. Dr Arthur Horn, an exo-anthropologist supports Sitchin's claims and argues that there are several intervention points in human evolution where he believes extraterrestrials introduced their own genetics into human DNA. Dr Horn identifies a number of gaps in "the Darwinian-anthropological version of primate and human evolution" and argues that these are most likely places where extraterrestrials intervened. He calls these "ET Inception Group' interventions and argues they occurred at the following evolutionary leaps in primate and human evolution. First, the appearance of advanced primates 40 million years ago. Second, the appearance of the first member of the human biological family in Africa, Australopithecines or Hominidae [great apes] four million years ago. Third, the development of Homo habilis [handy man] about two and a half million years ago. Fourth, the development of Homo erectus [upright man] around 1.8 million years ago. Finally, the development of Homo sapiens [knowing man] around 300,000 years ago. See Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins: Et Influences on Humankind's Biological and Cultural Evolution (1994, 75-78).

Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins: Et Influences on Humankind's Biological and Cultural EvolutionDr Horn's work raises important questions concerning how many times has this genetic intervention occurred and how many extraterrestrial civilizations have been involved in the genetic engineering of Homo Sapiens. A number of whistleblowers/contactees have pointed to the intervention of extraterrestrial visitors in human history. In an online report, I have discussed literature concerning seventeen extraterrestrial civilizations that appear to be most significant for modern humanity: A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races – A Typology of the Most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity.

This leads to the testimony of Alex Collier, a contactee who claims to met with extraterrestrials from Andromeda, that 22 extraterrestrial civilizations have contributed their genetics to human DNA:

  [W]e, as a product of extraterrestrial genetic manipulation, are possessors of a vast gene pool consisting of many different racial memory banks, also consisting of at least 22 different races. Because of our genetic heritage, and because we are spirit, the benevolent extraterrestrial races actually view us as being royalty.  

A number of researchers have explored Collier's claims and find him to be credible. See: ALEX COLLIER [The site is no longer available. ~GBA]. Collier's estimate of 22 civilizations is consistent with the work of Sitchin, Horn and others who identify different intervention points in human history where extraterrestrial genes were added to human DNA. It is Collier's estimate of the number of extraterrestrial civilizations involved in 'upgrading' human DNA that is alluded to in the Canadian National story on January 26 which says: "Collaborative research from a gathering of exo-scientists postulate that there are genes from over 20 extraterrestrials civilizations in Human DNA." The Canadian National later goes on to say:

  Details of findings have been published in part, by Dr. Michael Salla, who is a learned scholar on extraterrestrial research. Exo-scientists and other researchers base their findings, in part, on carefully collecting data, which includes well corroborated documented observations by contactees and "whistleblowers", as well as other documentation.  

Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial PresenceI wish to clarify that my findings are published in a variety of online papers and my book, Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence (Dandelion Books, 2004). Indeed, my findings are supported by the testimonies of a variety of whistleblowers and contactees whose claims I view to be credible based on their credentials, documentation, sincerity and/or reliable witnesses. The exopolitics research method that I have developed ranks different sources of evidence in an effort to distinguish between the most reliable and least reliable. See: The Need for Exopolitics: Implications of Extraterrestrial Conspiracy Theories for Policy Makers & Global Peace.

My research findings support the idea that extraterrestrials are currently intervening in human affairs. Genetic engineering has occurred in humanity's past (and present) where extraterrestrial genetics has been inserted into human DNA. Consequently, my research does support the view extraterrestrial genetics will be found in human DNA, and that the 'junk DNA' comprising 97% of human DNA is where this will be found. This is supported by the work of Prof Davies, and what Prof Chang reportedly confirmed with his team.

The role of junk DNA in the human genome continues to be an important area of study in the Human Genome Project. The influence of extraterrestrial genes currently lies outside the scientific worldview of most researchers associated with the Genome Project. It is likely that a highly classified research study into the human genome that seeks to identify extraterrestrial genetics is occurring. It is possible that Canadian National report into Prof Chang's research is part of a controlled leak of information by those wishing to alert the public to such a program, without providing any verification. Most researchers in the Human Genome Project would not be aware of such classified research.

In conclusion, my own research methods and collaboration with other exopolitical researchers is not in any way associated with the Human Genome Project or any classified studies associated with it. The existence of Prof Sam Chang and his team researching extraterrestrial genetics in human DNA is still to be confirmed. Nevertheless, I predict that the Human Genome Project will eventually discover that junk DNA in fact involves information from extraterrestrial civilizations as Prof Davies hypothesized. This information was likely a genetic upgrade responsible for human evolution as critical points as identified by Dr Arthur Horn. It is very likely that official knowledge of extraterrestrial genetics in human DNA will be released in the future as part of a coordinated political disclosure concerning extraterrestrial life visiting or residing on Earth.

Copyright © Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
January 30, 2007



Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among private individuals and groups, post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit publications. Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.

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Some material presented will contain links, quotes, ideologies, etc., the contents of which should be understood to first, in their whole, reflect the views or opinions of their editors, and second, are used in my personal research as "fair use" sources only, and not espousement one way or the other. Researching for 'truth' leads one all over the place...a piece here, a piece there. As a researcher, I hunt, gather and disassemble resources, trying to put all the pieces into a coherent and logical whole. I encourage you to do the same. And please remember, these pages are only my effort to collect all the pieces I can find and see if they properly fit into the 'reality aggregate'.

Personal Position

Personal Position:
I've come to realize that 'truth' boils down to what we 'believe' the facts we've gathered point to. We only 'know' what we've 'experienced' firsthand. Everything else - what we read, what we watch, what we hear - is what someone else's gathered facts point to and 'they' 'believe' is 'truth', so that 'truth' seems to change in direct proportion to newly gathered facts divided by applied plausibility. Though I believe there is 'truth', until someone celestial who 'knows' all the facts parts the heavens and throws us a scroll titled "Here Are ALL The Facts And Lies In The Order They Happened," I can't know for sure exactly what "the whole truth' on any given subject is, and what applies to me applies to everyone.
~Gail Bird Allen

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