nonviolence. See nonresistance
Syrian woman with afflicted daughter 156:1sec(1734;3)
Nordan the Kenite
Melchizedek's brilliant disciple 93:3.4(1016;6)
Nordic race. See white race: divisions
10 Constellation Centers stationed in 41:1.4(456;3)
administered by 12 Vorondadek Sons 35:6.5(391;4)
being cleansed of sin and rebels 43:4.9(490;4)
constellation #70 in local universe of Nebadon 15:14.6(182;4)
Edentia is headquarters of 15:7.6(174;6)
enormous stellar system is physical core of 41:1.4(456;3)
expansion of constellation government since Lucifer rebellion 43:5.1-15(490;6)
now traversing outer fringe of Nebadon 41:10.5(466;4)
our constellation 41:1.4(456;3)
power centers situated at physical core 41:1.4(456;3)
Satania elects 10 to N. legislature 45:3.10(513;1), 45:7.4(517;6)
absolute direction established by axis of Paradise 11:2.3(119;4)
North America. See also Canada; Mexico; United States of North America
24 great floods 60:4.1(691;4)
discovered by white races ca. A.D. 1000 79:5.7(884;1)
extensive fertile open hunting area 81:6.4(907;1)
future determined by quality of racial factors permitted to enter 80:9.16(899;3)
geology Papers 59, 61)
Greenland once connected N.A. to Europe 59:5.20(682;3), 61:1.7(694;4)
horses and camels on plains in Miocene 61:3.10(697;5)
oceans provide favorable opportunity for unmolested development 81:6.5(907;2)
red race in 79:5.7-8(884;1)
rich in marine-life fossils 59:0.9(672;9)
rose out of Pacific depths 57:8.21(662;8)
slow westward drift 58:4.3(668;1)
yellow race drove red race from Asia to 64:6.4,14(723;3), 64:7.4-5(727;1)
North Pole 59:3.7(677;4)
vast ice sheets began to form 100,000 years ago 61:7.11(702;1)
North Sea
waters once warm 63:5.2(715;2)
northern lights
Urantia upper air belts concerned with 46:1.6(520;2)
Norway 61:5.8(700;1),. See also Scandinavians
mortals experience n. on Salvington 39:1.10(428;4)
numbers. 88:1.6(968;1), 13 evil; 3, 4, and 7 lucky. See also 3; 7; 10; 12;
founded science of mathematics 88:6.5(972;5)
pure unfounded superstition 150:3.8(1681;3)
nursery, probationary. See probationary nursery
nutrition. See food
oaks 60:3.19(690;10)
oaths. See also promises
Adam and Eve under oath to Most Highs and Michael 74:1.4(828;5), 74:2.6(830;1), 75:4.2(842;4)
by Creator Sons not to assume full sovereignty until after 7 bestowals 21:3.12(238;6), 21:4.5(240;1)
by messenger corps to David and each other 190:1.5-6(2030;4)
declaration of loyalty to join Garden community 74:7.4(835;7)
finality oath of eternal import; Trinity oath of eternity 27:7.9(305;2), 30:4.24(343;6), 31:0.6(345;6), 31:1.3(346;4), 31:3.4(348;1), 31:4.1(348;6), 31:8.4(351;1), 117:7.7(1292;1)
on holy books is fetishism 88:2.8(969;6)
originated in Dalamatia 70:11.3(797;1)
Perfections of Days administer group pledges on major sectors 18:4.7(211;3)
primitive oaths
accompanied by self-torture 87:6.9(965;3)
adoption oath 70:3.8(787;8)
consisted in pronouncing curse upon oneself 70:11.3(797;1)
imposed by secret societies 70:7.12(792;1)
solemn consecration of Roman youths 98:3.4(1080;6)
sworn by temple or its gold 175:1.16(1907;8)
foolish notion of sowing wild 70:7.8(791;5)
confirmed Isaiah's gospel; fearlessly attacked sacrificial system 97:5.4(1067;1)
headquarters of Onagar on Mediterranean 63:6.7(716;6)
objections. See criticism
obligations. See duty
cannot be thing observed 112:2.8(1228;7)
observers (universe)
System Sovereigns commission; represent local systems 33:6.4(371;6)
obstacles. See challenges; difficulties
oceans. See also lakes
became too salty 59:3.10(677;7)
bottoms grew increasingly heavy from meteor accumulation; sank 57:8.20-21(662;7)
currents shifted in Pleistocene; little changed in last 15 million years 61:3.9(697;4), 61:5.2(699;3)
none on Jerusem or Edentia 43:1.1(485;5), 46:2.2(520;7)
not all inhabited planets have 49:2.17(563;1)
originally fresh; attained requisite saltiness 57:8.3,25(660;5)
protection of o. allowed North America to develop unmolested 81:6.5(907;2)
sunlight can penetrate 600 feet 58:1.7(665;2)
weight relative to land elevations 58:5.5-8(668;7)
world-wide 57:8sec(660;3)
octopuses 65:2.5(732;3)
descendant of cephalopods 59:2.11(676;2)
offense. See criticism
brutal and effective Hebrew raid upon 69:8.3(779;2)
Ohio 61:7.9(701;8)
Ohio River 59:4.6(678;7), 61:7.2(701;1)
oil (petroleum)
deposition 59:3.4(677;1), 60:3.9(689;8)
often found in coal beds 59:5.16(681;8)
oil (vegetable)
early medicine for treating wounds 90:4.9(992;1)
Good Samaritan poured o. onto wounds 164:1.3(1810;1)
Jesus' apostles would not agree to anoint with 150:0.2(1678;2)
brothel keeper anointed Jesus' feet with 147:5.3(1651;7)
Jesus' body embalmed with myrrh, aloes 188:1.4,7(2013;3), 189:4.3,5(2025;4)
Judas resented Mary's waste of 139:12.10(1567;3)
Mary poured spikenard on Jesus' head and feet 172:1.5-8(1879;3)
great Egyptian prophet; murdered 95:3.5(1046;1)
Old Stone Age. See Stone Age (Old)
Old Testament. See also prophets; sacred books
ascribes responsibility for everything to God 148:5.4(1662;1), 156:5.4(1738;3)
Cain's emigration to land of Nod 74:8.8(837;7)
conversations between Abraham and God 93:9.7(1023;4)
battle between Ahab and Shalmaneser deleted 97:9.18(1073;8)
differing stories on David being made king 97:9.8(1072;6)
en masse editing in Babylon 93:9.6-8(1023;3)
God or Satan provoked David to number Israel 142:3.9(1599;1)
Melchizedek edited out 93:9.9(1023;6)
Ganid's quotes from 131:2sec(1444;1)
genealogies confused months and years 77:2.11(857;8)
intellectually dishonest teachers of 159:4.10(1769;1)
invoked to support contending views of Messiah 136:1.1(1509;3)
appropriated cream of O.T.; repudiated lesser 159:5.1-9(1769;3)
came to fulfill law and prophets 140:6.2(1576;2)
constantly appealed to 167:5.5(1839;2)
Jesus gave Greek translation to Nazareth synagogue 126:5.6(1393;3), 150:8.1(1684;4)
Jesus given Greek translation 123:0.3(1355;3)
knowledge of 122:5.4(1348;4), 125:6.2(1383;5)
Messianic prophecies distorted to fit Jesus 122:4.4(1347;6)
possession of Greek translation brought truth seekers to Jesus' home 123:3.1(1359;2)
quoted from 148:5.5(1662;2), 149:4.2(1673;2), 149:5.2-3(1674;4), 150:5.2-3(1682;4), 152:5.3(1704;2), 165:4.8(1822;3), 190:5.4(2035;1)
selected passages so comment unnecessary 127:3.8(1399;7)
talk with Nathaniel concerning 159:4sec(1767;3)
narratives concerning Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph 93:9.8(1023;5)
not sealed books of mystery 159:4.9(1768;5)
not written as book of supposedly infallible teachings 97:7.3(1068;3)
creation account written long after Moses 74:8.7(837;6)
faulty; altogether human in origin 142:3.9(1599;1), 159:4.3,6(1767;5)
inscription of Psalms on stone 95:1.10(1043;5)
not in existence before Abraham 159:4.2(1767;4)
Ptolemy translated story of creation into Greek; used 70 scholars 74:8.12(838;4)
real beginning was secret writing of Elijah, Amos, and Hosea 97:9.20(1074;2)
written to bolster Jews' courage in captivity 74:8.9-11(838;1), 78:7.3(874;8), 93:9.9(1023;6), 97:7.1-3(1068;1)
profound influence on Occidental peoples 74:8.12(838;4)
reflected herder mores 84:3.2(934;1)
relics of barbarism 70:10.8(795;5)
directions for making wives of women captives 69:8.4(779;3)
full of things clean and unclean 89:1.3(974;5)
marital guilt test 70:10.6(795;3)
records Lord approving of human sacrifice 89:6.3,6(980;8)
women considered as property in 82:4.3(917;6), 84:3.2(934;1)
renaissance of Judaism dates from Greek translation 121:6.2(1338;5), 195:2.7(2073;2)
sacred and profane history 97:8sec(1070;4)
sacred record of men seeking God 159:4.4(1767;6)
Sadducees acknowledged only 5 Books of Moses 174:3.4(1900;4)
shows growth in God concept 142:2.2(1597;2), 142:3sec(1598;2)

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