clash with Baalites was socioeconomic, not religious 97:3sec(1064;5)
looked upon land as inalienable 97:3.2(1064;6)
southern or wandering Arabian tribes 97:3.2(1064;6)
domesticated by 5000 B.C. 81:2.8(902;2)
yang. See yin and yang
Yangtze river
Chinese culture in 18,000 B.C. along 79:6.5(885;2), 79:8.5(887;5)
belief malignant ghost might enter mouth during 87:3.2(960;6)
being guilty of chronic 155:1.3(1725;4)
years. See also time: days and years
1000 y. in God's sight 2:2.2(35;6)
yellow race 64:6.14-16(724;4),. See also Chinese; races
consolidating central Asia in 15,000 B.C. 78:1.7(869;3), 78:3.8(871;4)
drifted into darkness following Caligastia apostasy 64:6.15(724;5)
drove Andonites from Asia 78:1.5(869;1), 79:6.1(884;4)
drove red race out of Asia into North America 64:6.4,14(723;3), 64:7.4(727;1), 78:1.5-7(869;1)
entered China in 300,000 B.C., drove off Neanderthalers 79:5.2-3(883;3)
escaped admixture with debased stocks; strengthened by superior red and Andonic 79:5.1-2(883;2), 79:6.7(885;4)
factors of superiority were genetic, social, spiritual, and geographic 79:6.6-12(885;3), 79:7.3,5(886;4), 79:8.11(888;4)
fought red race in Asia for 200,000 years 79:5.5(883;6)
in Central and South America 79:5.8(884;2)
in India 79:2.2(879;8)
migrated to Asia 64:7.3-4(726;10)
Mongoloid type 81:4.7(905;3)
on Pacific islands 79:6.3(884;6)
small but potent Adamic legacy 64:6.16(724;6), 78:5.6(873;2), 78:6.4(874;1), 79:6.7(885;4), 79:7sec(886;2), 80:1.5(890;1)
somewhat broad-headed 81:4.2-3(904;6)
strains incorporated in blue, white race 80:0.2(889;2), 80:3.2(891;3), 80:9.2,5,10(897;5)
suffered from absorption of green race, Indian inferiors 79:6.7(885;4)
usually enslaves green race 51:4.6(585;2)
Yellow river
Andite nomads north of 79:1.8(879;5)
Chinese culture in 18,000 B.C. along 79:6.5(885;2), 79:8.5(887;5)
drought drove Andites to valleys of 79:1.3(878;4)
settlements more progressive than along Yangtze 79:7.1-2(886;2)
yielding. See submission
yin and yang
Chinese teaching of soul and spirit 111:0.4(1215;4)
Gautama formulated Buddhism after 6 years' futile practice of 94:7.2(1035;2)
divine y. gives peace of God 144:8.8(1627;5)
Jesus became expert in making yokes 124:1.7(1367;3), 126:1.1(1387;1)
take y. and learn of Jesus 163:6.7(1808;1)
y. of gospel is easy, and burden is light 141:3.7(1590;2), 159:3.7(1766;3)
young man who was afraid 130:6sec(1437;1)
chief publican in Jericho 171:6.1(1873;4)
Jesus' visit to Z.; Jesus taught 171:6sec(1873;4), 171:8.1(1875;6)
Zacharias 123:3.4(1359;5)
believed Elizabeth's story about Gabriel only after dream 135:0.1(1496;1)
believed Jesus was to become Messiah 122:8.4(1351;8)
conferred with Joseph in Jerusalem 122:8.4(1351;8)
died July, A.D. 12 135:2sec(1497;3)
fairly well educated priest 122:2.1(1345;3), 135:0.4(1496;4)
father of John the Baptist 122:2sec(1345;3)
owned small farm, received temple allowance 135:0.5(1496;5)
perplexed regarding prospective motherhood of Elizabeth 122:2.5(1345;7)
prearrangement with Simeon and Anna 122:9.2-3(1353;1)
sent wise men to Bethlehem 122:8.6(1352;2)
warned Joseph of Herod's impending massacre 122:10.4(1354;3)
adopted Joseph's ancestor 122:4.3(1347;5)
Zaphon 159:0.2(1762;2), 165:0.1(1817;1)
zeal. See enthusiasm
Jesus refused to join 127:2.1-10(1396;6), 136:9.7(1522;6)
Jude very active in 128:6.6(1415;6)
Mary's brother Simon was officer of 127:2.4(1397;2)
Simon Zelotes was high officer of 138:2.8(1540;1), 139:11.1(1564;6)
strong nationalist party opposed to Roman taxes 127:2.1(1396;6), 137:7.9(1535;1)
Zebedee 137:3.5(1528;1), 138:5.4(1542;5), 140:7.3(1578;4)
celebrated Passover with Annas in Jerusalem 129:2.8(1422;5)
directed son John buy house with Jesus' money 129:2.4(1422;1)
family almost worshiped Jesus 129:1.10(1420;7)
father-partner of Jesus 129:1.4(1420;1)
home served as headquarters for kingdom 138:5.4(1542;5), 154:7.2(1723;5)
in Capernaum, Jesus made his home with 134:2.5(1485;2), 137:3.4(1527;7)
Jesus joined Z.'s boatmaking business 129:1.2-4,11, 134:9.6(1495;3), 137:6.5(1533;3)
Jesus told Z. about upcoming Mediterranean journey 129:2.10(1423;1), 129:3.3-4(1423;5)
owned fish-drying business 139:1.1(1548;5)
purchased Joseph's equity in a Capernaum property 127:6.10(1405;2)
with wife Salome had 3 sons, 4 daughters 129:1.5(1420;2)
Zebedee, David. See David Zebedee
Zebedee, James. See James Zebedee
Zebedee, John. See John Zebedee
Zebedee, Salome. See Salome (wife of Zebedee)
Zebulun 146:3.10(1642;6), 156:6.2(1741;2)
Book of Zechariah
episode of king riding upon ass 172:3.4(1881;2)
Jesus quoted 146:2.3(1638;3)
slain between sanctuary and altar 175:1.22(1908;6)
Dyaus-Zeus was head of Greek pantheon of gods 98:1.3-4(1078;1)
transplanted to Rome, Z became Jupiter 98:3.3(1080;5)
zinc 59:3.4(677;1), 59:5.9(681;1)
Zone of Infinity
on nether Paradise directly beneath Trinity 11:5.2-4(122;2)
looked for hidden purpose in Job's miseries 148:6.8,9(1663;6)
Zoroaster. See also Zoroastrianism
flame symbolized Spirit 95:6.4(1049;7)
in direct contact with descendants of Salem missionaries 131:5.1(1449;4)
much affected by dual spiritism 92:5.9(1009;6)
outstanding religious teacher; appeared in Iran in 6th century B.C. 95:6.1(1049;4), 121:6.4(1338;7)
Zoroastrianism 92:6.2(1010;6),. See also Ahura-Mazda; Zoroaster
Ganid's abstract of 131:5sec(1449;4)
influence on Christianity 98:7.6(1084;5)
militantly opposed Mithraism 98:5.2(1082;3)
no religion contained more Salem teachings 131:5.1(1449;4)
religion of action and work, not prayers and rituals 95:6.3(1049;6)
religion of morals 5:4.7(67;5)
Rimmonites embraced beliefs of 146:1.1-3(1637;3)
spread by the sword 95:6.4(1049;7)
religion of ghost fear and sacrifice 92:6.1(1010;5)

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