rules. See law
include deer, oxen, camels, bison, rhinoceroses 61:3.5(696;9)
runaway lad in Corinth. See also Fortune
Jesus' talk with 133:4.11(1475;4)
Russia 59:4.7(678;8), 60:1.4(685;6), 60:2.6(687;7), 60:3.6(689;5), 78:3.5(871;1),. See also Siberia
blue race absorbed considerable Andonite blood in 80:3.2(891;3)
tree spirits regarded as cruel in 85:2.4(945;7)
Ruth (daughter of Matthew)
at Jesus' 16th appearance 193:0sec(2052;1)
member of women's corps 150:1.1(1678;5)
Ruth (Old Testament)
Mary mother of Jesus descendant of 122:1.2(1345;1)
Ruth (sister of Jesus) 154:5.1(1720;2), 188:3.3(2014;6),. See also Jesus: family
at Jesus' 4th appearance 190:2.6(2032;4)
at Jesus' crucifixion 186:0.3(1997;3), 187:2.7(2007;6), 187:3.2(2008;3), 187:5.4(2010;5)
born April 17, A.D. 9 126:3.2(1389;5)
endeavored to elude Pharisees 157:0.1(1743;1)
Jesus had long talks with 134:1.3(1483;5)
married David Zebedee; moved to Philadelphia 190:1.10(2031;4)
moved to Capernaum 134:1.6(1484;3)
thoughtless of speech but sincere of heart; beautiful 127:4.8(1402;1)
unswervingly loyal to Jesus; chief family comfort 124:4.3(1371;6), 138:0.1(1538;1), 145:0.3(1628;3), 154:6.1,3(1721;1), 190:2.2(2031;6)
taught God concept in Amida Buddha; faith 94:12.2-3(1040;6)
Adam's coincidental choosing of 7th day for worship 74:3.9(831;6), 74:4.6(832;6), 74:8.1(836;7)
apostles rubbed grain on 147:6.4(1654;3)
commandment to rest on 7th day 142:3.15,21(1599;7), 147:6.4(1654;3)
description of Hebrew service 150:8sec(1684;4)
every 10th day on Edentia 43:6.3(492;3)
is it lawful to heal on? 148:7.2(1665;1), 167:1.4-5(1834;2)
Jesus charged with breaking 145:3.1(1631;6), 147:6.4(1654;3), 162:2.2(1790;5), 164:4sec(1813;4), 167:3.2(1836;1), 169:0.6(1850;6), 175:4.10(1911;7), 184:3.1,12(1982;2)
Jesus encouraged man at pool of Bethesda on 147:3.5-6(1649;5)
Jesus liberalized his family's observance of 127:4.9(1402;2)
Jews respected Mesopotamian taboos regarding 95:1.2(1042;3)
maximum legal journey was 1000 yards 147:6.3(1654;2)
not for bondage of meaningless restrictions 148:7.4(1665;3)
not permissible to go in quest of health on 145:3.1(1631;6)
Old Testament's two reasons for keeping the S. 142:3.21(1599;13)
oxen watered; animal retrieved from well on 167:1.5(1834;3), 167:3.3(1836;2)
S. made for man, not man for S. 147:6.4(1654;3)
Sanhedrin met on S. to condemn Jesus 164:4.1,8(1813;4), 184:0.1(1978;1)
saber-toothed tigers 61:3.13(697;8), 61:5.7(699;8), 61:7.15(702;5)
lions virtually exterminated 64:4.7(721;5)
man defending family against 100:4.5(1098;2)
peace chiefs of red race 70:5.7(789;5)
sackcloth and ashes
Tyre and Sidon would have repented in 163:6.5(1807;4)
sacraments 89:9sec(983;7)
erroneous likening of human associations to divine 83:8.1-4(929;4)
ideas of ransom, redemption, covenants evolved into 89:9.1(983;7)
believed partaking of sacrament ensured eternal life 98:5.4(1082;5)
partook of bread and wine 98:6.4(1083;4)
Remembrance Supper was the only sacrament Jesus established 179:5.4-5(1942;3)
sacred books. See also New Testament; Old Testament; Rig-Veda
almost completely absent in Greece 98:2.7(1079;4)
arrant fetishism to let a chance passage determine one's decisions 88:2.8(969;6)
beliefs altered by mythmaking tendency 4:5.1(59;6)
believers should reject authority of traditions regarded as word of God 155:6.2(1730;6)
blunder to miraculously interpret certain epochs of history 97:8.5(1071;3)
erroneous doctrine of perfection of scriptures 159:4.6(1768;2)
fetish that every truth is contained therein 88:2.7(969;5)
find word of God not only on pages of s.b. 155:6.12(1732;5)
finding plausible theories to justify outworn customs 92:2.3(1004;6)
Ganid's abstracts from Paper 131 (1442;1),)
give up practice of always quoting Scriptures 155:6.7(1731;5)
intellectually dishonest teachers of 159:4.10(1769;1)
Jesus appropriated the cream of the Scriptures, repudiated the lesser 159:5.1-9(1769;3)
Jesus' talk with Nathaniel concerning Scriptures 159:4sec(1767;3)
Koran. See Islam
deleterious agency of religion 91:5.6(999;2)
fail to distinguish Deity from subordinate personalities 4:5.2(60;1)
faulty, altogether human in origin 159:4.3(1767;5)
fetishistic prisons incarcerating man's spiritual imagination 88:2.6-10(969;4)
in agreement on relationship of God with man 130:3.6(1433;1)
not sealed books of mystery 159:4.9(1768;5)
not written as infallible guidebook 97:7.3(1068;3)
relics of barbarism retained within 70:10.8(795;5)
winnowed moral wisdom of many centuries 88:2.9(969;7)
Paul little dreamed his letters would be regarded as word of God 98:7.9(1084;8), 149:2.2(1670;3)
Scriptures invoked to support contending views of Messiah 136:1.1(1509;3), 172:3.4(1881;2)
sacred spheres of Paradise Paper 13 (143;1),)
1. worlds of the Father 13:1sec(144;1)
7 worlds, each directed by 10 Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy 13:1.2(144;2), 18:1sec(207;5)
contain personality secrets 13:1.1(144;1)
each sphere has specialized manifestation of Deities 13:1.3(144;3)
each world different in physical constitution 13:0.2(143;2)
equal to Paradise in beauty 13:2.1(147;5)
exist on transcendental level 106:0.6(1162;6)
innermost of 3 circuits 13:0.1(143;1)
natives, in personality register 30:2.19(337;3)
only forbidden domains concerned with personality 13:1.1-3(144;1)
personal communion with Father on 5:2.2(64;5)
reflect spiritual luminosity throughout Paradise and Havona 13:0.3(143;3)
reunion spheres, permanent cosmic addresses 13:2.1(147;5)
status acquired by service as well as origin 13:2.5(148;4)
ultimate status spheres for all Father-endowed personalities 13:0.6(143;6)
2. worlds of the Eternal Son 6:6.4(78;7), 13:3sec(149;4)
7 worlds of pure-spirit existence 13:3.1(149;4)
alike in physical constitution 13:0.2(143;2)
personality not present on 13:3.2-3(149;5)
second of 3 circuits 13:0.1(143;1)
source of threefold light of Paradise and Havona 13:3.1(149;4)
3. worlds of the Spirit 13:0.5(143;5), 13:4sec(149;7)
7 Master Spirits conduct operations from 13:0.5(143;5), 13:4.2(150;1), 15:10.1(178;1), 17:1.1(198;1), 24:1.3(265;3)
7 worlds, inhabited by offspring of Infinite Spirit and trinitized sons 13:4.1(149;7)
all personalities pass through, going to and from Paradise 17:1.6(198;6)
always open to all beings 13:4.6(150;5)
Associate Circuit Supervisors stationed on 24:1.3(265;3)
central personality registries for all children of Infinite Spirit 17:1.6(198;6)
each world different in physical constitution 13:0.2(143;2)
great conclaves take place on 17:1.9(199;3)
Havona, but not Paradise, bathed in spiritual illumination of 13:0.5(143;5)
natives of, in personality register 30:2.19(337;3)
outermost of 3 circuits 13:0.1(143;1), 17:1.1(198;1)
reserves of Census Directors stationed on 24:2.3(267;1)
21 enormous eternal spheres in 3 circuits rotating clockwise between Paradise and Havona 12:1.4(129;2), 13:0.1-2(143;1), 14:1.1(152;3)
embrace potentials of master universe function 13:0.7(143;7)
material constitution of unrevealed order 13:0.2(143;2)
attaches to what is ancient 88:6.4(972;4), 92:2.2(1004;5)
danger of attaching s. to nonsacred 155:3.5(1727;5)
false fear of 159:4.9(1768;5)
much regarded as sacred history is actually profane 97:9.29(1075;5)
sacred oftentimes appears to be common 167:6.3(1840;2)
to those who work with Jesus, all things are sacred 181:2.19(1959;3)
Andonites originated ceremonies of 63:6.4(716;3)
animal sacrifice
Abel sacrificed animals in the second garden 76:2.2-3(848;2)
Adam substituted offerings of fruit for blood 74:7.7(836;3)
at first man offered his best animals 89:4.8(978;5)
at Jerusalem temple 125:1.1,4(1378;3), 125:2.1,3(1379;2), 125:5.5(1382;7), 173:1.1-2(1888;4)
bullocks 162:4.3(1794;2), 173:1.6-7(1890;1)
by Andonites 63:6.4(716;3)
doves and pigeons for the poor 122:10.2(1354;1), 173:1.2(1888;5)
held in greater esteem than offerings of agriculture 81:1.4(900;6)
Isaiah opposed 126:4.5(1392;3)
Jesus opposed 125:2.3(1379;4), 125:5.5(1382;7), 173:1sec(1888;4)
Mithraics ate flesh of animal sacrifices 98:5.4(1082;5)
replaced human sacrifice 89:5.16(980;5)
atonement for sins of commission and omission 89:0.2(974;2)
atonement s. was blanket insurance for racial sin 89:4.5(978;2)
barbarous idea of winning God's favor through 4:5.4(60;3)
believed to purchase prosperity 89:8.6(983;4)
conceived as message bearer to gods 89:4.3(977;5)
debt s. embraced idea of redemption 89:4.2(977;4)
drink offering 162:4.4(1794;3)
earliest idea was neutrality assessment 89:4.5(978;2)
examples of early s. 89:4.1(977;3)
gift s. connoted attitude of thanksgiving 89:4.2(977;4)

human sacrifice
ended cannibalism 89:5.15(980;4)
in foundation provided ghost to protect new structure 89:6.4(981;1)
Moses forbade 4:5.5(60;4)
Neanderthalers practiced 64:4.12(721;10)
Old Testament examples 89:6.3,6,8(980;8)
physical mutilation became acceptable substitute for 89:8.2(982;6)
practice of sacrificing first-born 89:6.7(981;4), 93:9.4(1023;1)
practiced by all Andonites except Badonans 64:3.1(720;2)
regular feature of weddings among well-to-do 83:4.4(924;7)
to appease invisible and unknown forces 64:4.12-13(721;10)
virtually universal among primitives 89:6.2(980;7)

idea implies absence of wholehearted affection 180:1.6(1945;3)
death on cross was not a s. 188:4.3(2016;8)
did not participate in any religious service of s. 179:0.3(1936;3)
sought to free apostles from idea of s. 141:4.3(1590;6)
taught forgiveness without s. 138:8.2(1545;3)
Melchizedek substituted sacrament of bread and wine for 93:4.14(1018;3)
place in evolution of religious observances 90:0.1(986;1)
primitives only attained favor with God through 89:10.1(984;4)
propitiation was positive form of 89:4.7(978;4)
seeks to substitute material offerings for consecrated wills 91:2.4(996;2)
value gauged by pain suffered 89:4.1(977;3)

(S's continue...)