sanitation. See also plumbing
ancient purification ceremonies after contact with dead 87:1.4(958;6)
early races not overly clean 81:3.3(903;5)
hygienic customs of early tribes largely ceremonial 89:2.5(976;2)
in Garden of Eden 73:5.3-4(824;7)
primitives buried excreta from fear of magic 88:5.1(971;3)
Prince's staff taught burying, burning refuse 66:5.17-22(747;7)
sanitary benefits of burning refuse 69:6.4(777;7)
tides flushed sewers of Caesarea 130:2.1(1429;3)
sanity. See also happiness; health
integration of truth, beauty, and goodness 2:7.11(43;4)
born before Adamic caravan reached second garden 76:0.2(847;2)
daughter of Adam and Laotta; wife of Sargan 76:0.2(847;2)
neighboring universe to Nebadon 32:2.12(360;1)
Abraham's brilliant wife 93:5.7(1019;4), 93:9.3,8(1022;6)
sarcasm. See ridicule
Sarepta 156:3.2(1737;1)
chief of northern blue races; husband of Sansa 76:0.2(847;2)
Sargon (King of Assyria)
carried 25,000 Jews into captivity, 700 B.C. 143:4.1(1612;1)
tradition of put-away child saved by divine intervention 89:7.3(982;2)
Sargon (priest of Kish)
united all Mesopotamia 78:8.8(876;5)
Jesus' uncle's farm at 123:1.7(1357;4)
Sartaba, Mount. See Mount Sartaba
Gautama's followers called him 94:8.2(1036;4)
"Get you behind me, Satan." 53:8.4(609;7)
how can S. cast out S. ? 153:4.3(1714;2)
issued Lucifer Manifesto on sea of glass 53:4.1(604;3)
Jesus was accused of doing miracles by power of 153:4.2-3(1714;1)
Judas's betrayal had S. 's full approval 179:2.3(1938;2), 183:0.4(1971;4)
Lucifer's first lieutenant 53:1.4(602;1), 53:2.1(602;4), 67:1.1(754;2)
made fully visible to Jesus on Mount Hermon; represented Lucifer 134:8.6(1493;5)
primary Lanonandek of great brilliance 53:1.4(602;1), 67:1.1(754;2)
status after rebellion
Ancients of Days allowed S. to visit apostate princes 53:9.3(611;2)
fell as lightning from heaven 43:4.9(490;4), 53:8.3(609;6), 163:6.2(1807;1)
freely roamed Satania until completion of Michael's bestowal 53:5.3(605;7), 53:7.13-15(609;1), 53:8.1,3(609;4)
now detained on Jerusem prison worlds 53:9.4(611;3), 54:4.8(616;7)
sought to attend Edentia conclave 43:4.8-9(490;3)
sympathy for S. perished after attempt to corrupt Michael on Urantia 53:8.2-3(609;5)
visited Caligastia prior to rebellion 67:1.1-2(754;2)
1 of 100 local systems which make up our constellation of Norlatiadek; our local system 41:2.1(456;5)
500,000 physical controllers in 41:2.4(457;3)
administration Paper 45 (509;1),)
Ancients of Days sustained Most Highs in seizure of S. government 43:3.7(489;2), 53:7.14(609;2)
by 7 Lanonandeks (named) 45:3.1(512;1)
Jerusem headquarters Paper 46 (519;1),) 15:7.5(174;5), 15:14.6(182;4)
Lanaforge is System Sovereign 93:3.2(1016;4)
no changes in technique as result of rebellion 45:2.2(511;2)
no worlds lost to rebellion since original 37 53:7.15(609;3)
ages required to retrieve handicaps of rebellion 50:6.5(578;5)
astronomic situation
immediately neighboring local systems 41:2.1(456;5)
local system #24 in constellation of Norlatiadek 15:14.6(182;4)
next to outermost system of Norlatiadek 41:10.5(466;4)
oldest inhabited world is Anova 49:0.5(559;5)
on periphery of Nebadon 32:2.11(359;8)
power center occupies dark island at center of 41:1.5(456;4), 41:2.2(457;1)
system comprises
9 nonbreather worlds 49:3.1(563;4)
36 planets nearing life-endowment stage 49:0.3(559;3)
57 architectural spheres 45:0.1(509;1)
61 decimal planets 58:0.1(664;1)
200 additional planets evolving toward life 15:14.5(182;3)
619 inhabited worlds in over 500 physical systems 15:14.5(182;3), 32:2.10-11(359;7), 46:4.1(522;5), 49:0.3(559;3)
7000 physical systems 41:2.2(457;1)
almost 2000 suns 41:3.1(458;1)
isolated by quarantine upon rebellion 45:3.10(513;1), 67:3.1(756;2)

language of 48:3.13(546;6)

Lucifer and Satan freely roamed S. until completion of Michael's bestowal 53:7.13-15(609;1), 53:8.1(609;4)
neighboring planet narrated is in 72:0.1(808;1)
prison worlds are 7 worlds circling world of the Father 45:1.10-11(510;8)
readmission into constellation family 45:3.10(513;1), 46:8.1(528;7)
standard day is 3 Urantia days; year is 100 days 33:6.9(372;4)
Urantia is planet 606 of 15:14.5,8(182;3), 32:3.10(361;5), 43:0.1(485;1), 49:0.3(559;3), 58:1.1(664;2), 93:10.1(1024;3)
Satania Power Center. See also local system centers
6th order Supreme Power Center based in Satania 45:0.3(509;3)
satisfactions. See achievement; pleasures
Satisfactions of Service. See also seconaphim
illuminate deferred rewards inherent in unselfish service 28:5.17(312;4)
reflect superaphic directors of conduct on Paradise 28:5.17(312;4)
secondary seconaphim, reflective associates of Divine Counselors 28:5.17-18(312;4)
use performances of best to inspire the mediocre 28:5.18(312;5)
leader of Adamsonite Greek settlers 80:7.3-4(895;3)
Saturn. See also Monmatia
largely gaseous 57:5.10(656;6)
origin 41:10.1(465;6), 57:5.9-10(656;5)
retrograde motion of certain satellites 57:5.9(656;5)
rings are fragments of disrupted satellite 57:6.5(658;2)
secondary sun for short period 57:5.10(656;6)
Saul (king)
and witch of Endor 146:7.1(1646;2)
defeat by Philistines attributed to ritual errors 97:9.5-6(1072;3)
Joseph recounted olden history of 124:3.6(1370;4)
King David married daughter of 97:9.10(1072;8)
King David turned over 7 descendants of S. to be hanged by Gibeonites 97:9.13(1073;3)
made king by his troops 97:9.4(1072;2)
rallied northern clans to withstand Ammonites 97:9.3-5(1072;1)
required 100 Philistine foreskins as dowry for Michal 70:1.18(785;1)
took his life on Mount Gilboa 124:6.3(1374;3), 134:9.5(1495;2)
Saul of Tarsus. See Paul
savings. See banking; capital
Jesus was 188:4.7(2017;2), 188:5.2(2018;1)
communism was indispensable as 69:9.2(780;5)
concepts are serviceable, but all somewhat erroneous 115:1.1-2(1260;2)
events of time are but 32:5.2(364;4)
evolution inexorably obliterates 90:3.10(990;5)
evolutionary religion creates and destroys 92:3.5(1006;2)
Life Carriers' efforts necessarily resulted in many apparently useless forms of transition life 65:4.10-12(736;1)
previous stages hamper evolution of government 134:5.8(1488;6)
relationships between persons are never s. 112:2.4(1228;3), 112:5.22(1235;4)
shell is of no worth after chick is hatched 48:6.21(554;6)
scallops 59:2.12(676;3)
method of capturing enemy's soul 86:5.11(955;3)
Bronze Age mother worshippers in 3000 B.C. 80:9.13(898;8)
cremation, mother cult, once universal 80:9.4(897;7)
descendants of Andite and blue races 80:4.5(893;1)
triad gods 104:0.3(1143;3)
headhunter provided substitute for his own life 89:0.1(974;1)
schooling. See education
schools of the seven circles
Technical Advisers train in 25:4.7(280;2)

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