1-2-3 the First 77:8.2 (864;3)
eldest primary midwayer 77:9.4-5(866;3)
member of 24 counselors; governor general; stood with Van; reduced rebel casualties 45:4.18(514;8), 77:9.5(866;4)
domain of life characterized by 36:2.4(397;4)
associative possibilities of 3 Deities 16:0.1(184;1), 16:1.1(185;1), 17:3.1(200;5), 18:1.3(208;2)
basic to transmission of character 42:9.2(479;7)
colors in natural spectrum 42:9.3(480;1)
domain of life characterized by 36:2.4(397;4)
fundamental to universe organization 10:2.8(110;6), 16:0.1(184;1), 42:9.2(479;7)
in natural philosophy 42:9.1(479;6)
in periodic table, qualities recur by 7's 42:9.2-3(479;7)
secoraphic types recur by 7's 28:4.3-4(308;2), 28:5.6(310;8)
sevenfold electronic organization of prematter 42:9.1,3(479;6)
inherent in energy and matter 36:2.4(397;4), 42:9.2(479;7)
domain of life characterized by 36:2.4(397;4)
ancients regarded as evil 88:1.6(968;1)
606 of Satania. See Urantia
A-B-C the First 77:8.2(864;3)
secondary midwayer 77:6.4(862;8)
a priori assumptions. See also doctrines
cosmic mind reality responses of causation, duty, and worship 16:6.10(192;6)
Aaron, daughters of. See daughters of Aaron
Aaron (Old Testament) 146:1.1(1637;3)
Aaron the stone mason
told paralytic about Jesus 148:9.2(1666;6)
withered hand healed 148:7sec(1664;5)
chief of staff of Caligastia; chief of Urantia rebels 53:1.5(602;2)
artistically skilled and socially adapted 43:7.4(493;5)
created by agents of Ancients of Days, Reflective Spirits 37:9.8(415;4)
in personality registers 30:1.8(331;4), 30:2.19(337;3)
residential citizens of Uversa 37:9.8(415;4)
supervised by Son-fused mortals 37:9.3(414;8)
Abel 76:2sec(848;1)
first child of Adam born in second garden; herder 76:2.1,4(848;1)
greatly influenced by his unfavorable surroundings 76:2.6(848;6)
taunted older brother Cain; slain by him 76:2.2-5(848;2)
Abila 138:9.3(1546;5), 144:7.1(1626;2), 159:4.1(1767;3)
capacity for higher celestial ministry doesn't necessarily imply ability to function on lower levels 39:0.3(426;3)
inherent capacities cannot be exceeded 48:7.5(556;5)
sources are inherent aptitude, Adjuster leading, help of spirit artisans 44:8.2(507;7), 160:4.5(1779;3)
Abimelech 126:1.2(1387;2)
Abraham made converts among people of A. 93:9.4(1023;1)
sacrificed in building walls of Jericho 89:6.6(981;3)
Abner 147:5.10(1653;4), 152:7.2(1706;3), 162:9sec(1798;2), 165:1.3(1818;2)
associate of Andrew 146:3.9(1642;5)
at Jesus' 10th appearance 191:4sec(2041;4)
at variance with all leaders of early church 166:5.4-5(1831;7)
baptized Abraham the Pharisee 148:8.1(1665;4)
chief of John's loyal supporters 144:6.1-3(1624;2)
consolidated favorable sentiment in Judea 162:1.6(1789;5)
died at 89 in Philadelphia 166:5.7(1832;3)
final visit with, message from, Jesus 171:3.2(1870;5), 182:2.5(1966;5)
head of Engedi Nazarite colony 135:2.4(1497;6), 142:8.1(1605;3), 165:0.1(1817;1)
head of Philadelphia church 166:5sec(1831;4), 168:5.3(1849;7)
headquarters at Bethlehem 159:6.4(1771;5), 162:9.2(1798;3)
home at Sebaste 144:9.1(1627;6)
in charge of 70 evangelists 144:7.4(1626;5), 163:1.1(1800;3), 163:2.1(1801;4)
in charge of women's corps 163:7.3(1808;5)
Jesus instructed A. to go on with work 178:2.4(1933;1)
Nathaniel joined for a year 193:6.4(2058;3)
sent uncompromising teachers to Lake Urmia 134:6.14-15(1491;8)
synagogues open to 156:6.7(1741;7)
uncompromising 195:1.11(2072;4)
in Father's universe are many 133:4.9(1475;2), 178:3.4(1934;6), 180:3.4(1947;3), 180:6.3(1951;4), 181:1.2(1953;4)
aborigines (Australian)
little progression 68:5.4(768;4)
little religion; focused upon clan 92:6.1(1010;5), 103:3.1(1132;1)
miserable remnants of ancient nonsocial peoples 68:1.6(764;2)
never developed tribal government 70:4.3(788;5)
never had slaves 69:8.7(779;6)
prayers antedated belief in spirits 91:0.3(994;3)
women never attack game 84:3.6(934;5)
aborigines (Indian)
inferiors of India's southeast fringe; not absorbed by Andites or Aryans 79:2.2(879;8)
abortion. See also infanticide
child in existence 9 months before it experiences birth 103:2.1(1130;6)
common after taboo on childbirth among unmarried 68:6.9(770;6)
human embryo is transient stage of human life 112:5.4(1232;5)
Abraham (Old Testament) 93:5sec(1018;6), 126:1.2(1387;2)
3 celestial beings appeared to 93:6.7(1021;3)
ancestor of Joseph father of Jesus 122:1.1(1344;4)
believed halfheartedly in Melchizedek covenant 93:4.5(1017;7)
born at Ur; left because of sun worship 133:9.2(1481;4), 142:3.4(1598;5)
children of A. do works of A. 162:7.3,5(1796;5)
Dives cried aloud to 169:3.2(1854;6)
feared someone would kill him to get Sarah 93:9.3(1022;6)
fearful and timid after disappearance of Melchizedek 93:9.3(1022;6)
found distant relative on Egyptian throne 93:5.7(1019;4)
God can raise up children of A. from stones 135:6.7(1502;5)
introduced tithing system 93:3.1(1016;3)
Jesus was before A. 157:6.11(1750;5), 162:7.6(1797;3)
abrogated Michael's covenant with A. 175:3.2(1910;1)
believed national history began with A. 96:2.3(1055;1), 136:1.1(1509;3)
traced A. 's genealogy to Adam 78:7.3(874;8)
viewed A. as having ordained oral law 121:7.3-4(1340;1)
justified by faith 150:5.3(1682;5)
Keturah and Hagar were concubines of 93:9.8(1023;5)
kingly ambitions; planned to subdue all Canaan under Salem rule 93:5.9(1019;6)
married his half-sister 82:5.4(918;4)
Melchizedek charged A. to keep alive truth of one God 93:5.1(1018;6)
Melchizedek revealed Most High observer to 43:5.17(491;13)
Melchizedek's brilliant pupil, chief supporter 93:4.16(1018;5)
Melchizedek's covenant with 93:6sec(1020;4)
moved on Lot's enemy with army of 4000 93:5.12(1020;1)
not so old at birth of Isaac 93:9.8(1023;5)
offspring formed nucleus of later Jewish people 96:2.3(1055;1), 96:5.9(1059;1)
political circumstances facilitated A. 's promotion of Salem teachings in Egypt 95:3.5(1046;1)
prophets of A. will sit down with gentile believers 166:3.5(1829;2)
sacrifice of Isaac 89:6.8(981;5)
saw Jesus' day and was glad 162:7.5(1797;2)
shared in spoils of Egyptian military campaigns 93:5.7(1019;4)
shrewd, wealthy business man; not overly pious 93:6.8(1021;4)
slow to give up household gods 93:5.4(1019;1)
spiritual leader of all surrounding tribes 93:9.4(1023;1)
victory over Chedorlaomer 93:4.14(1018;3)
Abraham the Pharisee
baptized by Abner 148:8.1(1665;4)
gave all worldly goods to apostolic treasury 148:8.5(1666;4)
influential Sanhedrist; espoused teachings of Jesus 148:8.1(1665;4)
religious leaders frantic over conversion of 149:3.2(1672;5)
Abraham's original name 93:6.5(1021;1)
demagogue; mother was Canaanite 97:9.15(1073;5)
absent landlord
parable of 173:4sec(1893;5)
also known as cosmic force; space potency; space-force; mother force of space 0:6.5(9;7), 11:5.8(123;1), 11:8.5(126;1), 15:4.1(169;1), 42:2.1-6(469;1), 42:4.5(473;3), 42:5.14-16(475;10), 42:8.2(478;6), 42:10.1(480;4)
ancestral to all manifestations of force-energy, ultimatons 11:8.5,8(126;1), 15:4.1(169;1)
assembly of ultimatons causes vibrations in space 42:5.4(474;8)
defined as
a superultimate 4:1.9(56;1)
absolute; concealed nonspiritual reality of Father 42:10.1(480;4)
free space presence of Unqualified Absolute 0:6.5(9;7), 4:1.9(56;1), 11:8.8(126;4), 42:2.3-6(469;3)
homogeneous and undifferentiated 42:5.16(476;2), 42:6.1(476;3)
potencies existing within space 11:8.8(126;4)
prereality 11:8.8(126;4), 42:2.5-6(469;5)
primal endowment of Paradise 11:8.8(126;4), 12:8.2(139;5)
energy transformers change physical forms of 29:4.18(327;1)
exists in comparative energy rest, namely, without heat 42:4.5(473;3)
flows into and out of nether Paradise 11:1.4(119;1), 11:5.1,4,5(122;1), 12:8.2(139;5), 15:4.1(169;1)
follows paths of less resistance to motion 11:7.8(125;2), 15:4.1(169;1)
form unknown on Urantia 58:3.1(666;8)
matter for making untold universes circulates in supergravity presence of 12:8.2(139;5)
nonresponsive to Paradise gravity or any form of gravitation 0:6.5(9;7), 11:5.5(122;5), 11:8.8(126;4), 15:4.1(169;1)
Paradise origin 15:4.1(169;1)
passage of energy particles through a. creates wave appearance 42:5.14-15(475;10)
permeates all space; factor in atomic cohesion 42:8.1-2(478;5)
present form originates in space, not nether Paradise 11:5.9(123;2)
Primary Master Force Organizers transmute into segregata 12:2.4(131;1), 15:4.2-4(169;2), 42:1.5(468;2), 42:2.5-9(469;5), 56:9.12(645;7)
responds to mind 9:4.5(102;5)
responsive only to personal grasp of Father 42:2.5(469;5)
ultimatons exhibit mutual resistance to 42:6.4(476;6)

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