Arabian Sea
Dravidian shipping on A.S. by 7000 B.C. 79:3.7(881;7)
Arabs. See also Arabia; Bedouins
ancient adoption ceremony 70:3.8(787;8)
descendants of blue, yellow, and Adamite races 64:7.11(727;8)
more recent pastoral peoples 68:5.6(768;6)
home of Noah the wine maker 78:7.5(875;2)
Jesus spoke 123:2.7(1358;4), 123:5.1(1362;2)
spoken by common people in Palestine in Jesus' time 121:6.2(1338;5)
Ararat. See Mount Ararat
Arbela 165:0.1(1817;1)
100 assigned to Magisterial Sons on planetary missions 20:2.9(225;8), 37:3.5-6(409;2)
absolve destiny guardians if subjects fail to survive 113:6.3(1247;1)
activities on Jerusem 37:3.3(408;6)
angels of the resurrection 47:3.2(532;8), 74:2.8(830;3), 189:2.1(2022;6)
commission of Life Carrier transmutation 65:1.3-4(731;1)
created by Creator Son and Mother Spirit 37:3.1(408;4)
dedicated to creature survival and ascension career 37:3.2(408;5)
destroyed mortal body of resurrected Jesus 189:2.1-4(2022;6)
divisional headquarters on Urantia 37:3.3(408;6)
do not normally serve under Gabriel 37:3.2(408;5)
in charge of 7th Salvington circuit 37:3.7(409;4)
in group Universe Aids 37:1.1(406;3)
in personality registers 30:1.7(331;3), 30:2.24(338;1)
message naming Andon and Fonta 63:0sec(711;1)
message to Life Carriers recognizing life on Urantia 62:7sec(709;8)
Nebadon's a. directed by first-born 37:3.3(408;6)
none went astray in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.4(607;5)
number 800,000 in Nebadon 37:3.1(408;4)
preserve records of personality for resurrection 112:5.15(1234;4)
resurrect primitives for Spirit fusion 52:1.6(590;2)
speak in confirmation of fusion 47:8.4(538;2)
supervise translations in morontia temple 55:2.7(624;1), 55:4.13(628;4)
throne of presiding archangel on Jerusem surrounded by 24 counselors 45:4.1(513;2)
wrote Papers 33, 35, 41, 44, 46, 48, 77-81) 33:8.7(373;9), 35:10.6(395;2), 41:10.6(466;5), 44:8.7(508;5), 46:8.5(529;4), 48:8.5(558;3), 77:9.13(867;4), 78:8.13(877;3), 79:8.14(888;7), 80:9.17(899;4), 81:6.45(912;2),
archangels' circuit 37:3.3(408;6), 43:5.11(491;7), 114:0.10(1250;1), 114:7.13(1259;1)
Michael messages sometimes go direct via 46:3.4(522;4)
on Urantia
cf: mind circuit first operational in days of Andon 62:7.3(710;2)
circumvents Urantia's quarantine 108:4.4(1190;5), 114:5.4(1254;4)
operated for first time after Jesus' resurrection 189:3.2(2024;4)
space messages for Urantia use 44:5.7(505;4)
archdeceivers. See devil; Lucifer
Archelais 143:1sec(1607;3), 143:3.8(1611;6)
Archelaus. See Herod Archelaus
Eden under eastern end of Mediterranean 73:7.1-2(826;6), 78:7.7(875;4)
later vases often inferior to earlier 81:2.16(903;2)
remnants of second garden in Mesopotamia 78:7.7(875;4)
Siwalik Hills contain fossils closest to transition man 64:3.4(720;5)
Sumerian tablets telling about Dilmun in museums 77:4.8(860;3)
vestiges of Adamsonite headquarters in Turkestan 77:5.10(862;4)
vestiges of Dalamatia under Persian Gulf 78:7.7(875;4)
Archeozoic. See also geologic ages
last time earth completely covered by water 78:7.4(875;1)
prelife era, from 1 billion to 550 million years ago 59:0.2(672;2)
Architects of Being
formulate plans for life 36:0.1(396;1)
Architects of the Master Universe 31:9sec(351;2),. See also Transcendentalers
7 groups numbering 28,011 personalities 31:9.1-10(351;2)
28,012th Master Architect failed to absonitize 31:9.10(352;3)
close relationship to Creator Sons 31:9.14(352;7)
creature will operates within limits established by 118:7.1(1300;5)
embody Deity concept of universes 118:4.6(1298;6)
7 superuniverse architects associate with Seven Master Spirits and Seven Supreme Executives 31:9.5(351;6)
administer creation prior to appearance of rulers 12:6.8(136;6)
administrative co-ordinators of master universe 106:3.1-2(1165;6)
approve Creator Sons' space sites 31:9.14(352;7), 32:0.4(357;4)
custodians of things transcending this universe age 22:7.14(251;4)
designed stable yet flexible units of matter 42:9.5(480;3)
direct Master Force Organizers 29:5.2(329;2), 31:9.12(352;5)
functionally unify creation, reality 56:0.2(637;2), 105:7.6(1160;4)
mature qualified possibilities of potential Absolutes 115:4.6(1264;5)
may have helped plan Havona 31:9.4(351;5)
permit finaliters to essay trinitization 22:7.5(249;5)
planned outer space levels 12:2.1(130;3)
provide Creator Sons and Ancients of Days with permanent ascendant populations 40:10.4(452;4)
spheres of space appear in accordance with plans of 41:0.2(455;2)
supercreational creature-trinitized sons are wards of 22:7.10,14(250;4), 23:4.3-4(262;4), 31:9.13(352;6)
in Paradise classification 30:1.15(333;1)
members of first experiential Trinity 0:12.6(16;3), 31:9.14(352;7), 106:3.2(1165;7)
Personalized Adjusters are executives of 109:6.7(1201;1), 109:7.3(1201;4)
relationship to Inspired Trinity Spirits, Solitary Messengers 31:9.13(352;6)
senior Architect
co-ordinates all below level of Deity 31:9.1(351;2)
co-ordinates Paradise and sacred spheres 31:9.3(351;4)
is chief of Transcendentalers 31:8.4(351;1), 31:9.1(351;2)
oversees 7 finaliter corps 31:10.1(352;8)
transcendental beings 30:1.15(333;1), 105:7.4(1160;2)
architectural spheres 15:7sec(174;1)
10 forms of material life on 43:6.4,7(492;4), 46:2.5(521;2)
500 billion in 7 superuniverses 15:7.12(175;3)
647,591 in Nebadon 37:10.1(416;1)
built for some special purpose 15:5.13(172;1), 15:7.1(174;1), 48:1.3(541;6)
cf: Havona: nature and constitution 46:2.5(521;2)
construction of Salvington 32:2.3(358;5)
Creator Sons work on headquarters sphere upon arrival 32:1.5(358;2)
equable climate on a.s. makes roofs unnecessary 48:3.15(546;8)
exert powerful energy control 15:8sec(175;4), 41:1.3(456;2)
have double number of elements of evolved planets 48:1.3(541;6)
independently lighted and heated by power centers, Master Physical Controllers 15:7.1(174;1), 41:1.3(456;2), 45:0.3(509;3), 46:1.3-7(519;4)
living power centers modify and concentrate space energies pouring over 29:3.9(323;7), 43:8.1(493;7)
matter of a.s. organized by direct action of power centers and physical controllers 15:5.1(170;4), 41:1.3(456;2)
no organic evolution or survival of the fittest 46:2.5(521;2)
not luminous in space 46:1.5(520;1)
partake of nature and grandeur of Paradise 15:7.3(174;3)
peopled by accredited personalities 15:7.1(174;1)
seas of glass usually found on 43:1.10-11(487;1)
spornagia care for a.s. in local universes 37:10.3(416;3)
unusually favorable for astronomic observations 30:3.2(338;6)
evolution in design of residences 81:2.11-13(902;5)
originated in temple building 92:3.6(1006;3)
Arctic Ocean 60:3.5(689;4)
once connected to Mediterranean 61:1.7(694;4)
arctic regions 59:3.10(677;7), 60:3.18(690;9)
Andonites in a.r. around 15,000 B.C. 78:3.7(871;3)
Chaldean priest who visited Jesus in manger 119:7.6(1317;2)
area and building custodians
Morontia Companions 48:3.15(546;8)
Paul before council of 195:1.1(2071;1)
Areopolis 165:0.1(1817;1)
arguments. See also contention
Andon taught settlement of a. by beating, cursing tree 70:1.3(783;6)
conciliating commissions function to resolve a. upon petition from member of each contention 25:3.3(276;8)
defense of proposition inversely proportional to truth 48:7.30(557;14)
do not coerce men into kingdom with overpowering 159:3.2(1765;4)
do not strive with men 141:6.4(1592;6), 178:1.17(1932;2), 181:2.5(1955;6)
Jesus free of egotistic desire merely to win 125:5.8(1383;1)
Jesus refused to engage in unprofitable a. 169:2.8(1854;4)
aridity. See drought
Arimathea 143:0.1(1607;1)
assistants to early kings became 70:6.5(790;2)
nobility granted for payment or special service to king 69:5.7(776;5)
restraining influence on early kings 70:6.6(790;3)
shamans were the original 90:2.12(989;1)
Greek; taught that virtue is knowledge 98:2.6(1079;3)
philosophy revered by Hellenized Jews 121:6.3(1338;6)
arithmetic. See mathematics
at council of Nicaea 195:0.18(2070;14)
ark of Noah. See Noah
ark of Yahweh
chest containing sacred writings in synagogue 150:8.6,8(1685;4)
King David gained ark after defeat of Philistines 97:9.14(1073;4)
Moses consented to putting relics alongside law in 88:2.5(969;3)
armadillos 61:4.3-4(698;5), 61:7.15(702;5)
headquarters of orange race 64:6.12(724;2)
Andrew proclaimed gospel in 139:1.12(1550;3)
underneath are the everlasting a. 4:1.4(55;2)
Aroer 165:0.1(1817;1)
of Jesus 183:3sec(1973;3)
of Jude 128:6.5(1415;5)

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