Mesopotamian god of the sea 95:1.4(1042;5)
eagles 61:2.12(696;3)
descended from enormous ancient reptiles 65:2.9(732;7)
they shall mount up with wings as 97:7.8(1069;3)
apostles organized to provide everything needful 138:7.4(1544;3), 138:8.6(1545;7)
be content with wages 135:6.8(1502;6)
economic necessities tie man up with reality 99:7.5(1093;3)
Father provides food for every one who seeks 165:5.2(1823;2)
Jesus' financial struggle 126:5sec(1392;8)
manifold difficulties of earning a living 133:3.7(1472;6)
personal earnings may be used as one sees fit 132:5.2,14(1462;3)
prosperity requires one function in some channel of material wealth 160:4.4(1779;2)
providing for oneself is sacred trust 196:0.7(2088;2)
supinely trusting in a fictitious Providence 178:1.14(1931;5)
those who give lives to gospel shall live by gospel 165:5.2-3(1823;2)
use moral power and spiritual energy to solve problems 156:5.10(1739;5), 160:4.1(1778;4)
wages fell to 25¢/day in Nazareth 126:5.5(1393;2)
work persistently to better one's life 148:5.3(1661;5), 149:5.3(1674;5)
workers' salaries in continental nation 72:5.5-6(813;6)
earth. See Urantia
earthquakes 59:3.6(677;3)
age of e. was from 1 billion to 650 million years ago 57:8sec(660;3)
Andon and Fonta killed in 63:3.4(713;4)
be not perturbed by 176:1.1(1912;3)
caused by shifting of solid outer crust, not volcanoes 58:5.4(668;6)
isthmus of Gibraltar gave way as result of 80:2.4(890;8)
Joseph father of Jesus did not know cause of 123:3.2-3(1359;3)
occur in earlier ages of all new worlds 41:10.4(466;3)
still average 15 daily 57:8.15(662;2)
earthworms 65:2.5(732;3)
accepting seraphic guidance rarely means life of 113:4.3(1245;3)
men do not progress in environment of 154:2.5(1719;1)
seeking e. is animal trait morontia career eradicates 48:5.8(551;3)
East Indies
Andite migration to 78:5.6(873;2)
Dravidian shipping to 79:3.7(881;7)
Easter Island
center of Andite-modified Polynesians 78:5.7(873;3)
Eastern Ghats 79:3.6(881;6)
eating. See food
Ebal 126:1.2(1387;2)
met with Jesus in home of Nicodemus 164:2.1(1810;3)
officer of Sanhedrin; sent to arrest Jesus 162:2.6-9(1791;4)
Jesus free from 100:7.3-4(1101;7)
shun 149:4.4(1673;4)
exemplifies Platonism and Stoicism 121:6.3(1338;6)
frankly pessimistic reaction to belief in Providence 97:8.2(1070;5)
race is not to the swift 86:1.6(951;2)
ecclesiasticism. See also priests
incompatible with living faith 195:10.8(2084;8)
echinoderms 59:3.11(677;8), 59:5.8(680;10)
Nordics believed caused by wolf 85:3.4(946;6)
Tenskwatawa predicted eclipse in 1808 90:2.9(988;5)
economic structure. See commerce; earning a living; industry
ecstasy (religious). See also emotions; joy
genuine e. usually associated with outward calm 91:7.3(1000;4)
often outgrowth of purely emotional influences 91:7.3-4(1000;4)
practical validations 91:7.5(1000;6)
Eden, Garden of. See Garden of Eden
Edenic league
Adam's Garden federation 74:5.5(833;5)
Edenic teachings. See Garden of Eden: teachings
Edenites. See Garden of Eden
after Satania rebellion, archrebels continued to attend conclaves on 43:4.7(490;2)
construction 32:2.3(358;5)
10 Supreme Power Centers, 10 mechanical controllers, and 10 frandalanks on 41:1.4(456;3)
70 major satellites are 10 times size of Urantia; 700 subsatellites are size of Urantia 43:0.2(485;2), 43:7.1,3(493;2)
animal life of E. is intelligent and serviceable; not carnivorous 43:6.5(492;5)
E. is 100 times larger than Urantia 43:0.2(485;2)
half devoted to gardens of God 43:1.7(486;6), 43:6.1-2(492;1)
magnificent highlands 43:1.4(486;3)
no rugged mountains, oceans, torrential rivers, storms, seasons 43:1.1-3(485;5)
sea of glass 43:1.7,10-11
spheres energized by space currents 43:8.1(493;7)
thousands of lakes and interconnecting streams 43:1.1-2(485;5)
tree of life is shrub of 66:4.13(745;3)
usual three-gas atmosphere 43:1.3(486;2)
working model of E. on Jerusem 46:5.20(526;2)
ethical sensitizers in brotherhood schools 39:3.7(433;1)
headquarters of Norlatiadek, our constellation 15:7.6(174;6), 15:14.6(182;4), 43:0.1-2(485;1)
legislative assemblies 43:1.8(486;7)
Melchizedek colleges 43:1.6(486;5)
mortal ascenders
are like angels on E. 43:9.2(495;4)
chiefly occupied with group ethics 43:8.3(494;2)
citizenship on 43:9sec(495;3)
live with univitatia on 39:3.7(433;1)
socialize personalities on 43:8.4-12(494;3)
most transportation atmospheric 43:1.2(486;1)
no residue when morontia vegetation eaten 43:6.6(492;6)
resurrection halls for mortals of 2nd modified order 43:1.5(486;4)
seat of Constellation Fathers, Most Highs of Norlatiadek 43:0.2(485;2)
King David laid heavy tribute on 97:9.14(1073;4)
revolted against Amaziah; were defeated 97:9.22(1074;4)
Edrei 159:0.2(1762;2), 165:0.1(1817;1)
instruction for teachers and believers at 159:3sec(1765;3)
education 71:7sec(806;1),. See also ignorance; knowledge; teachers
apostles not made alike by schooling 139:0.3-4(1548;3)
apostles studied 3 hours every evening 137:6.5(1533;3), 137:7.14(1535;6)
growth indicated by enhancement of ideals, values 100:1.3(1094;5)
compulsory for Jews 123:2.5-6(1358;2), 123:5.11(1363;4)
compulsory in continental nation 72:8.1,7(816;6)
compulsory in progressive civilization 70:9.2(793;12), 71:4.2(804;2)
fire was first e. 69:6.3(777;6)
first schools were clubs of unmarried men, women 70:7.10(791;7)
in China 79:6.11(885;8), 79:8.7(887;7)
Jew's custom to sit while teaching 151:1.1(1688;3)
John Mark wisely sent to public school 177:2.2(1921;6)
methods of Sethites never surpassed 76:3.10(850;6)
of children of Adam and Eve 74:6.7(835;1), 74:7.1-4(835;4)
Pharisees believed untaught people accursed 162:2.9(1792;3)
purpose of Garden schools was socialization 74:7.2(835;5)
schools of Planetary Princes 50:4.3-5(575;4), 66:5.9-10(746;7)
statesmanship schools in continental nation 72:8.2-3(816;7)
Jesus' education 123:5.14(1364;2)
early schooling in Nazareth 123:2.7(1358;4), 123:5sec(1362;2)
involved sympathetic contact with nature 123:5.14(1364;2)
most valuable, secured from parents 123:2.3(1357;7)
obtained by mingling with fellow men 123:5.8(1363;1), 124:3.3(1370;1), 124:4.1(1371;4), 125:2.12(1380;7), 126:5.2(1392;9), 128:2.5(1410;4), 128:3.4(1411;4), 129:1.7(1420;4), 129:3.7-8(1424;2), 130:0.5-6(1427;5)
studied 5 nights per week 129:1.9(1420;6)
ascendant plan is teaching those just behind 30:3.9(339;6), 30:4.16(342;6), 35:4.1(388;10), 37:10.5(416;5), 100:2.1(1095;5), 138:6.1(1542;6)
assign definite task with qualified instruction 37:6.4(412;4)
being pupil-teachers 25:4.5(279;6), 44:0.6(498;1), 74:6.7(835;1), 74:7.1(835;4)
best is "come with me" 127:4.2(1401;2), 139:5.8(1557;2)
by learning and doing 35:10.3(394;5), 37:6.3-4(412;3), 50:5.7(577;2), 66:7.6(751;1), 148:1.1(1657;6)
each unit of life trains for stage just ahead 49:0.1(559;1)
experience gives conceptual capacity to comprehend problems 54:6.10(620;2)
finaliters trained to limits of capacity 31:3.7(348;4)
Havona graph method; high speed Paradise method 26:3.8(289;1), 27:6.4(303;2)
home building should be central to 84:0.1(931;1)
Inspired Trinity Spirits teach superconsciously 19:5.7-9(220;2)
Jesus deplored overspecialization 149:4.3,6(1673;3), 155:1.4(1726;1)
Jesus invariably positively exhorted 127:4.2(1401;2)
morontia progressors learn languages much as we do here 48:3.13(546;6)
mota taught by parallel technique 48:7.1(556;1)
much e. at home in continental nation 72:3.4(811;4)
must become world-wide, idealistic, self-realizing, cosmic grasping 71:7.3(806;3)
must continue throughout life 71:7.2,5(806;2), 71:8.7(807;3)
pressure only negatively helpful 103:5.11(1135;1)
spirit concept cannot be mechanically forced into material memory 48:7.5(556;5)
teachers maintain integrity by remaining learners 130:3.7(1433;2)
teachers must be free beings, real leaders 71:7.4(806;4)
train everyone in commonplace trades 81:6.32(910;5)
value in mingling with diverse groups 46:5.22(526;4), 149:4.6(1674;2)
wise fathers carefully plan children's e. 142:7.8(1604;3)
mortal career is an e. 111:3.5(1219;4)
necessary for freedom 71:2.6(802;5)
not the same for all ascenders 30:4.18(342;8)
not what we learn, but our experience of living 39:4.13(435;6)
of public opinion only safe way to accelerate civilization 71:2.2(802;1)
persons can learn from looking as well as leaping 16:7.2-3(193;1)
purpose of education
character acquired by enlightened experience 37:6.3(412;3)
discovering better methods of gratifying urges 140:4.10(1573;1)
eternal adventure should be supreme study 40:7.4(449;2)
graduated opportunity to master details of operation and administration of universe 48:8.2(557;17)
indispensable for getting most out of a good inheritance 16:6.11(192;7), 76:2.6(848;6)
to acquire skill, wisdom, realize selfhood, attain spiritual values 71:7.1(806;1)
to foster supreme purpose of life 195:10.17(2086;3)
to increase respect for opinions of others 25:3.12(278;3)
to integrate the isolated child 2:7.12(43;5)
to make every pupil self-supporting 72:4.5-6(812;7), 72:4sec(812;3), 72:8sec(816;6)
to seek truth as well as fact, expand soul as well as mind 48:6.21(554;6)
religious attainment handicapped by lack of 102:3.1(1121;3)
spiritual progress not dependent upon 65:8.4(739;8), 101:2.13(1107;5), 111:6.6(1222;5)
universe is one vast school 37:6.2(412;2)
universe schools
Melchizedek University 35:3sec(387;2)
on 490 Salvington spheres 37:6.1-2(412;1)
schools of ethics, administration, and social adjustment at constellation 48:5.6(551;1)
schools of philosophy, divinity, and pure spirituality at Salvington 48:5.6(551;1)
schools of thinking, feeling, and doing in morontia 48:5.6(551;1)
Vorondadek worlds teach legislation 35:7.1-2(391;5)
blindness by confusion of complex learning 102:0.2(1118;2)
confusion precipitated by overteaching 66:6.6(750;1), 137:7.14(1535;6)
has not kept pace with expanding social structure 81:6.25(909;6)
Lucifer, with maximum intelligence and experience, went astray 67:3.9(757;2)
what we fail to learn here we must learn hereafter 48:5.7(551;2)
without e., freedom usually does more harm than good 71:2.6(802;5)

(E's continue...)