Ezda 135:4.1(1499;1)
orphan lad of Beth-zur; John the Baptist adopted 135:3.1(1497;7)
Ezekiel 145:2.7(1630;3), 165:4.8(1822;3)
established observance of superior ritual 97:10.7(1076;4)
proclaimed deliverance through service of devotion 97:8.3(1071;1)
spoke of new spirit to live in man's soul 121:7.5(1340;3)
unsilenced spiritual leader 97:10.3(1075;8)
Ezra (disciple of John)
did not accept Jesus; split from John 137:2.2(1526;2)
Ezra of Alexandria
father of Susanna 189:4.4(2025;5)
Ezra of Nazareth
wealthy merchant, father of Rebecca 127:5.1,2,6(1402;4)
Ezra of Syracuse
backslidden Jew whom Jesus rehabilitated 130:8.2(1440;2)
Ezra (Prophet)
promised prosperity by adherence to law 97:8.3(1071;1)
Joseph and Mary left Alexandria on boat of 123:0.4(1356;1)
do not employ f. in proclaiming gospel 151:2.5(1690;3), 151:3.3(1692;2)
facts. See also knowledge; reality; truth
court full light of comprehension 90:4.9(992;1)
humor lessens shock of unexpected 48:4.18(549;5)
needed for ruthlessly practical demands of life 111:6.7(1222;6)
never quarrel with real faith 195:7.1(2078;4)
seek truth as well as 48:6.21(554;6)
technical right can be wrong in truth 48:6.22(555;1), 143:6.1(1615;2), 189:2.6(2023;5)
faculty on dissemination and conservation of knowledge. See Caligastia one hundred
and 5 of his council loyal in rebellion 67:4.1(757;4)
formulated first alphabet 66:5.9(746;7)
led faculty on dissemination and conservation of knowledge 66:5.9(746;7)
sponsored school of learning by doing 66:7.6(751;1)
failure. See defeat
ancients believed soul left body during 86:5.4(954;3)
Fair Havens
Jesus restrained madman's attack at 130:5.4(1436;5)
Oriental minds delight in fairy stories 122:8.7(1352;3)
some subordinate gods kept as 96:1.14(1054;4)
fairness. See also justice; mercy
being just is precondition to showing 28:6.8(315;2)
considers underlying motives, racial tendencies 39:1.8(428;2)
defined as
fruit of the spirit 193:2.2(2054;3)
justice in harmony with mercy 2:4.4(38;4), 10:6.3(114;4)
do not expect God to love you more than others 91:4.3(998;1)
evidence is basis of 10:6.3(114;4)
God is merciful with primitive mortals 40:5.8(446;2)
in Havona requirements are fitting, inherently natural 14:5.3(158;6)
Jesus' questions in temple evinced spirit of f. 125:4.3(1382;1)
Jesus refused to take unfair advantage 125:5.8(1383;1), 128:4.7(1413;3)
primitives assumed power would be used selfishly 70:11.10(797;8)
faith Paper 102 (1118;1),) 101:8sec(1114;5),. See also trust
accepts presence of indwelling Adjuster 108:6.8(1194;1)
action necessary for Josiah's healing 164:3.14(1813;1)
Adjuster translates sense of duty into 102:1.1(1118;4)
and belief 102:6sec(1124;3)
argues from spirit program of eternity 102:1.2(1119;1)
defined as
act by which man earned God's favor 92:4.7(1007;7), 92:5.7(1009;4), 93:4.3-8(1017;5), 93:6.4(1020;7), 94:0.1(1027;1), 94:1.5-6(1028;1)
always triumphant over doubting 101:0.3(1104;3), 102:6.7(1125;2), 103:8.4-5(1140;4), 182:3.11(1970;1)
antidote to insecurity 143:7.3(1616;5)
attitudes of fatherly love 140:5.4-14(1573;6)
attribute of personal religious experience 101:2.2,6(1106;1), 101:8.1(1114;5)
condition of effective prayer 91:9.8(1002;13)
confidence in cosmic reliability not dependent on sight 50:7.1(578;6), 191:5.5(2043;3)
connection of moral consciousness and spiritual reality 101:1.6(1105;3), 101:3.4(1108;3), 101:9.9(1116;1)
dependence on God which yields assurance 196:0.12(2089;2)
effective armor against sin, evil spirits 53:8.8(610;4)
endowment of cosmic mind and Adjuster 101:3.2(1108;1)
enduring as seeing Him who is invisible 102:2.8(1121;1)
energy of better life 131:3.4(1447;1)
fruit of the Spirit 34:6.13(381;7)
gift of God 143:2.7(1610;2)
handles superficial contentions 102:7.6(1126;6)
individual's relation to God, not creedal formulations 99:5.7(1091;6)
is to religion what sails are to a ship 159:3.8(1766;4)
living experience 101:8.2(1114;6)
logical from inner viewpoint 103:7.6(1138;4)
man's highest human attainment 103:9.6(1141;4)
mobilization of total powers of personality 100:3.7(1097;4)
not subject to precise definition 102:6.1(1124;3)
only method to become God-knowing 102:6.5(1124;7)
only passport to completion of reality, eternity of life 101:10.6(1116;7), 193:1.2(2053;4)
positive leading of indwelling divine presence 196:0.1(2087;1), 196:3.1(2093;6)
predicated on reflection, self-criticism, and uncompromising moral consciousness 132:3.5(1459;5)
prerequisite for miracles, spiritual work 158:5.2(1757;2), 158:6.4(1758;5)
recognition of validity of spiritual consciousness 103:7.13(1139;5)
source of divine energy to remake world 94:6.8(1034;3)
substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen 99:5.8(1091;7)
supreme assertion of human thought 3:5.9(51;8)
trusting Father as a little child trusts his parent 100:7.7(1102;4)
unconscious spontaneous expression of experience with God 196:0.6(2088;1)
victory which overcomes the world 4:4.9(59;5), 34:7.6(382;6)
wholehearted consecration 196:1.1(2090;2)
early training makes f. dependable 177:2.2(1921;6)
effect of faith
12 reactions reveal 101:3.4(1108;3)
all things possible to him who believes 158:5.2(1757;2)
brings man to union with God 94:6.8(1034;3)
creates modesty, uprightness, wisdom, courage, knowledge, and perseverance 131:3.2(1446;4)
destroys uncertainty, conflicting desires 142:5.3(1601;3), 196:0.5(2087;5)
dominates mode of living 101:8.1(1114;5)
expands mind, reinforces personality, enhances power to love and be loved 159:3.12(1114;5)
faint flickers sufficient for survival 40:5.16(447;4), 155:6.17(1733;5)
f. in disease treatment is powerful remedy 90:4.1-2(990;6)
f. literally compelled healing 149:1.1,8(1668;5), 152:0.3(1698;3), 166:2.5(1828;1)
forgiveness of sin through f. 138:8.2(1545;3)
fosters and maintains soul 132:3.10(1460;3)
increasingly manifests fruits of spirit 176:3.3(1916;3)
initiates man into world of divinity 103:9.6(1141;4)
locates invisible Father 32:3.6(361;1), 155:6.4(1731;2)
makes believers secure in kingdom 147:8.5(1656;6)
makes truth of sonship with God factual in experience 40:6.4(448;3), 186:5.9(2003;3), 193:0.3(2052;3)
man earns status by 3:5.16(52;2)
opens Father's storehouse 138:8.8(1545;9), 146:2.8(1639;3)
releases Adjuster's superhuman activities 110:3.2(1205;6), 132:3.6(1459;6)
removes mountains of material difficulty 144:2.6(1619;4)
reveals God in soul 101:2.8(1106;7)
reveals our light to world 191:5.3(2043;1)
righteousness acquired by 170:3.1(1861;6)
strengthens character, creates happiness 140:5.6(1573;8)
successfully withstands all intellectual sophistries 101:3.4(1108;3)
transforms First Cause into God of salvation 101:2.3(1106;2), 102:6.4(1124;6)
transmutes potentials to actuals in spirit world 110:6.17(1211;2)
triumphs over evil, sin, and iniquity 194:3.2(2062;11)
we are justified and saved by 150:5.3(1682;5)
wins perfection of purpose 26:4.7(290;4)
exercise f. at our command 26:5.3(291;3), 158:6.2(1758;3)
facts never quarrel with 195:7.1(2078;4)
few persons live up to the f. they have 48:7.4(556;4)
fight the good fight of f. 166:3.4(1829;1)
from beyond will not fail us 131:3.2(1446;4)
have faith in
certainty and security of Father's guidance, and protection 196:0.9(2088;4)
effectiveness of human desire to be like God 140:10.9(1585;7)
fundamental goodness of universe 196:0.11(2089;1)
God alone 101:8.1(1114;5), 102:6.5(1124;7)
God and one another 140:5.12(1574;5), 191:2.1(2040;2)
Jesus' words 193:0.3(2052;3)
precious promises of God 143:2.4(1609;5)
triumph of spiritual realities 140:8.8(1580;3)
values being translated from material to spiritual 102:0.3(1118;3)
Havoners are strangers to saving f. 3:5.17(52;3)
covenant with Abraham whereby God does everything and man believes 92:4.7(1007;7), 93:6sec(1020;4)
evangelists sent forth wholly unprovided for 163:4.12(1805;9)
Lao-tse taught childlike f. 94:6.5(1033;8)
made leper whole 166:2.5(1828;1)
made Veronica whole 152:0.3(1698;3)
thief on cross showed f. 187:4.1(2008;8)
isolation affords opportunity to exercise f. 50:7.1(578;6)
Jesus' faith Paper 196 (2087;1),) 100:7.7(1102;4)
Jesus has faith in us 157:4.6(1747;4), 171:7.5,8(1874;8), 196:1.5(2091;1), 196:2.10(2093;4)
Jesus' talk with Nabon on 132:3sec(1459;1)
Jesus' faith was personal, living, original, spontaneous, and purely spiritual 196:0.5(2087;5)
just shall live by f. 131:2.8(1445;2)
limits to prayer do not apply equally to 91:6.1(999;4)
Michael requires all creatures to master 120:1.3(1325;5)
morontia and spirit reason will augment 103:7.2(1137;7)
never-ending journey in sole company of truth 103:9.7(1141;5)
our f. limits Father's bestowal of spiritual gifts 166:4.11(1831;2)
parables regarding faith
fig tree 166:4.9(1830;9), 176:2.6(1915;3)
grain of wheat 174:5.8(1903;5)
leaven 151:4.3(1694;1), 178:1.15(1931;6)
mustard seed 140:8.27(1583;1), 151:4.2(1693;8), 178:1.15(1931;6)
new wine into fresh wineskins 147:7.2(1655;4), 176:1.7(1914;1)
pearl of great price 140:8.28(1583;2), 151:4.5(1694;3)
persistent widow 144:2.5(1619;3)
seed in good soil 137:8.12(1536;9)
seed of living being 178:1.15(1931;6)
sewing unshrunk cloth on old garment 147:7.2(1655;4)
three loaves 144:2.3(1619;1)
treasure in field 151:4.4(1694;2)
vine and branches 180:2sec(1945;4), 193:2.2(2054;3)
personality development predicated upon 115:7.2(1266;3)
progress dependent upon exercise of 19:5.12(221;2)
simple childlike f. is only requisite to enter kingdom 40:7.2(448;9), 93:6.4(1020;7), 102:1.1(1118;4), 137:8.17(1537;4), 138:8.8(1545;9), 139:12.7(1566;6), 140:1.4(1569;1), 140:10.1(1584;4), 141:7.6(1593;7), 150:5.2(1682;4), 157:2.2(1745;1), 163:2.4(1801;7), 170:2.18(1861;2), 170:3.2-3(1861;7), 170:5.13(1865;3), 192:2.9(2048;5), 196:0.11-12(2089;1)
take kingdom by persistent assaults of 166:3.5(1829;2)
warnings regarding faith
cannot be nourished by philosophy 103:7.1(1137;6)
ecclesiasticism incompatible with 195:10.8(2084;8)
no influence on ordained material laws 104:2.3(1145;4)
hold to Father's presence in Creator Son 32:3.6(361;1), 50:1.3(572;5)
lack of f. shown in degrees of disloyalty 89:10.2(984;5)
must be personal 101:8.2(1114;6)
must not be overmuch influenced by emotional consequences 103:9.11(1142;2)
obliterate dead center of indecision 91:9.5(1002;10)
polluted by poisons of fear 111:7.5(1223;7)
qualitative status of soul wholly dependent on 110:6.18(1211;3)
science will displace materialistic f. 155:3.6(1727;6)
should be childlike, not childish 170:3.2(1861;7), 196:0.12(2089;2)
sometimes leads to recklessness and presumption 149:4.4(1673;4)
surely instructed only by revelation 103:7.1(1137;6)
truth only possessed by exercising 132:3.5(1459;5)
walk by f. not by sight 158:6.4(1758;5), 174:0.2(1897;2)
what f. isn't 196:0.3-4(2087;3)
works of f. come not forth from unbelief 158:5.2(1757;2)

(F's continue...)