kings 70:6sec(789;8)
aristocracy exerted restraining influence upon 70:6.6(790;3)
believed sacred, often kept in seclusion 70:6.4-5(790;1)
early war lords not fond of peace 70:5.6(789;4)
greatly restricted by mores, unwritten law 70:12.3-4(798;2)
hereditary k., belief in divine origin, avoided succession anarchy 70:6.2-4(789;9), 85:6.5(948;5)
knowledge of Material Sons gave prestige to idea 55:7.2(632;1)
moneylenders made themselves k. with debtor armies69:5.8(776;6)
permitted to marry close kin to keep royal blood pure 82:5.4,7(918;4)
restrained by ever-present fear of assassination 70:6.6(790;3)
war has always been a kingmaker 70:5.5(789;3)
worshiped by primitives 85:6.2(948;2)
Kirmeth of Bagdad
trance prophet from Bagdad, self-deceived pretender 148:8.3(1666;2)
confederation of Sargon; Mesopotamia city state 78:8.8-9(876;5)
Salem school at 95:1.6,10(1043;1)
early Christians greeted with a holy 194:4.7(2067;2)
Judas betrayed Jesus with 183:3.5(1974;3)
originated in ceremony of saliva exchange 70:3.7(787;7)
knocking on wood
continuation of primitive ritual 87:6.10(965;4)
knotted cords
Jesus denounced belief in 150:3.12(1681;7)
a little k. is dangerous, disconcerting 2:7.4(42;5), 131:8.4(1452;2), 195:6.3(2076;8)
cumulative, because k. can be communicated to succeeding generations 160:2.3(1775;4)
cumulative, because k. enables man to stand on shoulders of those preceding him 81:6.23(909;4)
dangerous to know much in days of barbarism 88:6.6(972;6)
dependent on research except on Paradise, where k. is inherent 24:2.2(266;8), 30:3.5(339;2)
effort to execute k. results in wisdom 50:5.7(577;2)
eternal quest; way always open to acquire more 27:5sec(301;6), 44:3.6(502;5), 102:2.4(1120;1)
evolutionary k. is accumulation of protoplasmic memory material 101:6.4(1111;8)
factual k. exerts little influence unless emotionally activated 99:4.5(1090;1)
finite k. only relatively complete and locally accurate 2:7.1(42;2)
goal of k. is to attain truth 27:6.2(302;6)
greatest k. is to know religious life of Jesus 196:1.3(2090;4)
is power 81:6.9(907;6)
Jesus accumulated k., then classified and correlated 127:6.14(1405;6)
no absolute certainty regarding 102:2.4(1120;1)
not real until facts are unraveled and correlated into meaning 102:2.5(1120;2)
permits greater appreciation of meanings and values 111:6.7(1222;6)
physical sciences reach height of development in post-Magisterial era 52:4.8(595;3), 55:4.5(627;3)
possessed only by sharing 25:4.5(279;6), 48:7.28(557;12)
recognition is fitting sensory impressions into memory patterns 111:4.1(1219;7)
sphere of fact-discerning mind 130:4.10(1435;2)
Kopet Dagh
Adamson's civilization situated near 77:5.10(862;4), 78:1.3(868;5)
Koran. See Islam
Asoka established Buddhism in 94:9.1(1037;4), 94:11.1(1038;8)
Kung Fu-tze. See Confucianism; Confucius
Semite appellation of Deity 96:1.9(1053;7)
ascendant life equally divided between work and play 48:4.1(547;4)
civilization enormously advanced by early division of l.; Andonites employed 63:4.2(713;8), 81:6.29(910;2)
compel all able-bodied persons to engage in 69:8.11(780;2), 71:3.4-5(803;4), 71:4.2(804;2)
compulsory in continental nation 72:5.8(814;1), 72:6.4,6(814;6)
courts determine wages in continental nation 72:5.4-5(813;5)
devise technique for locating suitable employment 81:6.29-33(910;2)
efforts of design distinguish man from beast 69:2.5(773;6)
elevate drudgery by working as for God 133:4.8(1475;1), 181:2.19(1959;3), 192:2.13(2049;4)
he who does not work shall not eat 69:2.5(773;6), 140:8.2(1579;4)
Hebrews were first to put premium on 69:2.5(773;6)
idleness destructive of self-respect 159:3.4(1765;6)
Jesus painstaking about essentials of any undertaking 134:9.7(1495;4)
Jesus very regular about his working hours 135:8.2(1503;5)
labor is ennobling 70:2.12(786;8)
necessity for l. is man's paramount blessing 69:2.5(773;6)
no such thing as menial l. in spiritual worlds 25:1.1(273;3)
nothing takes precedence over work of status sphere 48:6.26(555;5)
primitives disliked l.; never worked cheerfully or willingly 69:2.3-4(773;4), 102:2.7(1120;4)
put forth every effort to secure work for those without 159:3.4(1765;6)
should alternate with play 143:7.3(1616;5)
specialization of l. brought about immediate savings of time and materials 69:2.3(773;4), 69:3sec(773;9)
specialization of l. on morontia worlds 44:3.3(502;2)
time element in l. is modern notion 69:2.4(773;5)
with all one's might 133:8.3(1481;1)
work is important, self is not 48:6.26(555;5)
work is less important than the way it is done 39:4.13(435;6)
laborers. See also labor
invited to come to Jesus and find rest 139:7.7(1560;3), 141:3.7(1590;2), 144:8.8(1627;5), 163:6.7(1808;1), 165:3.8(1820;7)
parable of l. in vineyard 163:3.5-7(1804;2)
pray always for more l. for kingdom 163:4.10(1805;7)
worthy of their hire 140:9.3(1584;2), 163:1.3(1800;5)
family of Infinite Spirit are living l. whereby mortals climb from chaos to glory 9:8.17(107;7)
capital of Sumeria 78:8.10(876;7)
Lake Superior 58:7.5(670;7)
Lake Urmia. See Urmia
Lake Van
descendants of Adamson listened to Salem gospel at 93:7.2(1021;6)
followers of Van settled at 77:4.11(860;6)
Nodites mingled with Amadonites at 73:1.6(822;3)
glacial product 61:7.1(700;6)
many on Jerusem 46:2.2(520;7)
thousands on Edentia 43:1.1(485;5)

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