guardians of destiny Paper 113 (1241;1),) 39:8.5-8(440;7),. See also guardian angels; resurrection; seraphim
after subjects' death
custodians of mind patterns and soul realities between death and resurrection 113:3.4(1244;5), 113:6.1,5(1246;5)
forever in communication with former wards 113:7.6(1248;7)
hold survivors' souls as sacred trust 30:4.8(341;5), 49:6.4(568;7), 113:3.4(1244;5), 113:6sec(1246;5)
possible immediate resurrection for mortals with 112:4.5(1231;5), 112:5.10(1233;6)
retain soul, static formulas of identity, essential to repersonalization 112:3.5(1230;3), 112:5.13(1234;2)
sponsor subjects' new morontia form 30:4.8(341;5)
tribunals must absolve from blame if subjects fail to survive 108:5.10(1192;5), 113:6.3(1247;1)
2 assigned to each mortal; complement of being is recorder 113:1.8(1242;3), 113:2.7,9(1243;4)
according to circle attainment, spiritual consecration, enrollment in reserve corps 113:1.5-8(1241;7), 113:2.1(1242;4)
brought Adjusters prior to Spirit of Truth 108:2.6(1187;5)
in accordance with human intelligence, spirituality, and destiny 113:1.2(1241;4)
to all 3rd psychic circlers 49:6.8,13(569;3), 55:4.2(626;6), 110:6.14(1210;9), 113:1.8(1242;3), 113:2.1(1242;4)
to all surviving Adjuster-fusion mortals 39:8.5-8(440;7), 113:2.1(1242;4)
to reservists 114:7.2(1257;2)
most enter Corps of Mortal Finaliters 39:8.10(441;4)
pair achieves spiritual bi-unification on Seraphington; fuse with non-Adjuster Father fragment 113:7.8(1249;2)
some become mind planners if wards fail to survive 48:6.13(553;5)
surest seraphic passport to Paradise is service as guardian of destiny 39:1.6(427;6), 39:8.4-5(440;6), 113:7.7(1249;1)
develop abiding affection for their human associates 113:2.5(1243;2)
Jesus sent his personal guardian away while on Mount Hermon; had no personal guardian after his baptism 123:2.2(1357;6), 134:8.2,8(1493;1), 136:4.8(1515;2)
majority detach from subjects during Havona 39:8.7-8(441;1)
midwayers are interpreters for g. of d. in light and life 55:4.5(627;3)
Rantowoc first to receive 113:2.2(1242;5)
technique of service
correlate, unify, and personalize impersonal spirit influences for subject 113:3.1-5(1244;2)
gain experience on non-Adjuster fusion worlds 113:2.3(1242;6)
influence mortals in every manner consistent with dignity of personality 113:5.1(1245;7)
midwayers indispensible 77:8.4(864;5)
ministry more effective in light and life 55:4.2(626;6), 55:6.4(630;7)
statement in extenuation of difficulties 111:7.4-5(1223;6)
guardians of health and life. See Caligastia one hundred
guests. See hospitality
guilt. See also forgiveness; shame; sin
arises from
failure to resolve ego contentions 103:5.4(1134;2)
interrupted spiritual communion, lowering moral ideals 103:4.3(1133;3)
sense of separation from Father's full approval 174:1.4(1898;4)
violating mores, which is not necessarily sin 89:10.3-4(984;6)
dealing with guilt
be not downcast by failure to forget regrettable experiences 156:5.8(1739;3)
Jesus destroyed basis of all fictitious g. 103:4.4(1133;4)
refuse to harbor feelings of g. 156:2.7(1736;4)
detected by ordeals of poison, fire, and pain 70:10.5-7(795;2)
Peter crushed after denying Jesus 184:2.8-9,13)
defeated Sumerians 78:8.10(876;7)
between matter and thought, material mind and spiritual love 112:2.6(1228;5)
vast g. between the human and the divine 110:4.5(1207;5)
Gulf of Mexico 59:2.7(675;6)
marine life evolved in 59:6.9(683;6)
Gulf Stream 29:2.8(321;7)
ancient course 59:1.13(674;3)
functioned in Miocene as today 61:3.9(697;4)
gulls 61:2.12(696;3)
Guru Nanak
recent religious leader 92:5.5(1009;2)
synthesized Sikhism 92:5.12(1010;3)
gypsum 60:1.1(685;3)
illustrates effect of antigravity 9:3.3(101;3)
favoring religious growth 100:1.8(1095;3)
frequent repetitions essential to certainty of reactions 110:6.6(1210;1)
strength-giving and worshipful 160:3.2(1777;3)
place for anemic souls 86:4.8(953;7)
rich man tormented in 169:3.2(1854;6)
concubine of Abraham 93:9.8(1023;5)
unsilenced spiritual leader 97:10.3(1075;8)
feared and worshiped by primitive tribes 85:4.3(947;2)
brothel keeper dried Jesus' feet with her 147:5.3-4(1651;7)
charms concocted from h.; regarded as fetish 88:1.8(968;3), 88:5.2(971;4)
covered early mammals 61:1.5(694;2)
earliest magic had to do with 88:5.1(971;3)
hairs of head all numbered 3:3.1(48;5), 38:2.3(419;3), 150:4.3(1682;1), 165:3.4(1820;3)
shadow of a hair's turning is falsehood 48:6.22(555;1)
shaving head was religious devotion 89:8.3(983;1)
some ancients believed soul resided in 86:5.11(955;3)
worn down was badge of harlotry 147:5.3(1651;7)
chief troubles due to social prejudices 82:6.8(920;6)
responsive reading of Psalms 162:6.2(1795;6)
emanations from Adam and Eve were origin of 74:6.5(834;7)
halt, the. See lame, the
Sargon installed in northern Israel 143:4.1(1612;1)
civilization was forged out by h. of fear 66:5.13(747;3)
discovery of h. was great forward step 68:5.4(768;4)
of anguish forge out strong character 23:2.5(258;4)
Hammurabi 78:8.10(876;7)
punished some crimes by burning at stake 70:10.14(796;4)
Han Empire. See China
primary Lanonandek #67; local system high counselor 45:3.8(512;8)
anxiety cannot add h. to height 165:5.2(1823;2)
handicaps. See also circumstances; environment; eugenics
defeat whole-souled choice of will 65:8.5(740;1)
invalidate presence of divine spirit 5:5.13(69;8)
prevent eventual spiritual achievement 5:1.7(63;5), 109:5.5(1199;6)
deficiencies are inevitable on all levels of existence 31:10.7(353;6)
if psychic circles not attained due to unavoidable h., mansion world probation granted 112:5.6(1233;2)
no h. that morontia career will not wholly remove 44:8.3(508;1), 45:6.3(516;1), 47:3.8(533;6), 47:9sec(538;6)
outer spacers will lack finite experience 31:10.4(353;3)
overcome limitations through power of Father within 4:4.9(59;5)
eating with unwashed h. transgressed law 153:3.3-7(1712;3)
healing of man with withered hand 148:7sec(1664;5)
Jesus washed h. only for cleanliness 166:1.2(1825;4), 167:1.3(1834;1), 179:3.1(1938;3)
Primates' use of h. increased brain power 62:4.4(707;3)
Prince's staff substituted handshaking for saliva exchange or blood drinking 66:5.22(748;3)
mother of Mary mother of Jesus 122:3.3(1347;1)
and entire council loyal in rebellion 67:4.1(757;4)
led college of revealed religion 66:5.13(747;3)
presented The Father's Way 66:7.8-16(751;3)
happiness. See also joy; peace: spiritual peace; unhappiness
achieving happiness
depends upon willingness to be led by Adjuster 149:5.2(1674;4)
faith augments h. 159:3.12(1674;4)
follows pure thinking, virtuous living 131:3.3(1446;5)
indissolubly linked with spiritual progress 100:4.3(1097;7)
linked with intelligent and enthusiastic pursuit of worthy goals 94:8.13(1037;1)
none without intelligent effort 48:7.10(556;1)
only by reconciling ego desire and altruistic urge 103:5.5(1134;3)
reward of deeds well done 131:3.4(1447;1)
Jesus was consistently cheerful 100:7.12-13(1102;9)
nature of happiness
being responsive to human need 140:5.16(1575;1)
can be acted out, can be lived 2:7.6(42;7)
contentment is greatest wealth 131:3.6(1447;3)
does good like medicine 131:2.9(1445;3)
experience of those certain of God 159:3.10(1766;6)
integration of truth, beauty, and goodness 2:7.11(43;4)
lesson regarding contentment 149:5sec(1674;3)
little dependent on environment 140:4.10(1573;1)
opportunity to pursue self-maintenance, self-perpetuation, and self-gratification 70:9.7(794;5)
some persons naturally experience more 149:5.2(1674;4)
takes origin in inner life 111:4.7(1220;6)
to child, h. is immediate pleasure craving; too often associated with wealth 140:5.7(1573;9)

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