origin. See also creation
all relationships and ethics grow out of o.; paramount question regarding advancement 28:6.2(314;1)
Original, the
causes, then balances, motions of reality metamorphosis 115:3.12(1262;9)
makes possible coexistence of man the actual and man the eternal 115:3.15(1263;2)
source manifestation of I AM 115:3.6,11(1262;3)
Original Mother Son. See Eternal Son
original sin doctrine
accounted for death; weakened grip of magic 88:4.5(971;1)
belief Adam's sin cursed human race 136:1.4(1510;1), 186:5.7(2003;1)
crass injustice of damning soul because of ancestors' sin 145:2.7-8(1630;3), 186:5.7(2003;1), 188:4.3(2016;8)
doctrine of hereditary guilt, innate evil, and redemption 121:6.5(1339;1)
doctrine of total depravity destroyed religion's potential 99:5.5(1091;4)
erroneous teaching 148:4.7-10(1660;6)
fall of man 75:8sec(845;8), 86:3.3(952;5)
Paul's theory partly Mithraic, partly original 121:6.5(1339;1)
required hypothesis of onetime golden age 74:8.13(838;5)
soul looked upon as being born under forfeit 89:0.1(974;1), 89:4.6(978;3)
superstition that man is child of devil 194:2.1(2060;6)
originality. See also initiative; standardization
society should foster 70:2.13(786;9)
strive for o. while shunning eccentricity 149:4.4(1673;4)
one of 24 counselors 45:4.6(513;7)
teacher of blue race 200,000 years ago 45:4.6(513;7), 64:6.23(725;4)
first necklace was preserved umbilical cord set with pearls 88:1.8(968;3)
gold was first metal sought by man 81:3.4-5(903;6)
primitives engraved animal gods on objects 63:6.3(716;2)
adopted into families of Prince's corporeal staff 66:7.5(750;7)
Orphic brotherhood
best of mystery cults 98:2.10(1079;7)
one of 24 counselors 45:4.10(513;2)
teacher of indigo race 64:6.26(725;7)
Orvonton (Paradise satellite)
Paradise satellite for 7th superuniverse 17:1.5(198;5)
Orvonton (superuniverse) 15:3sec(167;4),. See also superuniverses, the seven; Uversa
7th galaxy 15:3.4(167;7)
Andromeda in uninhabited part of Orvonton? 15:4.7(170;1)
comprised of
1 trillion inhabitable planets 15:2.11(167;2), 15:7.11(175;2)
10 major sectors, of which 8 are distinguishable as symmetrical star clusters 15:3.4(167;7), 41:3.10(459;4)
10 trillion suns 15:6.5(172;7)
Andronover is a primary nebula in 57:2.2(652;5)
many island universes 12:2.3(130;5)
Milky Way is densest plane, central nucleus of O. 15:3.1-3(167;4), 32:2.11(359;8), 42:5.5(475;1)
most is visible to our optical telescopes 12:2.2(130;4)
practically all stars visible to naked eye 15:3.1(167;4)
evolutionary development
high degree of symmetry 34:2.6(376;3)
tardy, backward compared to others 23:2.10(259;3), 34:2.6(376;3)
unfolding evolutionary purpose 15:14.2-4(181;8)
gradually expanding galactic system 12:2.2-3(130;4)
light from most recent major cosmic eruption reached Urantia in A.D. 1572 41:3.5(458;5)
Nebadon is on periphery of O. 15:1.6(165;5)
on northward path in counterclockwise revolution around Paradise 15:1.5(165;4)
spheres travel in vast elongated plane 15:3.2(167;5)
standard day is 30 Urantia days, year is 3000 Urantia days 15:7.2(174;2)
superuniverse #7 in grand universe; our superuniverse 0:0.5(1;5), 12:1.6(129;4), 15:1.5(165;4), 15:14.7(182;5), 30:4.27(344;2)
Uversa is capital of 0:0.5(1;5), 15:7.10-11(175;1)
consort of Isis 95:5.12(1048;6)
departed souls passed through judgment hall of 95:2.9(1045;2)
son of Isis in Egyptian mystery cult 97:6.2(1067;5), 98:4.2-5(1081;5)
ostriches 61:1.4(694;1), 61:2.12(696;3)
descended from enormous ancient reptiles 65:2.9(732;7)
otters 61:3.13(697;8)
beliefs of Pygmies 91:0.5(994;5)
outbreeding. See marriage
outer space. See space levels
outerspacers. See also space levels
may become future citizens of Havona 19:6.4(221;6)
will approach Havona through 7 superuniverses 40:10.8(453;3), 55:12.2(636;3), 56:7.9(643;3)
outmarriage. See marriage
by experiential Deities and Absolutes 15:8.9(176;4)
of evolution Paper 65 (730;1),)
universal 12:6sec(135;11)
overindulgence. See child-rearing; self-gratification
sometimes defeats itself 160:4.5(1779;3)
overpopulation. See population
overprotection. See also child-rearing
John Mark permitted to have original experience; was not overprotected 177:2.2-4(1921;6)
overrevelation. See revelation: overrevelation
Oversoul, Universal. See Universal Oversoul
oversoul of creation. See Supreme, the
overspecialization. See also careers; earning a living; labor; skills
danger of monotony 81:6.36(911;1)
Jesus deplored 149:4.3,6(1673;3), 155:1.4(1726;1)
overteaching. See education; revelation: overrevelation
Phoenician who proclaimed Salem doctrines in Ur; converted Terah's family 93:5.4(1019;1)
owls 61:2.12(696;3)
oxen 61:3.5(696;9)
domesticated by 5000 B.C. 81:2.8(902;2)
long struggle to substitute o. for men 81:6.21(909;2)
used for burden bearing in days of Prince's staff 66:5.5(746;3)
first free atmospheric o. generated by seaweed, other plants 57:7.9(660;1)
lava flows, meteors kept primitive atmospheric o. used up 57:7.6,9(659;5)
on morontia worlds 43:1.3(486;2)
science could not have predicted water molecule from 12:9.3(141;4)
oysters 59:2.12(676;3), 60:2.8(687;9), 65:2.5(732;3)
protective layer 58:2.2-4(665;5)
Pacific Ocean
950 million years old; originally not salty 57:8.3-5(660;5)
covered 9/10 of earth's surface 57:8.20(662;7)
geology of P. islands 60:1.12(686;8)
island peoples improved by Andites 79:1.6(879;3)
pacifism. See nonresistance
carry p. the second mile 159:5.12(1770;4)
Jesus helped build a steering 130:2.1,4(1429;3)
paganism. See also Mithraism; mystery cults
comprised of Hellenic and Latin mythology, patriotism, and tradition 121:5.3(1336;7)
Jesus ignored thoughtless pagan 132:7.1-2(1466;1)
all tribal reactions grew out of effort to avoid 68:4.2(767;2)
an inevitability 3:5.14(51;13)
Andonites not so sensitive to 63:4.2(713;8)
essential to progressive evolution 86:2.1(951;3)
heat relieves 90:4.6(991;5)
Life Carriers' healing technique affords relief from 65:4.6(735;5)
none on Paradise 27:1.5(299;5)
paintings. See art; images
Palatine Hill
Roman emperor's residence located on 132:0.2(1455;2)
seldom useful 70:5.5(789;3)
Paleozoic. See also geologic ages
marine-life era, from 400 to 150 million years ago 59:0.4(672;4), 59:6.11(684;1)
Palestine. See also Decapolis; Ephraim; Galilee; Israel; Judea; Perea; Samaria
Arabian Semites fought their way into 96:2.2(1054;7)
Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek spoken 121:6.2(1338;5)
chosen for Jesus' mission 134:0.1-2(1483;1)
climate 123:4.5(1361;5), 124:1.9-10(1367;5), 163:5.2(1806;3)
crossroads of 3 continents 121:2.2(1333;4)
enjoyed prosperity and peace in times of Jesus 121:1.6(1333;2)
missions of Melchizedek and Michael somewhat determined by central location of 93:5.2(1018;7)
northern kingdom of Ephraim vanished 97:9.21(1074;3)
Promised Land flowed with milk and honey 96:2.2(1054;7)
Saharans emigrated to 80:2.2(890;6)
Palisades of the Hudson 60:1.3(685;5)
Palm Sunday 172:3sec(1880;7)
palms 60:3.7,19(689;6)
visitors waved branches of 172:3.11(1882;4)
first system rebellion in Nebadon took place in 119:2.5-6(1311;4)
system 11 of constellation 37 119:2.1(1310;4)
Panama Isthmus
rose or fell 61:0.2(693;2), 61:1.7(694;4)
legend held woman brought evil upon man 84:4.4(935;4)
Ellanora grasped leadership of 53:7.1(607;2)
mortals from P. are caretakers on 7th transition world 53:7.1(607;2)
mortals from P. proclaimed mercy to rebels 53:9.1(610;6)
Planetary Prince failed to carry P. in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.1(607;2)
panorama, exhibit (Jerusem)
14 mile erasure of Caligastia's reign 46:8.1(528;7), 67:3.10(757;3)
of system planetary history, 35,000 miles in circumference 46:5.16(525;6)
primary midwayers formulate 38:9.12(425;4)
taught Clement; followed Nathaniel into India 195:3.10(2074;5)
Christian mysticism philosophically akin to 195:4.1(2074;7)
corporeality error 1:5.11-12(29;1)
fallacy of omnificence 118:6.8(1300;4)
impersonal Deity concept fatal to true prayer 91:2.5(996;3)

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