hurry. See haste
hybridization. See also genetics
of superior dissimilar stocks yields vigorous strains 82:6.5-11(920;3)
stronger and better races result from interbreeding those with superior inheritance 64:6.32(726;4)
Hydra 65:2.5(732;3)
astronomic dust cloud clusters 58:3.1-4(666;8)
electron weight relative to a h. atom 42:6.7(477;1)
in primitive ocean 57:8.3(660;5)
in solar-energy reactions 41:8.1-2(464;3)
science could not have predicted water molecule from 12:9.3(141;4)
African tribes teach they descended from 74:8.5(837;4)
entered Europe from Africa 64:4.7(721;5)
hygiene. See sanitation
autohypnosis induced by staring at navel 90:1.4(987;2)
medicine men induced temple sleep for healing 90:4.4(991;3), 90:1.4(987;2)
shamans utilized power of suggestion 90:2.1(987;5)
Father loathes 140:8.21(1582;2), 149:6.11(1676;5), 153:3.3-7(1712;3)
leaven of Pharisees 165:3.2(1820;1)
Sanhedrin disloyal to truths they professed 178:1.16(1932;1)
sin of rulers is saying what is good but not doing it 175:1.8(1906;5)
hypotheses. See theories
Hyrcanus, John. See John Hyrcanus
confirmed belief in witchcraft 88:1.9(968;4)
confused with demon possession 77:7.6-7(863;7)
many shamanesses were hysterics 90:1.2(986;5)
I AM 105:1sec(1152;4),. See also God; Infinite, the; Universal Father
actualization of Trinity of Trinities would make I AM experientially attainable 106:8.19(1172;7)
as unity, duality, triunity, and sevenfold 105:2sec(1153;6), 105:4sec(1157;2)
became Father of Original Son, Source of Paradise 0:3.15(6;2)
cf: concept of Buddha Eternal 94:11.11-12(1040;2)
concept of I AM
hypothesis of all that is unknowable of God 105:1.6(1153;3)
hypothetical undifferentiated stasis of original infinity 104:4.23-26(1150;5), 105:1.3-5(1152;6)
theoretical, philosophic concession 0:3.16-17(6;3), 105:1sec(1152;4)
exists before existentials and after all experientials 106:9.10(1174;6)
Father revealed himself to Moses as I AM 182:1.9(1965;3)
final unification of energy-spirit divergence in 103:7.12(1139;4)
full self-realization embraces all personalities 106:8.20(1173;1)
in Supreme, I AM has achieved liberation from limitations inherent in infinity 115:7.1(1266;2)
permeates total infinity 106:3.5(1166;3), 106:9.10(1174;6), 115:2.1,3(1261;1)
personality of I AM partially experiencible on spiritual levels even by mortals 105:2.5(1154;4)
primal cause
absolute primal causation in infinity 10:3.5(111;3), 105:1.1(1152;4)
all reality has origin in 19:1.12(215;9), 56:10.11(647;2), 105:1.3(1152;6), 105:4.1(1157;2)
one and only self-caused fact in universe 102:7.1-3(1126;1)
original monothetic Creator personality; First Source and Center; Universal Father 2:1.5(34;4), 56:1.6(638;4), 102:3.10(1122;6), 105:1.2(1152;5)
primal cause and source of Trinity and Absolute 56:9.5(644;7)
The Infinity 105:2.2(1154;1)
the Original is source manifestation of I AM 115:3.6,8,10(1262;3)
signifies also I WAS and I WILL BE 118:1.9(1296;1)
spirit expression perfectly unified in 56:3.5(639;5)
union of Unqualified, Universal, and Deity Absolutes 106:7.9(1170;2)
Unqualified Absolute is unrevealed cosmic infinity of 105:3.7(1156;4)
icebergs sliding off into ocean 61:5.8(700;1)
prayer for delivery from curse of 63:6.6(716;5)
young Jesus contemplated 124:1.8(1367;4)
ice ages 59:1.13(674;3), 61:5-7secs). See also glaciers
1st ice age: 61:5-7secs)
3rd ice age: Andonites appeared in times of; 1,000,000 years ago 61:6sec(700;2), 64:1.4(718;6)
4th ice age: 750,000 to 600,000 years ago 61:7.2(701;1), 64:4.4-9(721;2)
5th ice age: 61:7.4(701;3), 64:7.1(726;8), 64:7.8(727;5)
pushed subhuman types south 79:5.2(883;3)
6th ice age: 64:7.17(728;6)
largest in North America 61:7.6-12(701;5)
retreat of ice in Europe shifted winds 80:2.1(890;5)
6 separate invasions 61:5.4(699;5)
200,000 year cycle 61:7.12(702;2)
another ice age cannot occur so long as polar regions covered with ice 61:7.11(702;1)
hardy humans fostered by rigors of 61:6.3(700;4), 65:2.16(733;6)
Iceland 61:1.7(694;4), 61:2.3(695;1), 61:5.4(699;5)
Andonite migration to 64:7.16-18(728;5), 78:1.5(869;1)
land bridge 61:3.9(697;4), 61:4.6(698;8)
Salem missionaries in 93:7.2(1021;6)
ichthyosaurs. See sea serpents
idealism. See also ideals
approaching concept of the divine 3:5.11(51;10)
can never survive if idealists permit themselves to be exterminated 71:4.4-5(804;4)
Greek idealism. See Platonism
not merely herd instinct 103:5.8(1134;6)
philosophy which inclines toward spiritual level 103:6.14(1137;4)
spiritual i. is energy which advances human culture 81:6.27(909;8)
ideals. See also idealism; values
all i. grasp for some perpetuating symbolism 87:7.1(965;5)
born only in creative realms of inner world 111:4.10(1220;9)
carve out destiny for immediate posterity 81:6.26-27(909;7)
do not dislodge children's 48:6.21(554;6)
elevate source of social stream 81:6.27(909;8)
grow geometrically, while ability to live up to i. grows arithmetically 103:4.2(1133;2)
keep i. high while ideas practical 156:5.16(1740;3)
lack of i. explains poverty, divorce, war, hatreds 111:4.10(1220;9)
one's highest i. not necessarily synonymous with will of God 103:4.3(1133;3)
only attainable i. reside in God 160:5.5,8(1781;1)
origin of 103:5sec(1133;6)
government effective only when power conferred on a person, not an idea 70:6.1(789;8)
keep i. practical while ideals high 156:5.16(1740;3)
perfect i. are drawn into circuit of absolute mind 9:6.2(103;7)
power lies not in reality or reasonableness but in vividness and universality of simple application 87:4.3(961;4), 92:3.3(1005;5)
sensations plus reflective interpretations 133:7.7(1479;7)
theoretical plans for action 101:7.1(1113;3)
identity. See also personality
can be associated with nonliving energy patterns 0:5.4(8;4)
committed to Father before transition sleep 27:1.4(299;4)
derives from presence of Adjuster, custodian of i. 12:9.6(142;1), 49:6.11(569;6), 112:5.18(1234;7)
humans possess i. only in material sense 112:5.3-4(1232;4)
mind, in mortal life 12:8.16(141;1)
mortals survive by transferring seat of i. from material-intellect to morontia-soul 112:5.4(1232;5)
resides in soul 40:9.6(451;2)
spirit always possessed of 6:6.2(78;5)
uniting with Supreme, man does not submerge his i. 117:5.5(1286;3)
upon resurrection
i. restored by guardian seraphim and Adjuster 49:6.5(568;8)
i. survives with survival of soul 16:9.3(195;5)
repersonalization, reassembly of memory, insight, and consciousness reconstitutes i. 112:5.19(1235;1)
ideograph recorders
thought recorders, celestial artisans 44:4.6(503;6)
celestial artisans preserve thought with 44:4.6(503;6)
cumbersome nature of Chinese 79:8.7(887;7)
idleness. See also action; indolence
destructive of self-respect 159:3.4(1765;6)
disgust for i. in continental nation 72:5.9(814;2)
evils of inaction 130:6.3(1437;3)
Jesus did not countenance i. 165:4.7(1822;2)
Jesus kept busy awaiting his hour 134:9.6(1495;3)
should never be tolerated 69:8.11(780;2), 71:3.5(803;5)
supporting his family safeguarded Jesus against 126:5.9(1393;6)
weak indulge in resolutions; the strong act 48:7.11,13(556;1)
bowing down before idols of selfish ambition 4:3.1(57;6)
commandment not to make molten gods 96:5.5(1058;3), 142:3.12(1599;4)
consecration ceremony caused spirit to enter idol 88:2.4(969;2)
direct i. is when material object is actually worshiped 85:3.5(946;7)
Jews' prejudice against images 185:1.3-4(1988;2)
Moses's prohibitions made into 142:4.2-3(1600;3)
much based on memory of Nodite supermen 67:4.3-4(758;1)
refinement of fetishism 88:2.4(969;2)
sacrifice cherished idols 158:8.1(1761;2)
sculpture originated in idol making 92:3.6(1006;3)
spirits cannot dwell within idols 150:3.10(1681;5)
young Jesus
challenged Joseph regarding doorpost parchment 124:4.7(1372;4)
challenged the chazan regarding 124:1.3(1366;4)
Herod the Great from 121:2.9(1334;3)
Pontius Pilate was procurator of 185:0.1(1987;1)
ignorance. See also education; knowledge
alone, i. can never prevent survival 110:3.5(1206;3)
be patient with 178:1.14(1931;5)
breeds suspicion 52:6.4(597;5)
chief inhibitor of growth 100:1.2(1094;4)
i. of divine law is misery and disaster 131:8.6(1452;4)
insures downfall of highest type of government 71:3.1(803;1)
provides opportunity for faith 3:5.9(51;8)
sometimes essential to success 13:1.6(145;1), 39:5.9(438;2), 138:7.1(1543;4)
Ikhnaton 95:5sec(1047;1)
1st Psalm is heart of teachings 95:4.5(1046;6)
clear concept of Salem religion 95:5.2(1047;2)
descendants gave Jesus Greek translation of Scriptures 123:0.3(1355;3)
discredited priests 95:5.5(1047;5)
established monotheism under guise of sun god Aton 95:5.6(1047;6)
influenced El Shaddai concept 96:1.5(1053;3)
Mesopotamian religion entered Hebrew literature through 95:1.11(1043;6)
Pharaoh of Egypt; one of most remarkable persons in history 92:5.8(1009;5), 95:3.5(1046;1), 95:5.1-2(1047;1)
repercussions of I.'s work persisted in Palestine and Greece 95:5.14(1049;2)
swung whole nation from polytheism to monotheism 95:5.4(1047;4)
went too fast; failed to provide stability, prosperity 95:5.4,12(1047;4)

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