diversion and relaxation on Mount Sartaba 143:3sec(1610;4)
early cause of war was desire for 70:1.13(784;9)
echoes of a backward glance 48:4.19(549;6)
admired Greek games 124:3.7(1370;5)
established mid-week holiday for r. 138:6.2(1542;7)
introduced idea of wholesome r. 124:1.13(1368;2), 124:3.9(1371;2)
not Father's will only to partake of serious things 139:6.5(1558;6)
ever alternates with service 25:7.2(282;6), 28:6.17(316;4), 48:4.1(547;4)
is restful 27:1.2(299;2)
play life of child Jesus 123:4.2-3(1361;2)
Urantia play life philosophically sound 48:4.20(550;1)
worship is the refreshing play of Paradise 27:7.5(304;3)
play largely derived from Adamic stock 74:6.7(835;1), 84:8.3(942;4)
provision for r. on morontia worlds 44:3.4(502;3)
rest and all wholesome pastimes prevent monotony 84:8.5(942;6)
reversion enjoyed everywhere but on Paradise 48:4.11,16(548;6)
rectangles (Jerusem)
areas for lower native life on Jerusem 46:4sec(522;5)
red race 64:6.3-9(723;2), 79:5sec(883;2),. See also races
achieved high civilization apart from Andites 79:5.8(884;2)
always monogamous 64:6.3(723;2), 82:1.2(913;5)
buffalo dance insured success of hunt 88:6.4(972;4)
children require little discipline 84:7.21(941;2)
clung to mother-family and nephew inheritance 71:1.7(800;9)
devoted to plant theory of universal remedies 90:4.7(991;6)
early invention of bow and arrow 64:6.4(723;3)
exterminated mastodon 61:7.14(702;4)
first to develop elaborate wedding celebrations 83:4.3(924;6)
genetic aspects
contact with Eskimos 79:5.7,9(884;1)
escaped mixing with debased Neanderthal strain 79:5.1-2(883;2)
full bestowal of living energy imparted to 51:4.2(584;4)
little Adamic upstepping due to isolation 64:6.9(723;8), 79:5.7-9(884;1), 80:1.5(890;1)
Mongoloid type 81:4.7(905;3)
original Melchizedek plan for upstepping 79:5.9(884;3)
red strains incorporated in blue, white races 80:0.2(889;2), 80:3.2(891;3), 80:9.2(897;5)
first to develop government 64:6.3(723;2)
never understood private land ownership 69:9.12(781;6), 71:1.4(800;6)
northern tribes never attained statehood 71:1.3(800;5)
peace chiefs and war chiefs 70:5.7(789;5)
rule by council of seven 70:5.4(789;2)
too democratic 71:1.12(800;3)
horse extinct in America before arrival 61:4.5(698;7)
hunted bison 69:7.2(778;5)
in touch with activities of Planetary Prince; held Dalamatia revelation longest 64:6.6(723;5), 68:0.3(763;3), 92:4.5(1007;5)
isolated in 15,000 B.C. 78:3.6(871;2), 79:5.7(884;1)
Jesus personally contacted all races except 134:2.3(1484;7)
little contact with other races 64:7.18-19(728;7)
meager concepts of God 92:6.1(1010;5)
7000 pure-line r.r. entered North America 64:7.5(727;2)
crossed Bering isthmus to America 100,000 to 85,000 B.C. 64:6.5(723;4), 64:7.16,18(728;5), 79:5.6(883;7)
driven out of Asia by yellow race 50,000 years before Adam 64:6.4(723;3), 64:7.4-5(727;1), 78:1.6(869;2)
in Central and South America 79:5.8(884;2)
in India 79:2.2(879;8)
on Pacific islands 79:6.3(884;6)
to Asia 64:7.3-4(726;10)
most intelligent 64:6.3(723;2)
Onamonalonton was on 24 counselors 45:4.5(513;6)
Onamonalonton was the spiritual deliverer of r.r. 64:6.7(723;6)
preferred pictorial writing 66:5.10(746;8)
prereligious prayer part of manitou superstitions 91:0.5(994;5)
Rantowoc first to receive guardian of destiny 113:2.2(1242;5)
reverenced circles of stones 85:1.3(945;1)
supreme in eastern Asia for 100,000 years before yellow tribes arrived 79:5.2(883;3)
Tenskwatawa 90:2.9(988;5)
Blackfoot Indians 64:6.7(723;6)
Iroquois 71:1.3-12(800;5), 84:2.2(932;8), 87:2.10(960;4)
Moqui 88:1.5(967;7)
some believed they descended from beavers, coyotes 74:8.5(837;4)
adopted or killed captives; did not enslave 69:8.4(779;3), 71:1.10(800;3)
conflict with white race 64:6.9(723;8)
fought yellow race in Asia for 200,000 years 79:5.5(883;6)
usually dominates early ages; subdues orange race 51:4.1,6(584;3)
virtually destroyed themselves by war 64:6.4,6,8(723;3), 64:7.7(727;4), 79:2.3(880;1), 79:5.5(883;6), 79:8.1(887;1)
were cannibals, especially in Central America 89:5.4(979;3)
red shift
interposing influences and angles of observation introduce error 12:4.12-15(134;1)
space respiration is in expansion phase 11:6.4(123;6)
redemption 89:8sec(982;5),. See also atonement doctrine
eternal rehabilitation 188:5.2(2018;1)
modification of human sacrifice 89:8.1(982;5)
place in evolution of religious observances 90:0.1(986;1)
primitives regarded themselves as standing in need of 89:0.1(974;1)
redwoods 60:4.5(692;3)
Onamonalonton maintained headquarters among 64:6.7(723;6)
feared and revered by early man 86:5.10(955;2)
Reflectivator Liaisons of Majeston 30:1.21(333;7)
Reflective Image Aids 17:4sec(202;1)
7 reside on each superuniverse capital 15:10.2(178;2), 17:4.1(202;1)
49 created by Reflective Spirits 17:3.4(201;2), 17:4.1(202;1)
communication channel between Reflective Spirits and super-universes 15:10.6-7(178;6), 17:0.4(197;4), 17:3.4(201;2), 17:4.1-2(202;1)
devoid of will 17:4.3(202;3)
each is perfect reproduction of Reflective Spirit parent, minus reflectivity 17:4.1(202;1)
in personality registers 30:1.11(332;2), 30:2.4(335;2)
represent high beings who are not fully active 15:10.7(179;1)
seconaphim are helpers 17:4.3(202;3)
Universal Conciliators serve under 25:3.14(278;5)
Reflective Mother Spirits. See Reflective Spirits
Reflective Spirits 17:3sec(200;5),. See also Majeston
7 on headquarters of each superuniverse 15:10.2(178;2), 17:3.1(200;5), 17:4.1(202;1), 25:2.2(275;2), 28:4.5(308;4)
49, plus Majeston, created by Master Spirits and Trinity 17:2.1(199;5), 17:3.1(200;5), 116:4.3-4(1272;2)
all 49 act in unison on special occasions 17:3.11(201;9)
among Supreme Spirits of Infinite Spirit 9:8.13(107;3)
created 49 Reflective Image Aids 17:3.4(201;2), 17:4.1(202;1)
each resembles coancestral Master Spirit 17:3.1(200;5), 25:2.2(275;2), 28:4.4(308;3)
fusion spirits of Creator Sons implemented in 40:10.2(452;2)
in personality registers 30:1.3(330;5), 30:2.4(335;2)
nominate Paradise Companions 25:8.2(283;3)
require assistance of Image Aides to communicate with Ancients of Days 17:4.2(202;2)
retentive, record personalities 17:3.5(201;3)
reveal Master Spirits on superuniverse capitols 9:8.3(106;1), 17:0.4(197;4), 17:8.7(206;2)
seconaphim created by 17:3.5(201;3), 17:4.3(202;3), 17:8.2(205;3), 26:1.6(286;1), 28:0.1(306;1), 28:3.2(307;4)
superuniverse circuit of 15:9.5(177;4)
true but incomprehensible personalities 17:4.2(202;2)
reflectivity Paper 28 (306;1),) 9:7sec(105;1)
Adjusters avail themselves of r., but do not participate 17:3.9(201;7)
Census Directors in synchrony with 24:2.2(266;8)
circuits for r. restricted on Urantia due to quarantine 28:7.4(318;2)
data supplied to Divinington by 108:1.2,8(1185;4)
demonstrates infinite mind of Conjoint Actor 28:3.2(307;4)
described as
ability to see expression of wisdom and its source 28:5.7(310;9)
accounted for by Supreme Mind 9:7.4(105;4)
appears to be, but is not, automatic 17:3.8(201;6)
focalizes on Paradise 9:7.1(105;1)
in constant, not periodic, function 17:3.7(201;5)
independent of time and space 17:3.10(201;8)
indispensable feature of normal universe work 13:1.10(145;5)
mind level of Infinite Spirit, Master Spirits, and Supreme Being 17:3.3(201;1)
most complex interassociation in all creation 9:7.2(105;2)
news-gathering, decree-disseminating mechanism 17:3.3-11(201;1)
omniscience 9:7.5(105;5)
partial contact with consciousness of Supreme 9:7.5(105;5)
power to see, hear, sense, and know all things wherever and as they transpire 9:7.1-2(105;1), 28:4.1-2(307;5), 46:3.3(522;3)
secret of Spiritington 13:1.10(145;5)
simultaneous recognition of the mental, material, and spiritual 9:7.1-2(105;1)
transmissible attribute 17:3.3(201;1)
except for Majeston and Reflective Spirits, all personnel are children of Infinite Spirit 17:3.4(201;2)
focus on superuniverse headquarters worlds 9:7.1(105;1), 18:3.5(209;7), 28:4.2(308;1), 28:5.10(311;2)
inherent in offspring of Reflective Spirits 28:3.2(307;4)
involvement by
Infinite Spirit, cause of r. 9:7.1(105;1), 16:4.15(190;9), 17:3.3(201;1)
local universe Mother Spirits 34:3.4(376;7)
Majeston, in whom r. is personalized 14:6.33(162;11), 17:2sec(199;5), 17:3.4(201;2)
Master Spirits 16:4.15(190;9), 17:3.3(201;1)
Supreme Being 9:7.4-5(105;4), 14:6.33(162;11), 16:4.15(190;9), 17:3.3(201;1)
Trinity, in creation of Reflective Spirits 17:3.1(200;5)
Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme 55:12.4(636;5)
knowledge of Father fragments is not reflectible 17:3.9(201;7), 28:3.2(307;4), 28:5.22(313;4)
links local systems to Ancients of Days 43:0.1(485;1)
Paradise knowledge available in local universes by 27:5.5(302;4)
phenomenon like r. sometimes occurs just prior to mortal death 39:5.11(438;4)
reflective being always interposed between ascenders and r. 17:4.3(202;3)
seas of glass portray superuniverse r. 43:1.11(487;2)
seconaphim are reflective beings 28:3-7secs)
source ignorant of what sought or how secured 28:4.11(309;5)
value to superuniverse government 28:5sec(310;3)
disrupted unity of Christianity 92:5.12(1010;3)
Refuge, the
statement of Buddhist faith 94:8.1(1036;3)
regulation (governmental). See also government; police
coordination works better 81:6.33(910;6)
oppressive r. interferes with individual liberties 134:6.10(1491;4)
sex propensity should be regulated 81:5.6(906;4)
provide only enough to prevent violence, unfairness 71:5.2(805;2)
supervision should exercise minimum of regulative control 71:3.6(803;6)
Creator Sons pledged to retrieve personal creation 21:3.14(238;8)
salvation is eternal r. 188:5.2(2018;1)
what mercy cannot rehabilitate, justice will annihilate 21:5.4(241;1)
reincarnation. See also karma
Asian belief in man's return as animal 85:3.1(946;3)
older Jews, Plato, Philo, Essenes tolerated belief in 164:3.4(1811;5)
only spornagia experience 46:7.5(528;3)
origin of idea 86:4.5-6(953;4)
spirits do not return to planet of birth 112:3.7(1230;5), 146:7.2(1646;3), 150:3.5(1680;7)
stultifying belief in weary and monotonous lives 94:2.3-6(1029;1)
reindeer 61:7.13(702;3)
hunted by Neanderthalers 64:4.3(721;1)
relationships. See also friendship; groups
2 beings are in partnership; 3 or more create a group 39:3.6(432;7), 112:1.17(1227;7)
3 great classes of primordial r. 105:4.3-8(1157;4)
celestial companionships are invariably mutual 27:3.4(301;1)
companionship necessary at all levels 25:8.4(283;5)
Creator Sons rule in r.; Father never intervenes 32:4.3(363;1)
enduring r. never founded on biologic affection alone 84:7.10(940;6)
Infinite Spirit is apparent ancestor of 9:1.1(98;6)
Jesus takes precedence over all human r. 141:7.5(1593;6)
presence embellishers dramatize significance of 44:6.7(506;8)
social architect seraphim seek to divest r. of artificiality; create good working groups 39:3.4(432;5)
with other persons are ends in themselves 112:2.4(1228;3), 112:5.22(1235;4)
all finite knowledge is relative 2:7.1-3(42;2)
dabblings with faintly glimpsed findings of 195:7.5(2078;8)
do not be misled by concept of 130:4.15(1436;1)
formula equating energy and matter 42:4.11(474;1)
matter and energy are manifestations of same phenomenon 42:1.2(467;4)
relaxation. See also ease; recreation; reversion directors
3 days on Mount Sartaba 143:3sec(1610;4)
determines capacity for spiritual receptivity 160:3.1(1777;2)
echoes of a backward glance 48:4.12,19(548;7)
relics. See also charms; fetishes
belief in r. is outgrowth of fetish cult 88:2.1-2(968;6)
impotent; gross superstition 150:3.6(1681;1)
Sanhedrin guards threw Jesus' burial linen over cliff 190:1.2(2030;1)
well that soldiers took Jesus' clothes 187:2.9(2008;1)

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