pool of Bethesda
healing at 147:3sec(1649;1)
always with us 172:1.6(1879;4)
greater numbers receive gospel 143:1.5(1608;2), 166:4.3(1830;3)
Jesus blessed p. because usually sincere and pious 196:2.8(2093;2)
minister to, share with, the p. 147:8.3(1656;4), 167:1.5(1834;3), 192:2.2(2047;6)
poor in spirit. See humility
poor man falsely accused 132:4.8(1462;1)
populace. See also public opinion
a few police can restrain an angry mob 68:1.4(763;7)
beware of fickleness of 185:5.5(1993;5)
clamored for release of Barabbas 185:5.4-11(1993;4)
craved promises of salvation, immortality 98:2.10(1079;7), 98:4.1(1081;4)
discerned insincerity of Jewish rulers 173:2.8(1892;5)
easily led and unthinking 172:3.15(1883;1), 185:6.1(1994;8)
common people heard gladly 196:1.4(2090;5)
in custody no longer hero to p. 185:5.4-5(1993;4)
people turned against 185:5.5-12(1993;5), 185:7.2(1996;1), 185:8sec(1996;5)
lower orders no longer so ignorant, politically helpless 99:1.5(1087;2)
proletariat regarded as useless except for breeding 121:3.5(1335;4)
Sanhedrin feared 172:3.12-14(1882;5), 172:4.1(1883;3), 173:1.9(1890;4), 173:2.1(1891;2), 173:4.5(1894;3), 174:2.1(1899;1)
necessity for producing large numbers 81:6.12(908;1)
numbered 500 million on Caligastia's arrival 66:0.2(741;2)
early races restricted p. by killing sickly children 68:6.8(770;5)
may become serious problem in near future 68:6.11(770;8)
reduction in p. fosters better side of human nature 68:6.4(770;1), 79:1.6(879;3), 79:8.2(887;2)
wise nation knows when to cease growing 81:6.11-12(907;8), 81:6.12(908;1)
stationary in light and life 55:6.3(630;6)
varies inversely with given standard of living 68:6.3(769;8)
pork. See swine
system immediately neighboring Satania 41:2.1(456;5)
Porphyreon 156:3.1(1736;6)
placental mammals that returned to sea 61:2.11(696;2)
master mind of orange race; headquarters at Armageddon 45:4.7(513;8), 64:6.12(724;2)
one of 24 counselors 45:4.7(513;8)
neighboring universe to Nebadon 32:2.12(360;1)
ruler of blue race once had 100,000 81:2.8(902;2)
position. See status
positive. See also optimism
always has advantage over negative 102:6.7(1125;2)
Jesus' religion was 159:5sec(1769;3)
possession. See demon possession
possessions. See also private property; wealth
disciples required to dedicate all they had 171:2.4(1870;1)
held in common by early church; led to disaster 194:4.2,7(2066;2)
man's life consists not in abundance of 165:4.1(1821;1)
many ancients regarded p. as spiritual handicap 89:3.2(976;4)
when man gives God all that he has, God makes him more than he is 117:4.14(1285;3)
post-Adamic era. See planetary epochs
post-Bestowal Son era. See planetary epochs
post-Magisterial Son era. See planetary epochs
post-Planetary Prince era. See planetary epochs
post-Teacher Son era. See planetary epochs
postponement. See delay
postulates. See theories
Potential, the. See also Absolutes: the three
that which is becoming 115:3.11(1262;8)
all are supposedly experiential 0:7.3(10;8), 0:12.2(15;8)
always supreme over actuals 102:5.1(1123;7)
completed Trinity Absolute will express all 106:6.3(1168;2)
transmutation into actuals 118:4.3(1298;3)
what is to be are the purposive mandates of Deity 102:5.1(1123;7)
potholes 61:7.1(700;6)
potters. See also pottery
first group specialists were 69:3.10(774;9)
Nathan of Nazareth was; Jesus wished to become 123:5.15(1364;3)
pottery. See also potters
Cretan Andites made p. ca. 12,000 B.C. 80:7.2(895;2)
Danubians 80:8.4(897;2)
early commerce in 79:1.4(879;1), 80:1.2(889;4)
garden Adamites made 76:3.8(850;4)
origination of idea 81:2.14-16(902;8)
Sumerians 77:4.7(860;2), 78:8.2(875;6)
taught by Prince's staff 66:5.24(748;5)
cock did not crow until Peter denied Jesus 181:2.29(1962;3), 184:2.8(1981;2)
ghost cult origin of rooster on weather vane 87:6.4(964;3)
illegal to keep p. inside Jerusalem 184:2.10(1981;4)
Jesus would gather brood like a hen 171:4.7(1872;4), 175:1.23(1908;7)
pounds. See also money
parable of p. spoken exclusively to apostles 171:8sec(1875;6)
poverty. See also wealth
abhorred by ancients 69:5.12(776;10)
absence of ideals in national leaders explains 111:4.10(1220;9)
culture never develops under conditions of 81:6.6(907;3)
improvident depend on the state (thrifty taxpayers) 69:9.5(780;8)
lot of those who seek wealth in isolated channels 160:4.4(1779;2)
man's natural estate 69:2.2(773;3)
none in light and life 55:5.2(629;11)
part of ritual of mortification of flesh 89:3.2-3(976;4)
should not be tolerated 71:3.5(803;5)
spiritual poverty. See humility
widespread in times of Jesus 121:1.5(1333;1)
always stimulates religious feelings 92:1.4(1004;2)
knowledge is p. 81:6.9(907;6)
our p. is through renewing of Spirit 34:6.5(380;6)
physical power. See also energy
designates electronic level of linear-gravity responsive matter 0:6.2(9;4)
term denotes postgravity stages of energy 29:2.8(321;7), 42:2.1(469;1)
universe power. See gravita
all p. given to Jesus 138:7.1(1543;4)
experiential p. is earned p., eternity p. is not 106:2.3(1164;6)
Jesus avoided all display of p. 138:6.5(1543;3)
might was right for primitives 70:11.9(797;7), 70:12.2(798;1)
primitives took for granted p. would be used selfishly 70:11.10(797;8)
refuse to use p. for self-aggrandizement 48:7.8(556;8), 136:8.6(1521;1)
tendency to bow down before p. 89:4.1(977;3)
there is no p. but of God 3:2.1(46;5)
they who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength 97:7.8(1069;3), 131:2.6(1444;6)
power centers. See Supreme Power Centers
power directors. See seven Supreme Power Directors; Universe Power Directors
power supervisors. See Morontia Power Supervisors
power transformers. See energy transformers
Powers of Paradise. See Deity
practicalities. See also circumstances
of daily life managed by agencies of Infinite Spirit 5:3.5(66;1)
addition to fortress of Antonia; Jesus' trial in 185:0.2(1987;2), 185:5.1(1993;1), 186:4.1(2001;4), 187:0.4(2004;4)
praise. See also flattery; recognition; worship
encouragement by judicious 139:1.10(1550;1)
Jesus uninfluenced by 141:7.12(1594;6)
seek only what belongs to you 156:5.19(1740;6)
Vedic deity-father principle 94:1.4(1027;5)

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