Universal Intelligence. See Infinite Spirit
Universal Mind. See Infinite Spirit
Universal Mother
Eternal Son is 6:8.1(79;4)
Supreme is our 117:6.2,5-8
Universal One of Infinity
I AM as I AM, the Universal Father 105:2.11(1155;4)
Universal Oversoul
Brahmanic doctrine; very close to truth of Supreme 94:3.4-7(1030;4)
administered by Father, Son, and Spirit as one 8:6.6(96;8)
Architects of Master Universe embody Deity concept of 118:4.6(1298;6)
destiny 105:7.8(1160;6), 106:0.11(1163;5)
Father's house 181:1.2(1953;4)
God's relation to Paper 4 (54;1)
nature of the universe
brief history 56:9.12-13(645;7), 105:4.9(1157;10)
can never contain infinity of God 3:1.2(44;5)
creation of love, law, unity, and progressive Deity attainment 101:10.6(1116;7)
exists on finite, transcendental, and absolute levels 105:7.5(1160;3)
infinitely integrated aggregation of real units, relatively subject to destiny of the whole 0:1.1(2;1), 112:5.1(1232;2)
is fatherly 140:4.11(1573;2)
is friendly 133:1.4(1469;3), 133:5.8(1477;3), 140:5.11(1574;4), 180:5.8(1950;3), 196:3.8(2094;7)
is like a scientist 195:7.22-23(2080;7)
mind planned, mind made, mind administered 42:11.1-2(481;5)
not being managed merely to meet our approval 65:5.3(736;6)
not egocentric 28:6.18(316;5)
not explainable; u. exists because God so willed 4:0.1(54;1), 115:1.4(1260;5)
not inevitable, accidental, or self-existent 3:6.2(52;5)
one vast integrated mechanism absolutely controlled by one infinite mind 56:0.1(637;1)
seven-dimensional 130:7.7(1439;5)
vast training school 37:6.2(412;2), 37:10.6(416;6), 48:8.3(558;1), 49:0.1(559;1)
watchword is progress 4:1.2(54;5)
will be always young in face of limitless possibilities of never-ending eternity 106:7.8(1170;1), 115:3.16(1263;3)
without significance apart from I AM 195:7.18(2080;3)
physical aspects
375 million new galaxies soon observable 12:2.3(130;5)
all but infinite 32:4.7(363;5)
constantly being renewed 4:1.6(55;4), 102:7.1-2(1126;1)
emanated from Paradise through Unqualified Absolute 42:2.3(469;3), 56:1.1(637;3)
endless, limitless, and all-inclusive timeless, spaceless, and unqualified 102:3.10(1122;6)
established circuits continually jeopardized by appearance of new energy and mass 116:5.9-10(1274;6)
expanding. See red shift; space: space respiration
foundation of u. is material 42:0.1(467;1), 42:1.1(467;3)
gravity control of Paradise adequate for an infinite u. 3:4.2(49;6), 8:4.1(94;3)
is delimited; moves in vast elongated plane around Paradise 15:0.1(164;1), 32:5.5(365;1), 42:1.9(468;6), 56:1.1(637;3)
is stable; does not run down 4:1.5(55;3), 15:8.10(176;5)
material u. is physical presence of the Infinite 5:2.1(64;4)
penetrated by intelligence circuits, energy lanes 116:7.1(1276;2)
would collapse if God ceased to uphold 4:1.6(55;4)
postulated ever-expanding universe of infinity 12:1.10(130;2)
purpose 106:3.1(1165;6)
Universe Aids
carry out missions for Creator Sons 30:2.25(338;2)
in personality registers 30:1.7(331;3), 30:2.24-25(338;1)
orders 30:2.24(338;1), 37:1-7secs
3. archangels q.v.
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.18(525;8)
Universe Circuit Supervisors 24:1sec(265;1)
Andovontia, tertiary #572,842; on Salvington 24:1.7(266;1), 37:8.3(413;6)
cannot annul material currents; pure mind circuits 24:1.8-10(266;2)
concerned with circuits of relative spiritual energy outside Paradise 24:1.1(265;1)
eternally serve in original assignment 24:1.7(266;1)
exclusive creation of Infinite Spirit 24:1.2(265;2)
headquarters on superuniverse capitals 24:0.3(264;3)
in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.11(336;3)
isolate evolutionary worlds in rebellion 24:1.8(266;2), 53:7.3(607;4)
all distinct individuals, other-than-Father personal beings 24:1.11(266;5)
attend strictly and efficiently to business 24:1.12(266;6)
possess tremendous antigravity 24:0.3(264;3)
orders 24:1.2-6(265;2)
subject to Seven Supreme Power Directors 24:1.10(266;4)

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