absoluta is potencies existing within space 11:8.8(126;4)
absolute gravity circuits independent of 12:3.2(131;5)
achieved s. vs. unachieved s. 14:5.5(159;1)
Adjuster-fused souls traverse s. freely before receiving morontia forms 49:6.19(570;8)
conditions between Paradise and superuniverses 14:1.1(152;3)
force-charge of s. See absoluta
greatest aid and most formidable obstacle to reality perception 106:9.2-3(1173;3)
Infinite Mind is independent of 9:4.4(102;4)
mind partially transcends 130:7.6(1439;4)
motions of 12:4.2,7-11
nature of space
bestowal of Paradise 11:7.4(124;5), 12:5.1,2(134;6)
came into being with creation of Havona 8:1.4(91;1)
condition within relative absoluteness of midspace 106:7.7(1169;6)
converts energy into matter 42:4.9(473;7)
does not exist on, but relative to, Paradise 11:2.7-8(120;2), 11:7.1(124;2), 105:3.4(1156;1)
emptiest s. is 100 ultimatons per cubic inch 41:6.1(461;5), 42:4.6(473;4), 42:5.16(476;2), 130:7.6(1439;4)
extends unknown distance beyond master universe 11:7.4(124;5)
filled with energy currents, power circuits, ultimatonic and electronic energies 42:4.6(473;4)
indissolubly linked to time, except on Paradise 12:5.3(135;2), 65:8.1(739;5), 130:7.6(1439;4)
interelectronic s. of atom not empty 42:8.2(478;6)
interstellar space does not attain absolute zero 42:4.6(473;4)
is measured by time 130:7.6(1439;4)
is not force, energy, or power 11:5.9(123;2)
is not pattern 0:6.11(10;3)
is real 12:4.7(133;9)
light and electricity are not basic energies of 41:1.2(456;1)
nearest of all nonabsolute things to being absolute 118:3.5(1297;6)
neither absolute nor infinite 1:7.7(31;7), 12:5.2(135;1)
neutralizes gravity; nonresponsive to gravity 0:6.11(10;3), 11:8.3(125;6), 42:11.5(482;3)
property of all material bodies 118:3.5-6(1297;6)
system of associated points; perceived by synthesis 118:3.1(1297;2)
transcendental reality 105:7.4(1160;2)
vertical cross section of total s. resembles Maltese cross centered on Paradise; hourglass 11:6.1-2(123;3), 11:7.3-5(124;4)
womb of absoluta and other forms of matter and prematter 11:5.9(123;2)
no barrier to Deity 3:1.6(45;4)
personalities of Infinite Spirit largely independent of 34:3.2(376;5)

pervaded space
6 space levels constitute major divisions of 12:1.2-3(128;5)
ancestral space potency of Unqualified Absolute (absoluta) fills 11:7.4(124;5), 12:5.2(135;1), 42:5.14-16(475;10)
exerts antigravity influence upon linear gravity 11:8.3(125;6)
now in expansion phase 11:6.4(123;6)
V-shaped plane at right angles to peripheral Paradise 11:6.1-2(123;3), 11:7.5(124;6)

pilgrims may traverse achieved s. without being ensupernaphimed 14:5.5(159;1)
reflectivity independent of 17:3.10(201;8)
space respiration 11:6sec(123;3),. See also red shift
2 billion year cycle 11:6.4-5(123;6), 12:4.12(134;1)
accounts for impression of expanding universe 12:4.12(134;1)
expansion and contraction of pervaded and unpervaded s. 11:6.1-2(123;3)
extends throughout pervaded s. 11:5.8(123;1), 11:6.4(123;6)
is not uncharted plunge into new s. 15:1.1-3(164;4)
is s. work, not power-energy work 12:4.13(134;2)
mechanism for s. respiration unknown 11:6.1(123;3)
motion of s. itself 12:4.8(133;10)
pulsations of nether Paradise synchronized with s. respiration 11:5.8-9(123;1)
spirit is independent of s. 42:11.4(482;2)
storage of energy into ultimatons causes vibrations in content of s. 42:5.4(474;8)
unpervaded space
no absoluta in unpervaded s. 12:8.2(139;5)
now in contraction phase 11:6.4(123;6)
s. unpervaded by forces, energies, and presences existing in pervaded s. 11:6.3(123;5)
shaped like an hourglass above and below Paradise 11:6.1(123;3)
vertical (reservoir)s. is equipoise of horizontal (universe)s. 11:6.1,3(123;3), 11:7.1-2(124;2)
vast amount of matter circulates in 15:5.9(171;4)
space bodies 15:6sec(172;3)
all are revolving spheres 12:4.1(133;3)
appear according to plans of Master Architects 41:0.2(455;2)
collisions are rare 57:6.4(658;1)
collisions release energy; none occur in established circuits 15:5.12(171;7), 15:8.6(176;1)
God calls them all by name 1:5.3(27;5), 3:3.1-2(48;5)
various origins 15:5.3-14(170;6)
space energy. See absoluta
space-force. See absoluta
space levels. See also outerspacers; space
alternate clockwise and counterclockwise flow exerts stabilizing antigravity influence 11:7.9(125;3), 12:4.9,15-16
but for s.l., cosmic energies would shoot off into space 12:1.2(128;5)
elliptical regions of lessened resistance to motion surrounded by zones of motionlessness 11:7.8(125;2), 12:1.2,8(128;5)
force, energy, and matter ever swing onward in 12:1.2(128;5)
listed 12:1.3(129;1)
1st: Havona. See also Havona
3 Architects of Master Universe coordinate 31:9.4(351;5)
rotate clockwise around Paradise 14:1.1(152;3)
2nd: 7 superuniverses. See also superuniverses, the seven
7 Architects of Master Universe coordinate 31:9.5(351;6)
rotate counterclockwise around Paradise 15:1.2(165;1)
3rd: 1st outer space level
70 Architects of Master Universe coordinate 31:9.6(351;7)
400,000 light years beyond superuniverses 12:1.8(129;6)
end of our universe age will witness appearance of new order of developmental growth in 106:0.3(1162;3)
finaliters' destiny to administer 12:2.6(131;3), 30:4.26(344;1), 31:0.2(345;2), 31:3.2-8(347;5), 31:7.4-5(350;2), 31:10.6-12(353;5), 48:8.4(558;2), 56:8.2(643;5), 112:7.16-18(1239;5)
vast procession of galaxies 11:7.7(125;1)
4th: 2nd outer space level
50 million light years beyond 1st 12:1.9(130;1)
490 Architects of Master Universe coordinate 31:9.7(351;8)
5th: 3rd outer space level
3,430 Architects of Master Universe coordinate 31:9.8(352;1)
6th: 4th outer space level
24,010 Architects of Master Universe coordinate 31:9.9(352;2)
7th: postulated never-ending universe of infinity 12:1.10(130;2)
midspace zones separate s.l. less now than previously 11:5.6(122;6), 11:7.2(124;3)
outer space levels, generally
4 stupendous elliptical circuits of materializing energies beyond the 7 superuniverses 0:0.6(1;6), 12:1.3-9(129;1)
account for 15% of mind gravity 12:3.6(132;4)
creations at present wholly physical, uninhabited 0:0.6(1;6), 12:2.5(131;2), 12:3.5(132;3), 31:10.9,12(354;2)
destined to eventuate ultimacy of creation 0:8.5(12;3), 12:1.10(130;2)
domain of Unqualified Absolute 12:2.1(130;3), 56:7.7(643;1)
future phenomena there will far transcend that of past 23:4.6(263;2)
in next universe age, Creator Sons and Mother Spirits will serve in 55:10.9-11(634;9), 56:7.6-7(642;6), 119:8.7(1318;6)
inhabitants will lack finite experience; very different kind of growth will characterize 31:10.4(353;3), 117:2.6-7(1280;6)
inhabitants will not be wholly different than us time creatures of ascension potential 13:2.2(148;1), 48:8.4(558;2)
other-than-personal beings assembling on Paradise worlds of Son for service in 13:3.2(149;5)
over 70,000 aggregations greater than a superuniverse 31:10.12(354;5)
Paradise force organizers metamorphose cosmic force on 12:2.4(131;1)
personnel of grand universe undergoing reorganization in reference to 23:4.5(263;1)
Solitary Messengers constantly patrol 23:2.14(260;1)
some Paradise personality influences present in 12:2.1(130;3)
Supreme Being will disclose tertiary function on 112:7.15,16(1239;4)
Urantian astronomers view 57:3.2(653;2)
use 95% of Paradise gravity 12:2.4(131;1), 12:3.4(132;2)
space potency. See absoluta
space rays
consist of ultimatons or electrons 42:5.4-5(474;8)
frequently commingled with highly energized particles 42:5.1(474;5)
implanted life fully resistant to short 58:3.4(667;3)
many mesotrons in 42:8.7(479;5)
short s.r. are dominant form of radiant energy 58:3.1-3(666;8)
short s.r. attendant upon atomic birth or dissolution 42:5.5(475;1)
space reports. See broadcasts (celestial)
Spain 61:3.8(697;3)
Andites entered 80:7.11(896;3)
Claudus preached in 130:8.1(1440;1)
sun worshippers in 3000 B.C. 80:9.13(898;8)
superior Saharans emigrated to 80:2.2(890;6), 80:3.7(892;1)
5 sold for 2 pennies 165:3.4(1820;3)
not one is forgotten in God's sight 3:3.1(48;5), 150:4.3(1682;1)
speaker at forum
Jesus' talk with Marcus 132:4.7(1461;5)
invented by blue man 65:6.21(1461;5)
Jesus' side pierced with 187:5.8(2011;4)
specialists. See also careers; overspecialization
develop effective means for coordinating 81:6.29-30(910;2)
spectral lines
show only sun-surface compositions 41:6.7(462;5)
some unknown s.l. are shattered elements 41:6.1(461;5)
seven colors in 42:9.3(480;1)
speculations. See also mysteries; prophecies
7 finaliter corps will be directed by the Supreme? 117:7.7(1292;1)
Are Solitary Messengers connected with bestowal of Supreme-Ultimate Mind? 23:4.2-3(262;3)
association of Trinity Teacher Sons with finaliters in outer space? 20:9.5(232;3)
destiny of Solitary Messengers? 23:3.4(261;2)
Divinington 13:1.5-6(144;5)
do Universal Absolute, Deity Absolute represent unlimited function of Trinity? 56:9.3(644;5)
emergence of Ultimate in outer space attended by enhanced revelations of Absolute? 118:2.5(1297;1)
finaliters become 7th stage spirits upon attainment of Supreme? 31:3.5(348;2)
function of Creator Sons in outer universes? 21:6.1(241;5), 55:10.9-11(634;9), 56:7.6-7(642;6)
future administration of grand universe? 56:7.6-9(642;6)
future citizens of Havona? 19:6.4(221;6)
future of outer space universes? 31:10.3-12(353;2)
identity of 1000th member of finaliter companies? 31:7.4-5(350;2)
if grand universe in light and life, will mortals still be destined for the Corps of Finality? 55:6.10(631;6)
Inspired Trinity Spirits take place of Solitary Messengers? 23:4.4(262;5)
is Unqualified Absolute independent of Trinity? 56:9.3(644;5)
origin of motion? 12:4.2-6(133;4)
regarding Urantia
future of Urantia's celestial government? 93:10.5-8(1025;1)
had Andites driven secondary Sangiks out of India 79:2.8(880;6), 79:3.5(881;5)
had China's mountains not hindered Andite migrations 79:6.13(886;1)
had Mogul empire not broken up 79:1.9(879;6)
had Rome accepted gospel of kingdom 195:3.11(2074;6)
son and daughter of Adam and Eve return? 55:7.3(632;2)
will Machiventa Melchizedek become Planetary Sovereign? 55:7.3(632;2)
spornagia someday escape animal existence? 46:7.8(528;6)
Supreme Being emerge from Havona when superuniverses achieve light and life? 55:12.5(636;6)
Supreme someday assumes control of 7 superuniverses? 56:7.6(642;6)
Supreme someday personally resident on Uversa? 117:7.13(1292;7)
what causes outer space force-energy transmutations? 12:4.2(133;4)
usefulness of speculations
chill comfort to hungry multitudes 94:11.13(1040;4)
futile, but all engage in 55:10.9(634;9), 151:2.7-8(1691;2)
hardly profitable for human mind to seek to grasp faraway and superhuman concepts 106:6.6(1168;5)
high spirit personalities not given to gratification of purposeless curiosity 13:3.3(149;6)
improbability of goal attainment does not prevent philosophical theorizing 106:7.4,9(1169;3)
man's universe romancing may not be fact but may be truth 196:3.28(2096;7)
religious s. inevitable but always detrimental 102:3.2(1121;4)
s. invariably falsify their object 102:3.2(1121;4)
stimulus of creative speculation 30:0.2(330;2)
waste no time upon futile conjectures 20:6.1(228;5)

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