courtship. See romance
covenants 89:8sec(982;5),. See also oaths; promises
gods conceived as entering into real agreements with man 89:8.4(983;2)
covetousness. See envy
Abraham exhibited c. three times 93:9.3(1022;6)
high thinking not achieved by moral cowards 101:7.2(1113;4)
Judas was a coward 177:4.9-11(1926;2), 183:2.2(1972;3)
withhold pity from cowards 159:3.11(1766;7)
discretion carried too far leads to 149:4.4(1673;4)
revenge is mask for 145:3.4(1632;3)
cows. See cattle
Indian tribes believed they originated from 74:8.5(837;4)
Crab nebula
collapsed 900 years ago 41:8.4(464;6)
crabs 59:1.14(674;4), 60:2.9(688;1),. See also crustaceans
hand that rocks c. fraternizes with destiny 84:6.4(938;8)
craftworkers of color
designers and embellishers of celestial artisans 44:6.3(506;4)
creation. See also reality: genesis of reality
first Paradise record is personification of Infinite Spirit 25:6.6(282;4)
first Paradise record is trinitization of Ancients of Days 18:3.4(209;6)
genesis of reality 105:1.5(1153;2), 105:2.2-4(1154;1), 105:4.1(1157;2), 105:5.1-6(1158;1), 105:7.8(1160;6)
legends of c. 74:8sec(836;7)
of Eternal Son 6:0sec(73;1), 8:0.1(90;1)
of Havona 8:1.4-6(91;1)
of Infinite Spirit 8:0.2-4(90;2), 9:0.1(98;1)
of Urantia Paper 57 (651;1)
predicated upon belief in retrogression, vengeful Deity 74:8.13(838;5)
Creative Daughters. See local universe Mother Spirits
Creative Mother Spirits. See local universe Mother Spirits
Creative Spirits. See local universe Mother Spirits
can be haphazard or directed and constructive 111:4.9(1220;8)
can be turned to destructivity 111:4.11(1220;10)
diminished by matings between inferior strata 82:6.5(920;3)
divine c. unfailingly characterized by unity 105:2.7(1154;6)
inner c. contributes to ennoblement of character 111:4.12(1221;1)
reflective of antecedent creator-spirit activities 56:8.4(644;2)
Reflective Spirits were created upon Master Spirits' attainment of perfect synchrony with Trinity 17:2.2(199;6)
will aspiring to be Godlike 130:2.10(1431;5)
100 Constellation Fathers are advisory cabinet of 35:6.2(391;1)
almost infinite variety characterizes plans of 21:2.10(236;8), 32:3.3(360;5)
almost unlimited healing powers 149:1.6(1669;5)
also known as
Co-ordinate Creator Sons 14:6.24(162;2)
Creator Father-Son 34:4.5(378;2)
Michael Sons 14:6.27(162;5), 34:3.5(377;1)
Paradise Michaels 14:6.24(162;2)
primary Paradise Sons 14:6.28(162;6), 21:0.3(234;3), 21:2.1(235;4), 21:3.24(239;6)
Universe Sons 21:2.9(236;7), 34:0.3(374;3), 34:3.4(376;7), 34:5.7(380;1)
among Supreme Creators 56:5.3(640;7), 116:2.4-5(1270;1)
Architects of Master Universe approve space sites for 31:9.14(352;7)
1st level and final focalizations of God the Sevenfold 33:1.3(366;4), 55:3.12(626;1), 56:5.3(640;7), 116:2.4(1270;1)
Creator and creature forever blended 20:1.8(224;5), 21:0.4(234;4)
devoted to plan of progressive mortal ascension 2:3.6(37;4)
divinely perfect portraitures of Eternal Son 7:5.11(87;5), 8:4.1(94;3)
each unique in nature and personality; an "only-begotten Son" 21:0.1(234;1), 21:1.1-2(234;6), 21:2.10(236;8)
endowed with spirit gravity in own realms 7:1.5(82;4), 20:1.6(224;3)
God to mortals 3:0.1(44;1), 5:3.6(66;2), 21:2.2(235;5), 21:5.5(241;2)
in direct and constant communication with Eternal Son 7:6.7(88;5), 21:5.7(241;4), 34:3.5(377;1)
local universe personification of Father and Son 5:3.6(66;2), 20:10.4(233;1), 50:1.1(572;3)
most powerful divine beings capable of direct administration of evolutionary universes 33:1.2(366;3)
one with Father 1:5.5-6(28;2)
origin and nature 21:1sec(234;6)
Paradise Sons of God; order of Michael 20:1sec(223;3), 21:0.3-5(234;3)
pattern for all local universe personality 1:5.6(28;3), 34:0.3(374;3)
personalizations by Father and Son of new absolute thought 7:6.3(88;1), 20:1.4(224;1), 20:10.3(232;6), 21:0.1(234;1), 21:1.1-2(234;6)
personally conscious of acts and emotions of descending Sons in own domains 20:1.6(224;3)
revealers of Father's love and beneficent authority 21:3.24(239;6)
revelation of otherwise invisible Father 3:0.2(44;2)
transformative creators 118:4.7(1298;7)
way, truth, and life 7:5.1(86;2), 21:6.4(242;3)
Bright and Morning Stars
are first-born of C.S. 28:1.3(306;6), 33:4.1(369;4), 34:2.5(376;2)
C.S. delegate executive power to 32:2.6(359;3), 33:0.1(366;1)
direct universes in absence of C.S. 21:2.11(237;1)
can and do suffer 3:6.6(53;4)
close relationship to Architects of Master Universe 31:9.14(352;7)

creature bestowals 7:4.5(85;6), 23:4sec(262;2),. See also Michael of Nebadon: bestowals; Paradise Sons of God: bestowals
Adjusters sent universally after mortal bestowal 52:5.6(596;4), 146:3.6(1642;2)
are miracles, mysteries 119:3.6(1313;1), 119:7.5(1317;1), 120:4.5(1331;5), 124:6.17(1376;3)
bestowal worlds subject to rulings of C.S. 20:4.5(227;3), 21:5.6-7(241;3)
bestowals to 7 creature types 21:4sec(239;7)
compensate for mortal inability to comprehend Eternal Son 6:8.6-7(80;3)
C.S. become Master Sons after bestowals 21:3.15(238;9), 21:4.4-6(239;10), 120:0.4(1324;1), 186:5.5(2002;6)
C.S. gain practical mercy, judgment, and patience by living experience in bestowals 119:0.6(1308;6)
C.S. may not beget offspring on bestowals 20:6.2(229;1)
except for C.S. bestowals, mortals could hardly hope to attain Eternal Son 6:8.4(80;1)
inherent attribute of Paradise Sons 119:0.2(1308;2), 189:0.2(2020;2)
last step in training 20:5.2(227;5), 119:0.4-5(1308;4), 119:8.2(1318;1)
mortal bestowal among racial group with most Adamic blood 21:4.3(239;9)
on mortal bestowals, C.S. are Word made flesh 20:5.1(227;4)
once in each local universe, C.S. bestow themselves on some evolutionary world 20:5.4(228;1), 52:5.2(595;7)
presence on mortal world terminates dispensation 20:3.4(226;4)
qualify C.S. to portray Supreme 33:2.4(367;6)
requirements 158:1.4(1752;6)
secret of Sonarington 7:5.4(86;5)
value of bestowals. See Jesus: life of: value; Paradise Sons of God: bestowals: purpose of bestowals

domains very diverse 21:2.10(236;8), 32:3.3(360;5),. See also local universes
draw all men to themselves 1:4.2(26;4)
each aspires to duplicate Havona in his own local universe 14:0.2(152;2), 14:6.24-28(162;2), 54:2.1(614;6)
embody phases of infinity of Father and Eternal Son 21:6.1(241;5)
fragmented entities of C.S. fuse with mortals 30:1.19(333;5),. See also Son-fused mortals
function of Creator Sons
answer prayers 5:3.2,4-5
as fathers 33:3.4,7(368;4), 33:5.1(370;6)
create and rule local universes 1:0.1(21;1), 1:2.6(24;4), 8:3.4(93;6), 15:2.5(166;4), 21:0.1(234;1), 32:0.1(357;1)
1000 tertiaphim are original personal staff 28:1.2-3(306;5)
achieve universe materialization and equilibrium 21:2.9(236;7)
choose space sites for new universes 21:2.1(235;4), 32:0.4(357;4)
create children with Mother Spirits 21:2.2,9(235;5)
create Material Sons 38:1.1(418;4), 51:1.1(580;4)
headquarters sphere work begun upon arrival 32:1.5(358;2)
initiate new creature designs 33:2.2(367;4), 33:3.8(369;3)
materialize visible matter from pre-existent space energy 32:2.1(358;3), 56:9.12(645;7), 116:5.6(1274;3)
Power Centers coordinate with C.S.'s plans 41:1.1(455;5)
defend and if needed retrieve personal creation 21:3.14(238;8), 33:3.4(368;4)
destined to function in outer universes with Mother Spirits 55:10.9-11(634;9), 56:7.6-7(642;6), 119:8.7(1318;6)
maintain schools on Havona's 4th circuit 26:8.1(293;5)
make Father's love real 3:0.1-2(44;1), 7:4.5(85;6), 7:7.1-4(88;7)
provide mechanism for mortal survival 0:8.4(12;2), 180:3.7(1947;6)
rehabilitate what the misguided have jeopardized 7:4.5(85;6)
represent Father and Son in their creations 5:3.6(66;2), 6:8.3,7(79;6), 7:2.4(83;7), 7:3.1(84;1), 20:1.7(224;4), 33:2.3(367;5)
fusion spirit of C.S. implemented in Reflective Spirits 40:10.2(452;2)
fusion with. See Son-fused mortals
have power to lay down life and take it up again 193:0.5(2053;1)
he who has seen a C.S. has seen Father 1:5.5-6(28;2), 6:2.2(74;7), 20:5.1(227;4), 20:6.5(229;4), 32:3.6(361;1), 107:0.4(1176;4), 157:6.13(1750;7), 180:3.9(1947;8), 182:1.9(1965;3)
in personality registers 30:1.7(331;3), 30:2.7(335;5)
intimate personal communion with mortal creatures 1:4.2(26;4)
after sovereignty, no entirely new types of creatures 34:5.1(379;1)
by pre-existent gravity circuits 33:2.2(367;4)
cannot bestow personality 21:2.6(236;4), 33:2.2(367;4)
Eternal Son consents to new types of beings 21:2.5(236;3), 33:2.2(367;4)
Infinite Spirit must agree to new forms of energy-matter 21:2.4(236;2), 33:2.2(367;4)
may decree survival but not extinction 15:12.2(180;3), 33:2.2(367;4)
not subject by time, but conditioned by space 34:3.4-5(376;7)
not limited by Father's finality of wisdom 4:4.4(58;9)
oath to Trinity not to assume sovereignty until bestowals completed 21:3sec(237;3), 119:0.3(1308;3)
to Creator prerogatives 6:5.4(77;7), 21:2.3-8(236;1), 21:5.5(241;2)
unable to leave universe headquarters until gravity stabilizes 32:2.5(359;2), 116:5.6(1274;3)
Universe Centers assist in universe organization 29:2.9(321;8), 29:3.3(323;1)
local universe Mother Spirits
are effective helpers and ministers of C.S. 8:4.4(94;6), 21:2.2(235;5)
C.S. 's spiritual presence invested in Mother Spirits during absences 21:2.11(237;1)
elevated to cosovereignty with C.S. 17:6.8(204;4)
may attain union with C.S. in eternity 118:9.8(1304;1)
participate in creation of local universes 8:3.4(93;6)
would accompany C.S. to outer universes 55:10.11(635;2)
local universe sovereignty
7 stages 21:3.4-11(237;6)
administer only that which they bring into existence 7:6.4(88;2)
all power concentrated in hands of C.S. upon achievement of sovereignty 23:2.11(259;4), 33:2.3(367;5), 34:1.4(375;3)
assume full responsibility for completion, control, and composure of their universes 21:2sec(235;4), 119:0.3(1308;3)
could assert full sovereignty at any time 21:3.2(237;4), 120:0.5(1324;2)
given cosmic leasehold on local universes 21:3.1(237;3)
oath to Trinity not to assume full sovereignty until after 7 creature bestowals 21:3.12(238;6), 21:4.5(240;1)
of Master Michaels is like future sovereignty of Supreme 21:5.2(240;4)
until earned, C.S. rule as Vicegerents of Father 21:3.1(237;3)
long preliminary training 17:6.4(203;7), 21:2.1(235;4), 28:1.1(306;4), 28:4.6(308;5)
never sit in judgment on their creatures 33:7.1(372;5), 134:8.7(1493;6)
never stop until they have found man 26:11.5(297;2)
no way to limit time element of creator prerogatives 145:3.11(1633;2)
number more than 700,000; increasing; no limit to numbers 21:1.4(235;3), 33:4.2(369;5)
Paradise reserve corps teaches on 4th Havona circuit 26:8.1(293;5)
personal presence not necessary to established universe government 21:2.12(237;2)
preliminary training 21:2.1(235;4)
realization of God begins with recognition of divinity of 0:8.2(11;6)
reveal sevenfold attitude of Deities in gaining sovereignty 21:3.1-3,16-24) 21:4.6(240;2)
rule supreme regarding groups 32:4.3-4(363;1)
secoraphic voices reflect C.S. to Ancients of Days 28:4.6(308;5)
some resemble Father more; others the Eternal Son 33:2.1(367;3)
Spirit of Truth 56:10.17(647;8)
inherent in C.S. 15:9.12(177;11), 34:4.2(377;6), 180:4.3(1948;4), 194:2.11-12(2061;9)
sent after mortal bestowal 20:6.8-9(230;1), 108:2.3(1187;2)
studied in 2nd stage of light and life 55:3.12(626;1)
tertiaphim serve as C.S. liaisons with Ancients of Days 26:1.6(286;1)
Universal Father
acts through C.S. 32:3.4(360;6), 32:4.3,10(363;1), 33:0.1(366;1)
confirms eternal union of C.S. with Mother Spirit 17:6.5(204;1)
gives life to C.S. without measure 153:2.7(1710;5)
what Father wills and C.S. desire IS 145:3.11(1633;2)z, 149:1.7(1669;6)

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