Corps of Paradise Finaliters. 17:1.7(199;1),See also Paradise Citizens; Paradise Corps of the Finality
1 of 7 finaliter corps 31:10.1(352;8)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.22(337;6)
Corps of Perfection
local universe corps; destiny of Spirit-fused ascenders 37:5.3-4(411;1)
corps of permanent citizens 30:2.19(337;3), 37:9.8(415;4)
1. midwayers of evolutionary planets Paper 77 (855;1),) 37:9.7(415;3), 48:2sec(542;5)
2. Material Sons of local systems Paper 51 (580;1),) 37:9.5-6(415;1), 45:5sec(514;12)
3. univitatia of constellations 37:9.4(414;9), 43:7sec(493;2)
4. susatia of local universes 37:9.3(414;8)
5. Spirit-fused mortals of local universes 40:9sec(450;3)
6. abandonters of superuniverses 37:9.8(415;4), 43:7.4(493;5)
7. Son-fused mortals of superuniverses 40:9sec(450;3)
8. Havona natives 19:6sec(221;3)
9. natives of Paradise spheres of Spirit 13:4sec(149;7)
10. natives of Paradise spheres of Father 13:1-2secs
11. Paradise Citizens 19:7sec(222;2)
12. Adjuster-fused mortal citizens of Paradise 47:2.8(532;6)
Corps of Seraphic Completion 39:8.10(441;4), 39:9sec(441;5),. See also completion seraphim; seraphim; Seraphington
achievement far transcends mortals attaining survival 40:1.2(443;6)
members achieved Paradise, embrace of Eternal Son 39:1.5(427;5)
Seraphington graduates enter 39:1.12(428;6), 113:7.5(1248;6)
Corps of the Finality. See Paradise Corps of the Finality
Corps of Transcendental Finaliters. See also Paradise Corps of the Finality; Transcendentalers
1 Havona native may enter each company 31:1.5(346;6)
1 of 7 finaliter corps 31:10.1(352;8)
based on Paradise 31:1.5(346;6)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.22(337;6)
Corps of Trinitized Finaliters. See also creature-trinitized sons; Paradise Corps of the Finality
1 of 7 finaliter corps 31:10.1(352;8)
destiny of creature-trinitized beings and certain Paradise Citizens 22:8.6(252;2), 26:11.2(296;5)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.22(337;6)
Corps of Unrevealed Sons of Destiny. See also Paradise Corps of the Finality
1 of 7 finaliter corps 31:10.1(352;8)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.22(337;6)
correctional rest. See also discipline
errant Melchizedeks receive c.r., purging disharmony 35:2.8(386;6)
cosmic citizenship
believers experience 184:4.6(1985;1)
recognition of progressive obligation to Supreme 110:3.10(1206;8)
responsibility and morality of 39:4.9(435;2)
cosmic cloud
great space blanket; chiefly consists of pulverized stone 41:6.2(461;6)
cosmic consciousness. See God: consciousness of God
cosmic force. See absoluta
cosmic mind 116:1.3(1269;2),. See also mind
defined as
infinite mind ministering in time 16:6.1(191;4), 56:2.3(638;7)
intellectual potential of grand universe 16:6.1(191;4)
pure mind 9:6.6(104;4)
spirit presence of Infinite Spirit 194:2.12(2062;1)
time-space mind; co-ordinated in Supreme Being 9:4.4(102;4), 16:6.1(191;4), 42:10.6(481;3), 116:1.4(1269;3)
distributed by 7 Master Spirits 0:3.7(5;6), 3:1.8(45;6), 9:4.4(102;4), 9:7.3(105;3), 13:4.3(150;2), 16:4.2(189;3), 16:6sec(191;4), 42:10.6(481;3), 56:2.3(638;7), 116:4.3(1272;2)
explains kindred minds and spirits 16:6.3(191;6), 194:2.12(2062;1)
attaches validity to experience 16:9.1(195;3)
circuits contain space reports 9:7.3(105;3)
co-ordinates matter and spirit 12:8.13(140;9), 116:5.3(1273;7)
constantly injects spontaneity 195:6.15(2078;1)
endows innate scientific, moral, and spiritual insight 16:6.5-9(192;1), 16:7.5(193;4), 16:8.8(195;1), 16:9.1(195;3), 101:3.2(1108;1)
evolves human body with adjutant mind-spirits 42:12.4(483;4)
responds to spirit 9:4.5(102;5)
Havona was mind laboratory for 14:6.17-18(161;7)
human mind is circuit of 9:5.4(103;2), 111:1.2(1216;3), 180:5.3(1949;5)
Infinite Spirit is ancestor of 9:5.4(103;2), 9:7.3(105;3), 12:6.3(136;1)
morontia mind evolves by direct contact with; increasingly associates with 42:10.5(481;2), 110:6.21(1211;6), 112:6.6(1236;4)
operates under mind gravity of Infinite Spirit 9:7.3(105;3)
original appearance 116:5.3(1273;7)
sublime traits of divinity co-ordinated in 8:2.8(93;2)
survivors seize encircuited morontia phase of 112:5.20(1235;2), 112:6.4(1236;2)
validity attaches to unification of c.m. responses 16:9.1-2(195;3)
cosmic reserve corps. See reserve corps of destiny
approach from divine destiny, not human origins 19:1.5-12(215;2)
danger when youth neglect to interest themselves in 111:4.4(1220;3)
leads to pursuit of God-consciousness 56:10.8(646;9)
of Urantia Papers not inspired; destined to be quickly outgrown; limited by revelators' authorization 101:4.1-5(1109;3)
cosmos. See universe
cosmos absolute. See cosmos-infinite
4th triunity contains energy potential for 104:4.14(1149;5)
illimitable cosmos on beyond the master universe 106:6.3(1168;2)
is limitless, never-beginning, never-ending existence 115:3.1(1261;5)
council of elders
first governmental body 70:5.2-3(788;8)
powers gradually concentrated in absolute monarch 70:12.2(798;1)
Council of Equilibrium
comprised of Associate Master Force Organizers dispatched by Seven Master Spirits 29:4.2(324;4)
dispatched Force Organizer to Andronover 29:4.2(324;4), 57:1.4(651;6)
interprets registrations of master frandalanks 29:4.2(324;4)
council of perfection
Universal Conciliators translate to c.o.p. on Paradise 25:3.16(278;7)
council of Planetary Princes
System Sovereign presides over 45:2.4(511;4)
council of seven
tribal government of red race 70:5.4(789;2)
council of seventy
constellation group analogous to 24 counselors 50:2.2(573;3)
council on food and material welfare. See Caligastia one hundred
counsel. See adjutant mind-spirits: #5 counsel; advice
counseling the rich man 132:5sec(1462;2)
counselors and advisers
liaison with Discerners of Spirits 28:5.19(313;1)
secondary supernaphim of 2nd Havona circle 26:10sec(295;3)
ancients treated disease with 90:4.8(991;7)
allow Adjusters to show spiritual c. to material efforts 111:7.3(1223;5)
Teacher Sons show spiritual c. to material wisdom 20:9.2(231;6)
counting the cost 171:2sec(1869;3)
courage. See also adjutant mind-spirits: #3 courage; self-confidence
defined as
confidence of thoroughgoing honesty 146:3.2(1641;4), 160:1.7-8(1773;4)
facing facts of life 132:3.4(1459;4), 133:4.11(1475;4)
heart of Jesus' teachings 140:8.20(1582;1)
strength of character 3:5.6(51;5)
early war put premium on 70:2.3(785;8)
exhibiting indomitable c. in face of immensity 26:5.3(291;3)
faith generates profound c. despite adversity, calamity 101:3.4(1108;3)
few delight in courageous independent thinking 16:6.9(192;5)
friendship indispensable to maintenance of 160:2.8(1776;2)
Jesus' c. born of faith, not blind presumption 100:7.15(1103;3)
laying down life alone requires profound 143:1.6-7(1608;3)
sometimes leads to recklessness, presumption, self-pride 111:6.2(1222;1), 149:4.4(1673;4)
court advisers
supreme seraphim; serve as defenders of mortals 39:1.7-9(428;1)
court of gentiles
in Jerusalem temple 121:2.5(1333;7)
sacrificial animals sold in; money-changers plied their trade 125:1.1,4(1378;3), 162:4.3(1794;2)
court of Israel
in Jerusalem temple 162:4.3(1794;2)
court of priests
in Jerusalem temple beneath rock ledge 125:1.4(1378;6), 162:4.4(1794;3)
court of women
in Jerusalem temple 125:0.4(1377;4), 135:2.1(1497;3), 150:1.3(1679;2), 160:4.2-3(1778;5)
courtesans. See prostitution
Jesus enjoined c. toward all 163:4.14(1805;11)
originally, c. was attempt to deceive envious spirits 87:5.7(963;2)
courtesy colonies 30:2.26-27(338;3), 30:3sec(338;5)
found from local systems to superuniverse headquarters 30:2.27(338;4), 37:10.4(416;4), 46:5.23-24(526;5)
groups working in courtesy colonies 30:2.26(338;3)
ascending pilgrims 30:3.13(340;2)
celestial artisans Paper 44 (497;1),) 30:3.6(339;3)
extension-school instructors 30:3.8-9(339;5)
reversion directors 30:3.7(339;4), 48:4sec(547;4)
star students 28:7.1(317;4), 30:3.2-5(338;6)
student visitors 30:3.11-12(339;8)
various reserve corps 30:3.10(339;7)
of Uversa served by seconaphim 28:7.1(317;4)
omniaphim on Uversa reside in 28:2.1(307;1)
courts. See also judges; judgment; justice; law; lawyers
accord justice with fairness according to needs 133:4.7(1474;7)
celestial. See justice: divine justice
continental and planetary 71:8.13(807;9)
do not go to law among yourselves 140:3.14(1571;1)
first c. were regulated fistic encounters 70:11.9(797;7)
industrial c. in continental nation 72:2.13(810;6), 72:5.3-4(813;4), 72:7.9(815;9)
Jews ordinarily provided every safeguard of fairness 184:3.4(1982;5), 184:4.1(1984;2), 184:5.3(1985;4)
money and influence should not control 132:4.8(1462;1)
status of civilization determined by equity of 70:11.10(797;8)

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