consuls (universe)
appointed by legislatures; represent constellations 33:6.4(371;6)
Vorondadeks serve as 35:5.5(390;2)
Consummator of Universe Destiny 30:1.21(333;7)
destiny is consummated by 106:7.3(1169;2)
member of 2nd experiential Trinity 106:5.1(1167;2)
unrevealed member of Trinity Absolute 0:12.7(16;4)
contact personalities. See also reservists; Urantia Papers: contact personality for
midway creatures serve as efficient contacts to 77:7.5(863;6), 77:8.8(865;1)
reservists conscious of preparation for possible function; number less than 20 114:7.5(1257;5)
Adam and Eve absolved from charges of standing in 75:7.2(845;2)
bred by familiarity 82:5.6(919;2)
only 3 System Sovereigns in Nebadon ever found in c. 53:0.2(601;2)
Van indicted Daligastia, Caligastia, and Lucifer for c. 67:2.2(755;4)
contention. See also arguments; conflict
be expert in ironing out minor disagreements 178:1.7(1930;4)
conciliating commissions settle 25:3sec(276;6)
division results when not all in family believe gospel 165:6.3(1824;6)
Jesus avoided controversies with apostles 138:6.4(1543;2)
Jesus did not argue about God 196:1.5(2091;1)
let controversy come only when forced upon you 178:1.16(1932;1)
misunderstandings arise due to power of choice 25:3.7(277;4)
Thomas unconsciously assumed disagreement 191:5.1(2042;5)
contentment. See happiness; peace
continence cult. See also castration; chastity; sex: urge; virgins
normal urges not in conflict with spiritual attainment 34:7.7(383;1)
ritual among soldiers prior to battle 89:3.6(977;1)
tolerated marriage as lesser evil than fornication 89:3.6(977;1)
continental drift. See continents: continental drift
continental nation Paper 72 (808;1),). See also neighboring planet
ambassadorial relations with inferior peoples 72:12.2(819;6)
blue, yellow, and violet races 72:1.1(808;4)
court systems 72:2.9-14(810;2), 72:5.4(813;5), 72:8.3(816;8)
dealing with crime 72:10sec(818;4)
educational system 72:4sec(812;3), 72:8sec(816;6)
Foundation of Spiritual Progress 72:3.6(811;6)
home life 72:3sec(811;1)
industrial organization 72:5sec(813;2)
military preparedness 72:7.9,14(815;9), 72:11sec(818;7)
no city over one million 72:2.2(809;3)
no Magisterial sons yet 72:12.2-5(819;6)
old-age insurance 72:6sec(814;3)
political organization 72:2sec(809;2), 72:9sec(817;5), 72:7.9,14(815;9)
population numbers 140 million 72:1.1(808;4)
self-sustaining; little foreign trade 72:1.3(808;6)
statesmanship schools 72:8.2(816;7)
taxation 72:7sec(815;1)
temples of philosophy 72:8.4(817;1)
transition to representative government 72:1.4-5(808;7)
unique topography; size of Australia 72:1.1-2(808;4)
universal hostility of neighbors 72:1.3(808;6)

continental drift 58:4.3-4(668;1), 58:5sec(668;3), 59:1.7(673;7), 59:4.1(678;2)
began 750 million years ago 57:8.23-25(663;1)
continents tend to creep into oceans 58:5.7(668;9)
ended with crustal deformation, lava flows 60:3.1(688;8), 60:4.2(691;5)
first obstruction was 100 million years ago 60:3.1-2,11-14

first continent 57:8sec(660;3)
kept above water by weight of sea bottoms 58:5.6-8(668;8)
million-year cycle of rise and fall of 60:4.1(691;4)
control and overcontrol 118:8sec(1301;6)
controversies. See arguments; contention
conversion. See spiritual rebirth: conversion experience
convictions. See belief; faith
Jesus cooked fish 192:1.8(2047;1)
Onagar's missionaries first taught 63:6.7(716;6)
Prince's staff taught c. to avoid sickness 66:5.18(747;8)
reduced energy necessary for digestion 69:6.7(778;2)
coons 61:2.7(695;5)
cooperation. See co-operation
brought up in lava 58:7.6(670;8)
cuttlefish oxygenate blood with 65:6.4(737;4)
much results from water deposition 58:7.10(671;3)
used when mixed with tin to make bronze 81:3.4-5(903;6)
coral 58:7.2(670;4), 59:3sec(676;5), 59:4.6(678;7), 59:5.8(680;10), 60:2.8(687;9), 60:4.5(692;3)
lime-secreting algae were ancestry of 59:2.11(676;2)
cords, knotted
early writing 69:4.7(775;7)
Corinth 130:0.3(1427;3)
2nd city in Greece, 3rd in empire 133:3.4(1472;3), 133:4.13(1476;1)
capital of Roman province of Achaia 133:2.5(1471;4)
Jesus' personal work in 133:3-4secs
land track between harbors 133:4.14(1476;2)
Peter visited 139:2.11(1551;7)
Roman centurion; converted by Peter 130:2.5(1430;3)
stone builders rejected was made into 173:4.4(1894;2)
corporeal staffs of Planetary Princes 50:3-4secs 66:2-7secs). See also Caligastia one hundred; Planetary Princes
connecting link with world races 50:3.1(574;3)
exempt from most diseases; subject to certain accidents 50:3.3(574;5)
immortality sustained by tree of life 73:6.4(826;1)
Life Carriers provide with new physical bodies 50:3.3(574;5)
mate among themselves; seldom with world races 50:3.4-5(574;6)
perform physical work in building headquarters city 50:4.2(575;3)
primitives look upon with awe and reverence 52:1.8(590;4)
procreate primary midwayers, high material beings 50:3.5(574;7)
progeny are administrators in light and life 55:3.13(626;2)
unfused citizens of system capitals 50:3.2(574;4)
unfused morontia progressors; Adjusters detached during service 50:3.2,6(574;4), 66:4.9(744;8), 67:4.5(758;3)
usually removed from planet upon arrival of Adam 50:3.4-6(574;6)
corporeality error
in materialism and pantheism 1:5.12(29;2)
Corps of Conjoint Trinitized Finaliters. See also Paradise Corps of the Finality; Trinitized Sons of God
1 Havona native may enter each company 31:1.5(346;6)
1 of 7 finaliter corps; based on Vicegerington 31:1.5(346;6), 31:10.1(352;8)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.22(337;6)
Corps of Havona Finaliters. See also Havona natives; Paradise Corps of the Finality
1 of 7 finaliter corps 31:1.5(346;6), 31:10.1(352;8)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.22(337;6)
Corps of Light and Life
finaliters' temporary service in 31:3.2(347;5)
Corps of Mortal Finaliters Paper 31 (345;1),). See also finaliters; Paradise Corps of the Finality
1 of 7 finaliter corps 31:10.1(352;8)
agondonters functionally grouped in 50:7.2(579;1)
allegiance only to Trinity 31:0.6(345;6)
as yet no settled employment for 30:4.25-26(343;7)
attacked by Lucifer 53:3.2,6(603;3)
1000 in each 31:1.3(346;4), 47:0.2(530;2)
accept jurisdiction of universes in light and life 117:7.7(1292;1)
ascendant associates stay together in 31:0.3(345;3)
initially serve in superuniverses not of origin 31:0.4(345;4)
members of each finaliter company
1. 1 Havona native (always) 31:0.1(345;1), 31:1.1(346;2)
2. 1 Gravity Messenger (always) 31:0.1(345;1), 31:2.1(346;7)
4. ascendant seraphim 31:0.1(345;1), 31:4.1(348;6), 113:7.5,8(1248;6)
5. Material Sons (sometimes) 31:0.1(345;1), 31:5sec(349;1)
6. secondary midwayer (sometimes) 31:0.1(345;1), 31:6sec(349;4)
7. vacant place in company transiently occupied by chief of attached Evangels of Light 31:7.1(349;6)
all received in equality regardless of type 31:0.3(345;3)
all surviving secondary midwayers join 40:3.1(444;3)
ascendant mortals and seraphim number 990 per company; ascenders total 997 31:1.3(346;4), 31:3.1(347;4)
Gravity Messenger has staff of 999 Messengers 31:2.3(347;2)
Havona natives must achieve experiential capacity to receive Father fragment 31:1.2(346;3)
new entrants after age of Supreme? 55:6.10(631;6)
only Father-fused creatures mustered into 30:4.24-26(343;6), 31:1.2(346;3), 40:9.9(451;5), 55:4.28(629;9)
viewpoint of perfection by Havona natives 31:1.1(346;2)
service on Urantia 31:0.4-5(345;4)
destiny in outer space 12:2.6(131;3), 30:4.26(344;1), 31:0.2(345;2), 31:3.2-8(347;5), 31:7.4-5(350;2), 31:10.6-12(353;5), 48:8.4(558;2), 112:7.16-18(1239;5)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.22(337;6)
Jesus' soul identity may lead Nebadon Corps 188:3.8(2015;4)
mortal admission to finaliter corps upon
7th jubilee; finaliters become 6th state spirits 31:3.4(348;1), 27:7.8(305;1)
completion of Havona and Paradise residency 14:5.4(158;7)
full attainment of worship 27:0.1(298;1), 27:7.3,8-9
sweeping oath to Trinity 27:7.9(305;2), 30:4.24(343;6), 31:0.6(345;6), 31:1.3(346;4), 31:3.4(348;1), 117:7.7(1292;1)
present known destiny of surviving mortals 112:7.15(1239;4)
probationary nursery children not mustered into 47:2.8(532;6)
self-governing 31:0.6(345;6)
the primary finaliter corps 31:0.1(345;1), 31:2.1(346;7)
Trinity Teacher Sons intimately connected with 20:9.4-5(232;2)

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