paradise apple
citron; forbidden fruit 162:4.4(1794;3)
Paradise arrivals. See also ascending mortals
ascendant mortals with residential status 30:4.24-26(343;6)
study divinity and absonity 30:4.24(343;6)
worshipful emotions of P.a. astound angels 27:7.6(304;4)
Paradise Central Shining. See Universal Father
Paradise Citizens 19:7sec(222;2)
acquire capacity for Supremacy 117:6.12(1289;5)
ascenders fraternize with 3000 orders of 19:7.1(222;2), 27:2.3(300;3)
cannot understand spiritual emotions of ascenders 27:7.6(304;4)
descending P.C. achieve new comprehension of Creator Sons on 4th Havona Circuit 26:8.1(293;5)
destiny of some is Paradise Corps of Trinitized Finaliters 26:11.2(296;5)
finaliters accompany P.C. when in Havona 26:4.1(289;4)
first landed on Havona in times of Grandfanda 26:5.1(291;1)
gracious and brilliant 25:8.3(283;4)
in personality registers 30:1.5(331;1), 30:2.5(335;3), 30:2.19(337;3)
may serve as Evangels of Light attached to mortal finaliter companies 31:7.2(349;7)
no more being created 19:0.2(214;2)
nontime beings, but aware of sequence 11:2.8(120;3)
often assist Paradise Companions 25:8.3(283;4)
pass through Havona outward from first circuit 26:3.1(288;1)
some were executive assistants to Eternals of Days before Grandfanda 26:11.2(296;5)
trinitization by 22:7.9-14(250;3), 30:2.9(336;1)
Paradise Companions 25:8sec(283;2)
assigned to ascenders in order of waiting 25:8.8(284;1)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.12(336;4)
nominated by local universe Mother Spirits, Reflective Spirits, and Majeston 25:8.2(283;3)
none assigned if mortal companion or seraphic guardian present 25:8.5(283;6)
often assisted by Paradise Citizens 25:8.3(283;4)
recruited from seraphim, seconaphim, supernaphim, and omniaphim 25:8.1(283;2)
same one remains with pilgrim until associates arrive or individual is mustered into Corps of Finality 25:8.7(283;8)
follow defeated pilgrims until they return to Havona 25:8.9(284;2)
greet pilgrims on arrival on Paradise 24:6.3(270;1)
is highest honor for ministering spirit 25:8.2(283;3), 39:8.3(440;5)
is not permanent 25:8.1(283;2)
nothing especial to accomplish; simply provide companionship 25:8.3(283;4)
study ascenders' backgrounds before arrival 25:8.6(283;7)
Paradise Corps of the Finality
agelong mobilization on Paradise 31:10.10(354;3)
divinity response of grand universe to future needs of outer space 31:10.3(353;2)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.22(337;6)
includes 30:2.22(337;6)
overseen by senior Architect of Master Universe 31:10.1(352;8)
Supreme Council of Destiny comprised of heads of each finaliter corps 31:10.2(353;1)
Paradise Creator Sons. See Creator Sons
Paradise Deities
in personality register 30:2.1-2(334;4)
2. Eternal Son q.v.
Paradise energy. See monota
Paradise force organizers. See Master Force Organizers
Paradise gravity. See gravity: types
Paradise-Havona system. See also Havona; Paradise
eternal nucleus of master universe 12:1.5(129;3)
Paradise-Havona-trinitized Sons. See also trinitization
created by Paradise Citizens and Havoners 22:7.9-13(250;3)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.9(336;1)
may serve as Evangels of Light attached to mortal finaliter companies 31:7.2(349;7)
Paradise incarnation commission
deployed about Jesus' tomb 189:1.1,5(2020;4)
Paradise Master Spirits. See Master Spirits, Seven
Paradise Sons of God Paper 20 (223;1),) 7:6sec(87;6),. See also Creator Sons; Magisterial Sons; Trinity Teacher Sons
all are united in near-absolute spiritual association 7:6.7(88;5)
all knowledge of Father comes from Eternal Son, P.S. 7:7.1-4(88;7)
divine ministers creators, servers, bestowers, judges, teachers, and truth revealers 20:1.5(224;2)
of direct divine creation on Paradise 20:1.1(223;3), 35:0.1(384;1)
revelations of Eternal Son 10:1.6(109;4), 16:2.1(185;5)
Word of God 10:3.3(111;1)
automatic self-rejuvenators; incapable of depletion 48:4.11(548;6)
bestowals 20:5sec(227;4), 119:0.2(1308;2),. See also Creator Sons: creature bestowals; Magisterial Sons: planetary missions
achieve perfect attunement with indwelling Adjusters 20:6.4(229;3)
Adjusters participating in bestowals become Personalized 20:4.3(227;1), 107:2.8(1179;2), 109:6.3(1200;3)
always born as male child 20:6.2(229;1)
are miracles 20:6.1(228;5), 120:4.5(1331;5), 124:6.17(1376;3)
are mysteries 119:5.5(1315;3), 119:7.5(1317;1)
as Princes of Peace 52:6.1(597;2)
careers 20:6sec(228;5)
cruel death not necessary 20:6.6(229;5)
do not beget offspring 20:6.2(229;1)
do not influence Father's attitude 20:5.2(227;5)
Eternal Son comes to mortals as personality in 7:5.4(86;5)
Eternal Son demonstrated bestowal in Havona 14:6.10(160;2)
follow many vocations 20:6.3(229;2)
fuse nature of creature and Creator 116:3.3(1271;1)
God in man; Word made flesh 19:3.7(217;6), 20:5.1(227;4)
High Commissioners always accompany 37:5.8(411;6)
in every respect become like mortals 7:5.4(86;5), 20:6.2(229;1)
incarnation is secret of Sonarington 7:5.4(86;5), 13:1.8(145;3)
most beautiful expression of divinity is found in earth lives of 116:2.3(1269;7)
no mission has ever failed 20:5.7(228;4)
only one P.S. bestows himself on each planet 20:5.4(228;1)
P.S. augment their divine natures by 116:3.3,5(1271;1)

purpose of bestowals. See also Jesus: life of: value
chief mission is to release Spirit of Truth 20:6.8(230;1), 49:5.18(567;5)
establish new and living way 52:5.4(596;2)
exclusively devoted to spiritual enlightenment 20:6.4(229;3)
illuminate progression through Supreme to Father 116:4.10(1273;2)
inaugurate new dispensations; repersonalize sleeping survivors 20:3.4(226;4), 30:4.4(341;1), 49:6.3,7(568;6), 50:1.4(573;1), 52:0.1(589;1)
look to P.S. for reliable information regarding Father, Son, and Spirit 10:1.6(109;4)
make possible Adjusters' indwelling 20:5.3(227;6)
necessary training 20:5.2(227;5), 20:6.4(229;3)
re-establish circuits on quarantined worlds 35:9.9(394;1)

collaborate in revelation of Deities 20:10.4(233;1)
Father comes down to us as a personality only through 7:7.4(89;3)
Father delegates all possible power and authority to 10:1.2(108;5)
forgather every millennium for conclaves 7:6.1(87;6)
have all of Eternal Son's divine nature, though not all attributes 7:6.2(87;7)
in direct and constant communication with Eternal Son 7:6.7(88;5), 15:9.7(177;6)
love and crave to understand their creatures 119:6.5(1316;2)
Master Spirit #2 in close association with 16:3.4(187;1)
numbers are constantly increasing 16:2.1(185;5)
origins of 20:1.4(224;1)
presence on an evolutionary world terminates dispensation 20:3.4(226;4)
work of each is as if he were the first and only Son of God; identical in quality 20:1.4(224;1), 20:10.1(232;4)
Paradise Source and Center. See Universal Father
Paradise Trinity Papers 10, 104) 0:12.1-5(15;7),
beliefs regarding
Christian concept 104:1.11-13(1144;8), 161:1.6(1784;3), 194:4.9(2067;4)
Elohim concept in Judaism 96:1.8(1053;6), 142:3.6(1598;7)
growth of Trinity concept Paper 104 (1143;1),)
Lao-tse's teaching 94:6.3(1033;6)
Philo led way for Paul to restore concept of 121:6.5(1339;1)
revealed by Caligastia, Adam and Eve, Melchizedek, Jesus 104:1.1-3(1143;4), 161:1.6(1784;3)
emblem is 3 azure blue concentric circles 53:5.4(605;8)
finaliters take oath to 27:7.9(305;2), 117:7.7(1292;1)
administration ends with superuniverse government 33:5.1(370;6)
attitude toward the finite, the absonite, and the absolute 10:5.3-8(113;4), 10:8sec(116;2), 106:8.6(1171;2)
c.f.: Father, Son, and Spirit acting collectively in Master Spirit #7 16:1.2-3(185;2)
controls spirit designs and types 21:2.8(236;6)
created Havona natives 14:4.3(157;2)
embodies universal law, sovereignty 104:2.3(1145;4)
embrace of P.T. endows recipients with everything finaliters will achieve as 7th stage spirits 40:10.12(454;1)
Father, Son, and Spirit can function in relation to 10:4.4(112;7)
infinite reality absolutely unified in 106:9.4(1173;5)
is to Supreme what Adjusters are to mortals 117:3.10(1282;5)
justice administration, cosmic overcontrol 10:5.1(113;2)
liberates Father from personality absolutism 10:0.1(108;1)
manifests regard for welfare of the whole, not the part 3:2.8(47;6), 10:7.2(115;4), 118:10.11(1305;6)
on all (total) levels, including level of Supremacy 115:5.2(1265;1)
source of the Supreme 115:4.1,2,7(1263;7)
spirit, mind, and energy proceed from 99:4.10(1090;6)
unique, original, not wholly predictable 104:2.4(1145;5)
Master Spirit #7 represents Deity attitude of 16:3.17(188;5)
Michael desired to rule as representative of 120:0.4(1324;1)
Absolute is impersonal and co-ordinate reaction of 56:9.4(644;6)
Deity personality demands other equal personal Deity 104:2.2(1145;3)
existent upon personalization of Infinite Spirit 8:1.3(90;7)
existential; infinite 0:12.1-2,9)
fills all Deity potential 0:3.15(6;2)
has functions, not attributes 10:5.1(113;2), 118:10.4(1304;6)
I AM is the primal cause and source of 56:9.5(644;7)
impartial 12:7.1(137;2)
lies beyond understanding of mortal man 116:2.3(1269;7)
not a person; functions nonpersonally 10:4.3(112;6), 10:5.4(113;5)
only inescapable inevitability 0:12.1-2(15;7), 10:0.3(108;3), 115:7.5(1266;6)
Supreme is power-personality focalization of 0:7.5(11;1), 10:5.4(113;5), 115:5sec(1264;7), 116:2.1(1269;5), 118:10.3(1304;5)
undivided and indivisible Deity union of Father, Son, and Spirit 0:12.2(15;8), 10:0.1-3(108;1), 10:2.8(110;6), 10:3sec(110;7), 10:4sec(112;4), 10:7.2(115;4), 10:8.3(116;4), 20:2.8(225;7), 56:5.1(640;5), 56:6.1(641;2), 56:9.1(644;3), 104:1.9(1144;6), 104:2sec(1145;2), 104:3.8(1147;3)
unqualified unity of infinity 0:12.1-2(15;7), 106:9.1,4-5)
primary eruption upon personalization of local universe Mother Spirit 34:1.1(374;4)
Trinity observers stationed from constellations to superuniverse headquarters 15:13.6(181;6)

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