morontia recorders
thought recorders of celestial artisans 44:4.12(504;4)
morontia synthesizers
designers and embellishers of celestial artisans 44:6.9(507;1)
morontia temple. See also light and life; morontia
appears when planet enters light and life 40:3.1(444;3), 55:1sec(622;1)
built by Morontia Power Supervisors and Master Physical Controllers; seats about 300,000 55:1.3-4(622;3)
devoted to special ceremonies, not for worship, play, or receiving broadcasts 55:1.4(622;4)
finaliters, Planetary Sovereign only visible to spiritual mortals when in 55:1.2(622;2), 55:6.6(631;2), 55:7.2(632;1)
finaliters participate in world affairs after appearance of m.t. 55:1.2(622;2), 55:4.1-2,11)
"supreme service" only degree granted in 55:1.4(622;4), 55:3.8(625;7)
translation of living mortals takes place in 55:1.5(622;5), 55:2.3-5(623;3)
translation temple is composed of morontia materials 55:1.5(622;5)
Trinity Teacher Sons inaugurate 55:1.1(622;1), 55:7.1(631;7)
morontia world. See also Jerusem: transitional culture worlds
transitional culture world #2, headquarters of supervisors of morontia life 45:1.3-4(510;1)
morontia world transition ministers. See transition ministers
morontia worlds
3-gas mixture adapted to respiration of morontia beings 43:1.3(486;2), 46:2.2-3(520;7)
10 forms of material life 43:6.4-8(492;4)
56 transition worlds circling local system headquarters planet plus spheres of constellation and local universe headquarters worlds 48:1.2(541;5)
abound in heavy metals and crystals 48:1.3(541;6)
constellation capitals are acme of 43:6.1(492;1)
energy produced by Morontia Power Supervisors 16:4.5,6(189;6), 48:2.1(542;5)
have 100 chemical elements plus 100 forms of morontia energy organization 48:1.3(541;6), 48:2.15(544;5)
living things on m.w. require moisture 46:2.2(520;7)
Nebadon's m.w. are typical 48:0.3(541;3)
necessary economy, division of labor 44:3.3(502;2)
social order based on appreciation and mutual service 47:6.3(536;4)
univitatia administer constellation m.w. 43:7.2(493;3), 55:9.2(633;5)
Morrison beds 60:2.5(687;6)
Mortal Corps of the Finality. See Corps of Mortal Finaliters
depend on m.m. for expression, self-realization 103:6.6(1136;1)
find it next to impossible to communicate directly with subjects 110:4.5(1207;5)
have no special mechanism for self-expression in m.m. 101:1.2(1104;5)
indwell m.m., not a single physical organ 110:1.1(1203;3)
model of m.m. formulated on Divinington 108:1.8(1186;6)
seeing eye to eye, mortals receive reinforcement of Adjuster's mind 110:2.5(1205;3)
can only perceive mind phenomena of other minds 1:6.7(30;6)
concepts originating in m.m. are more acceptable to m.m. 121:8.12-14(1343;1)
evidences of spirit indwelling 196:3.6-9(2094;5)
evolution of 62:6sec(709;2), 65:7sec(738;4)
immeasurable gulf of m.m. with spiritual love 112:2.6(1228;5)
in Jesus, m.m. became mind of God 136:4.5(1514;6)
inferior minds spurn even the highest culture 50:6.4(578;4)
Infinite Spirit is absolute source of 6:8.5(80;2)
is ship, Adjuster is pilot, will is captain 111:1.9(1217;4)
Jesus' discourse on m.m. at Cyprus 133:7sec(1479;1)
Jesus enters m.m. to elevate, transform, transfigure 100:7.18(1103;6)
morality of m.m. inexplicable apart from Father 3:6.3(53;1)
much thinking carried on in conversational form 91:3.1(996;7)
nature of mortal mind
24 orders of psychic organization 36:2.9(398;3)
arena in which humans live, choose, or forsake God 111:1sec(1216;2)
bestowal of the Infinite Spirit and the local universe Mother Spirit 3:1.8(45;6), 49:4.8(564;10)
cannot operate without facts 111:6.6(1222;5)
cannot survive without spirit 1:3.7(26;1), 36:5.17(403;5), 49:4.9(565;1)
cannot understand real significance of religion, worship 5:3.7(66;3), 5:5.6(69;1)
child best relates to reality by first mastering child-parent relationship, then enlarging 8:1.11(92;1)
controls energy only through intelligent manipulation 111:6.4-5(1222;3)
correlates inner and outer human experiences 103:6.6(1136;1)
cosmic loom on which Adjuster threads spirit patterns 111:1.1(1216;2), 111:2.2(1217;6)
cosmic mind endowment of innate recognition of things, meanings, and values 16:6.4-11(191;7), 16:9.1(195;3), 103:7.11-13(1139;3)
craves (wrongly) to approach cosmology from the simple to the complex 19:1.5-12(215;2)
does not well stand conflict of double allegiance 133:7.12(1480;4)
dwelling place of spirit of God 160:4.3(1779;1)
endowed with Holy Spirit has capacity to choose Adjuster 34:5.4(379;4)
endowment of adjutant mind-spirits superimposed upon mechanical mind given by Infinite Spirit 36:2.11(398;5)
exchange m.m. for mind of Jesus 48:6.15(553;7), 102:4.1(1123;1), 128:1.6(1408;3)
faith expands 159:3.12(1408;3)
gateway to soul 152:6.4(1705;4), 155:6.13(1733;1)
human minds sometimes run in channels of inexplicable agreement 16:6.3(191;6)
identity 12:8.16(141;1)
incapable of grasping meaning of semispirit activities 44:0.13(499;1), 44:1.1,7-8)
individualized circuit of cosmic mind 9:5.4(103;2)
limitations 0:3.13,16(5;12), 0:10.1(13;4), 2:0.3(33;3), 3:2.7,10(47;5), 3:3.5(49;4), 3:4.5-6(50;3), 4:3.6(58;4), 5:5.6(69;1), 6:8.8(80;5), 8:1.10(91;7), 11:0.2(118;2), 12:7.2(137;3), 14:0.1(152;1), 14:3.8(156;5), 30:1.23(334;2), 31:8.2(350;5), 56:0.2(637;2), 105:0.3(1152;3), 105:1.2,5(1152;5), 106:0.10(1163;4), 106:6.6(1168;5), 106:8.2(1170;5), 106:9.2,5-7) 115:3.1-4(1261;5), 116:2.3(1269;7)
living relationship of personal mind and spirit 12:9.6(142;1)
loaned for use during material lifetime 111:1.5(1216;6)
loses gravity response in proportion to spirit identification 12:8.5(140;1), 42:11.4(482;2)
lowest mind of all 42:11.8(482;6)
mind transmutes spirit values into meanings of intellect 9:4.6(102;6)
often marred by insincerity and unrighteousness 9:5.5-7(103;3)
personal-energy system existing around spirit nucleus 12:9.6(142;1)
perverse and self-seeking will can render m.m. evil and ugly 111:1.6(1217;1)
protests against weaning from nonspirit energies 100:4.2(1097;6)
same on all planets 49:4.8(564;10)
stable and dependable only when wholly mechanized or entirely spiritualized 111:1.7(1217;2)
subordinate to choosing of human personality 112:5.4(1232;5)
supermaterial; not altogether bound by time 133:7.11(1480;3), 195:7.6(2079;1), 196:3.6(2094;5)
supermaterial ability to co-ordinate things, ideas, and values 12:8.8(140;4)
tends to imagine things unseen in terms of things seen 86:4.2(953;1)
time consciousness of sequence, motion, and duration 12:5.7(135;6)
total conscious and unconscious experience 0:5.8(8;8)
wholly dependent on brain capacity 1:3.7(26;1), 58:6.7(670;1)
not what m.m. comprehends, but what it desires to comprehend, that insures survival 111:1.5(1216;6)
primitive mind
differed from modern in content more than nature 86:2.4(951;6)
had no facts, but was logical 86:2.3(951;5), 90:3.3(989;5)
neither logical nor consistent 89:5.6(979;5), 91:1.3(995;2)
pure mind discerns God 101:1.3(1104;6)
reflective powers deepened by worship 102:4.5(1123;5)
renew by transformations of indwelling spirit 143:2.4(1609;5), 144:5.7(1623;2)
self and environment establish meaningful contact through 112:1.15(1227;5)
status after physical death 112:6.4(1236;2)
subconscious mind
abrupt presentations of thought often are ideas grouped together in 110:4.3(1207;3)
Judas's resentment, disappointment organized in his 177:4.11(1926;4)
mystic state gravitates consciousness toward 100:5.9(1099;7)
overwrought mystic's inspiration is uprisings of 91:7.1,4(1000;2)
prayer is most efficient approach to reserve powers in the unconscious 91:3.5(997;3), 91:6.4(999;7)
trust Adjusters for all matters in 110:4.4(1207;4)
superconscious mind
Adjuster's work in the superconscious mind
Adjuster revelations appear through mind 110:4.2-3(1207;2)
effect deep spiritual transformations in higher recesses 109:5.1(1199;2)
produce morontia duplicates of every concept of mortal intellect 110:2.4(1205;2)
superconscious is zone of immediate contact with Adjuster 100:5.3-6(1099;1)
augmentations of consciousness appear foreign 91:7.4(1000;5)
consciousness of consciousness 130:4.9(1435;1)
effective master patterns for building better civilization found in 111:4.5(1220;4)
spiritual truths resident in 110:6.4(1209;4)
unconscious spiritual growth proves existence of 100:1.9(1095;4)

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