master universe Paper 12). See also grand universe; space levels; universe
6 concentric ellipses comprise 12:1.3(129;1)
circles around Paradise 3:2.4(47;2)
circular and delimited 12:0.2-3(128;2), 12:1.1,10(128;4), 105:3.7(1156;4)
comprises grand universe plus universes of outer space 0:0.6(1;6)
contains as many suns as Urantia oceans do glasses of water 15:6.5(172;7)
final completion
actualizes Trinity Absolute 106:5.1(1167;2)
at inconceivably distant moment 106:7.8(1170;1)
postulated 7th space level of infinity 12:1.10(130;2)
unification is eventuating act of God the Ultimate 10:8.2(116;3)
universe will be always young in face of limitless possibilities 106:7.8(1170;1)
functions as organized and co-ordinated whole 12:1.1(128;4)
not inevitable 10:0.3(108;3)
now in expansion phase of space respiration 11:6.4-5(123;6)
only a partial revelation of Father 105:1.7(1153;4)
overcare of 12:6.8(136;6)
space levels constitute major divisions of pervaded 12:1sec(128;4)
Transcendentalers concerned with superadministration of 31:8.2(350;5)
unthinkable without the Trinity 10:0.3(108;3)
no man can serve two 140:6.13(1577;7), 163:3.1(1803;3), 169:2.7(1854;3)
on Urantia every man must serve two 109:5.4(1199;5)
masters of philosophy 27:6sec(302;5)
available only on Paradise 27:6.6(303;4)
primary supernaphim 27:0.3(298;3)
secoraphic souls of philosophy in focal synchrony with 28:5.11(311;3)
mastodons 61:3.4(696;8), 61:4.4(698;6), 61:5.7(699;8)
exterminated by red man in ice age 61:7.13-14(702;3)
massiveness of passing Reptilia found echo in 65:2.10(732;8)
Alpheus twins proud Jesus refused to accept 139:9.9(1564;3)
became treasurer of Jerusalem church 163:2.7(1802;3)
met with Jesus in home of Nicodemus 164:2.1(1810;3)
rich young Pharisee, member of Jerusalem Sanhedrin 163:2.4-9(1801;7), 163:3.3(1803;5)
first were barbers; later, priests 83:2.1(923;1)
negotiated marriages for deceased individuals 82:3.8(916;4)
Material Daughters. See Material Sons of God
material energy. See also energy; matter
all forms of phenomenal motion, action, and potential 0:6.3(9;5)
circuits have origin on nether Paradise 11:5.1(122;1)
controlled by Universe Power Directors 24:1.1(265;1)
dominated by Infinite Spirit 21:2.4(236;2)
energy-matter is what responds to material-gravity circuit of Paradise 0:6.1(9;3)
ever true to universal law 12:8.3(139;6), 15:6.11(173;6)
gravity is sole control of energy-matter 0:6.11(10;3)
Master Spirits involved in fluctuations of 16:4.11-12(190;5)
requires 968 million years to encircle superuniverse 15:8.2(175;5)
Material Sons of God Paper 51 (580;1),) 45:5sec(514;12),. See also Adam; Eve
161,432,840 in Nebadon; constantly increasing 45:5.4(515;3)
as ascending sons 40:2sec(444;1)
bestowal of Michael as 119:3sec(1312;2)
Creator Sons incarnate in group with most Adamic inheritance 21:4.3(239;9)
defaulting Material Sons
681,227 (or 681,217) lost in rebellion in Satania, 95% in Lucifer rebellion 51:1.5(581;2), 53:7.8(608;4)
become mortal upon failure or default 51:1.4(581;1)
default on neighboring planet 72:0.3(808;3)
hundreds involved in Lucifer rebellion have been rehabilitated 53:9.1(610;6)
destiny of Material Sons
finaliter- M.S. pairs far more successful in trinitizing 31:5.3(349;3)
invariably leaders when attached to finaliter companies; pair functions as one personality 31:5sec(349;1)
may petition to become ascenders 31:5.1(349;1), 40:2.2(444;2)
receive Thought Adjusters after planet of service is in light and life 55:4.22-28(629;3)
release from planetary duties in light and life; ascend to Paradise, Corps of Mortal Finaliters 40:2.2(444;2), 51:3.9(584;2), 55:4.12-26(628;3)
remain on planet of assignment throughout its evolutionary course 51:0.2(580;2)
some who defaulted enter Corps of Mortal Finaliters 31:5.2(349;2), 40:2.2(444;2)
do not possess Adjusters 51:1.6(581;3), 52:3.2(593;1), 76:5.2(852;1)
Eves differ from Adams only in reproductive nature; M.S. serve in pairs 51:1.3(580;6), 74:0.1(828;1)
in personality registers 30:1.12(332;3), 30:2.8,19(335;6)
Mother Eves of midsonite worlds 36:4.1-2(400;5)
on local systems
children who die after receiving Adjusters but before age of spiritual choice live with M.S. 47:2.4-5(532;2)
Creator Son produces only 1 pair in each local system; all others descend from them 37:9.5(415;1), 51:1.2(580;5)
dematerializing sector on Jerusem 46:5.19(526;1)
each pair lives on vast and beautiful estate on Jerusem 45:5.2,5(515;1), 46:4.3(523;1)
highest type of sex-reproducing beings 37:9.5(415;1), 45:5.3(515;2)
Melchizedeks teach 45:5.7(515;6)
not dependent on trees of life 73:6.2(825;7)
original M.S. serves on Jerusem executive council 45:3.9(512;9)
permanent citizens of system capitals; dominant influence 37:9.5(415;1), 45:5.5(515;4), 46:5.7(524;5)
portray ideals of marriage 83:8.5(930;1)
probationary nursery supervised by 1000 couples of 45:6.9(517;2)
representative self-government among 45:5.6(515;5)
sponsor survivors after attaining Jerusem citizenship 45:6.2(515;8)
survivors without parental experience qualify with 47:1.4(531;2)
travel at 500 miles/hour 46:2.4(521;1)
on planetary missions 51:3sec(582;5), 52:3sec(592;6)
100,000 angels initially accompany 51:3.5(583;4)
100,000 planetary helper seraphim accompany 39:5sec(436;5)
acquire capacity for Adjuster indwelling 51:1.6(581;3)
Adams and Eves 37:9.5(415;1)
become accepted as common ancestors of mankind 39:5.1(436;5), 51:6.6(587;4)
chief business is to multiply and biologically uplift children of time 51:3.3(583;2)
connecting links between spiritual and physical worlds 51:1.6(581;3), 51:6.5(587;3)
contribute life plasm to evolving races 39:5.3(437;2)
dematerialized for transport to assigned world 51:2.1-2(582;1)
dependent for continuing life on unbroken intellectual synchrony with cosmic energies, mind-gravity circuit 51:1.4-5(581;1), 55:4.27(629;8), 75:7.4-6(845;4)
dispatched and directed by System Sovereign 35:9.5(393;5), 49:5.17(567;4), 51:2.1(582;1)
dispatched when human biologic evolution attains highest level 39:5.3(437;2), 52:3.1(592;6), 67:6.7(760;2)
dual circulatory systems, from physical nature and from tree of life 75:7.6(845;6)
engraft higher forms of life on primitive men 50:1.4(573;1)
Life Carriers restore to life upon arrival 51:2.2,4(582;2)
no immediate breeding of children with mortals 51:3.3(583;2), 52:3.5(593;4)
no technique for leaving world during evolutionary ages 51:2.3(582;3)
not intended personally to mate with humans; their progeny do 51:5.3(585;7), 52:3.5(593;4)
planetary children's decreasing longevity 51:1.5,8(581;2)
promote sex equality 49:4.4(564;6)
purge detrimental genetic potential 55:4.8(627;6)
schools devoted to practical arts, economic development, government 51:6.4(587;2)
united administration with Planetary Princes 51:7.2(588;1)
visible rulers of worlds settled in light and life 55:7.2(632;1)
young M.S. brought from system to assist ruling Adam and Eve in light and life 55:3.13(626;2)
origin and nature 51:1sec(580;4)
physical characteristics
can see, understand, and procreate with mortals 45:5.3(515;2), 51:1.7(581;4)
can see Planetary Princes and staff 51:6.5(587;3)
enjoy dual nutrition; do not eat meat 51:1.4(581;1), 52:3.8(593;7)
height 8 10 feet; bodies glow with violet light 51:1.3(580;6)
since Michael's bestowal as a M.S., none have knowingly joined in rebellion 119:3.8(1313;3)
transit of 51:2sec(582;1)
upstepping by M.S. prepares for Spirit of Truth 34:7.1(382;1)
asserts man is an evolutionary accident 102:0.1(1118;1)
asserts universe is a purposeless energy phenomenon 195:6.6,8(2077;2)
cheapens human life 102:6.10(1125;5)
false science of m. makes man outcast 2:7.4(42;5)
terrible destruction of m. yet to come 195:8.13(2082;5)
error in religion proportional to content of 102:4.4(1123;4)
errors of
50,000 facts of physics and chemistry incompatible with accidental creation 58:2.2-5(665;5)
corporeality error 1:5.11-12(29;1)
ignores fact that things material are conceived in consciousness 112:2.5,8(1228;4)
refunds objections by referring higher back to lower 102:6.9(1125;4)
understanding of water molecule disproves 12:9.3-5(141;4)
views mind and spirit as postulates rooted in matter 8:2.3(92;4)
vulnerability of 195:7sec(2078;4)
maximation of ugliness 56:10.4(646;5)
there, but not exclusive 195:6.14(2077;10)

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