die when separated from vine 180:2.1(1945;4)
Father cuts off unfruitful 193:3.2(2055;2)
bravery. See courage
bread of life
word of God; Jesus' life in the flesh is 121:5.12(1337;8), 153:3.2(1712;2)
given only to those who hunger for truth 193:2.2(2054;3)
Jesus fed fruit vendor with 130:8.3(1440;3)
Jesus is united life of Father and Son 153:2.7-8(1710;5), 179:5.3(1942;2), 182:1.10(1965;4)
partaken of in world to come 166:3.5(1829;2)
Passover emblem 127:6.7(1404;6)
realization of united nature of God and man 153:2.12(1711;4)
souls famish in very presence of 159:3.8(1766;4)
bread of remembrance
Jesus; symbol of living word in mortal flesh 179:5.3(1942;2)
command stones to become 136:6.1(1517;3)
feeding the 5000 152:2.8(1701;3)
if your child needs a loaf 144:2.4(1619;2)
Lazarus desired Dives feed him crumbs of 169:3.2(1854;6)
man shall not live by b. alone 136:6.4(1518;3)
Melchizedek substituted sacrament of b. for sacrifice of flesh and blood 93:4.14(1018;3)
Norana said not to deprive dogs of crumbs of 156:1.5(1735;1)
parable of the 3 loaves 144:2.3(1619;1)
breadfruit trees 60:3.7(689;6)
breast-feeding. See weaning
breath. See also respiration
primitive men thought soul's qualities imparted by 86:5.9(955;1)
Breath Giver
Onagar directed Andonites to worship 45:4.3(513;4), 63:6.1(715;8), 64:1.7(719;2)
breath of life 28:5.21(313;3),See also life; life plasm
early man regarded as differentiating living from dead 86:4.3(953;2)
local universe Mother Spirits contribute 34:2.5(376;2), 36:6.4(404;2)
Brenner Pass
Nordics traded with Danubians via 80:9.4(897;7)
be you all as 179:5.7(1942;6)
disciples must be willing to forsake b. for gospel 163:3.4(1804;1), 171:2.2(1869;4)
forgive 70 times 7 159:1.4(1763;1)
Jesus' walk with the 2 brothers 190:5sec(2034;2)
practice of marrying deceased brother's wife 139:4.12(1555;5), 174:3.2(1900;2)
whosoever does Father's will is Jesus' brother 154:6.5(1722;1)
Andonites mixed with Mediterranean stock 80:9.14(899;1)
soldiers, guards bribed to say disciples took Jesus' body 189:2.5(2023;4)
27 mile wall across neck of Eden built of b. 73:4.2-3(824;1)
buildings, drains in Eden built of 73:5.2,4(824;6)
Dalamatia built of 66:3.6(743;7)
early building material 81:2.11-12(902;5)
Johab of Cana 137:4sec(1528;4)
no fasting while b. remains 147:7.2(1655;4)
brides. See also marriage; weddings
bridal shows
among ancients were exhibitions to increase prices 83:3.2(924;1)
early coming-out parties 70:7.9(791;6)
bridal veils disguised b. from jealous ghosts 83:4.7(925;3)
practice of carrying b. over threshold 83:2.3(923;3)
Jesus burned all b. behind him 196:2.7(2093;1)
world is only a bridge 156:2.1(1735;5)
brigands. See thieves
Bright and Morning Stars 33:4sec(369;4),. See also Gabriel
administrators, not creators 33:4.4(370;1)
Ancients of Days delegate mass judgment and dispensational resurrections to 33:4.6(370;3)
beings of unimagined versatility and brilliance 33:4.3(369;6)
chief executives of local universes 21:2.11(237;1), 32:2.6(359;3), 33:0.1(366;1)
create spironga with Father Melchizedeks 37:10.2(416;2)
created fully endowed, but have gained experience 33:4.5(370;2)
direct government in absence of Creator Sons 21:2.11(237;1)
first-born of local universes by Creator Sons and Mother Spirits 21:2.11(237;1), 28:1.3(306;6), 32:2.6(359;3), 33:4.1(369;4), 34:2.5(376;2)
in group Universe Aids 37:1.1(406;3)
in personality registers 30:1.7(331;3), 30:2.24(338;1)
intelligence corps seraphim report to 39:2.3(429;7)
like Creator Sons, but limited in creatorship 32:2.6(359;3), 33:4.2(369;5)
Son-Spirit minister supreme seraphim affiliated with intelligence service of 39:1.2(427;2)
would become chief local universe administrators if Creator Sons left for new universes in outer space 55:10.10(635;1)
Brilliant Evening Stars. See also Brilliant Evening Stars, Chief of
also known as superangels 55:4.11(628;2)
easily visible to morontians 37:2.5(407;5)
functions and actions
accompany Magisterial Sons on bestowals 20:2.9(225;8), 37:2.8(407;8)
advised Melchizedek receivers after rebellion 67:6.5(759;8)
assist Trinity Teacher Sons in light and life 55:0.1(621;1)
bid bestowal Sons to be about Father's or brother's business 37:2.8(407;8), 124:6.15(1376;1)
close working connection with finaliters 55:4.11(628;2)
destiny guardians report to after subjects' deaths 113:6.2(1246;6)
direct seraphic armies 38:6.2(421;5)
form examining corps on Jerusem 45:7.7(518;3)
in charge of 6th Salvington circuit 37:2.10(408;2)
liaison with Gravity Messengers 37:2.11(408;3)
one attended upon Jesus throughout his bestowal 114:2.2(1251;5)
one is liaison of 24 councilors with Michael 114:2.2(1251;5)
one or more represent Gabriel on each constellation and system 37:2.1-3(407;1)
order was planned by Melchizedeks 37:2.1(407;1)
portray teachings of finaliters in light and life 55:4.15(628;6)
represent Gabriel at Salvington conclaves 37:2.2(407;2)
represent Trinity Teacher Sons on planetary missions 20:9.3(232;1), 37:2.2,9(407;2)
sponsored Papers 37, 47, 85 89, 119) 37:10.7(417;1), 47:10.8(540;4), 85:7.4(949;1), 86:7.7(957;3), 87:7.11(966;6), 88:6.9(973;2), 89:10.7(985;2), 119:8.9(1319;2),
teach on Jerusem 45:7.2(517;4)
in personality registers 30:1.7(331;3), 30:2.24(338;1)
liaison officers of Gabriel 37:2.1-3(407;1)
in group Universe Aids 37:1.1(406;3)
none went astray in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.4(607;5)
possess spirit force manifestable independently of personal presence 37:2.5(407;5), 46:5.18(525;8)
superangels created by Creator Sons and Mother Spirits 37:2.1-2(407;1)
number 13,641 in Nebadon; 4832 created, 8809 attained 37:2.4(407;4)
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.6,18(524;4)
seraphim may become 37:2.4(407;4), 39:8.1(440;3)
system headquarters on 4th transition world 45:1.6(510;4), 47:6.1(536;2)
usually work in pairs, one created and one ascendant 37:2.7(407;7)
Brilliant Evening Stars, Chief of. See also Brilliant Evening Stars
entrusted with all personal communications 39:2.17(431;6)
Gavalia, first born, is chief of ascendant B.E.S. in Nebadon 37:2.6(407;6), 46:5.18(525;8), 119:0.1(1308;1)
wrote Paper 119 119:8.9(1319;2)
Britain. See British Isles
British Columbia 60:3.14(690;5)
British Isles
Andonites in 63:5.2-3(715;2), 64:1.5-6(718;7), 64:7.17(728;6)
England, Scotland, and Wales reposed sovereignties in United Kingdom 134:6.3(1490;6)
Foxhall Andonites were first humans in 64:2.4-6(719;7)
geology 59:1.13(674;3), 59:3.6(677;3), 59:4.8(679;1), 59:5.12(681;4), 60:1.4(685;6), 61:4.2(698;4), 61:5.4(699;5)
hero-venerating nationalism in 92:6.9(1012;1)
Jesus' talk with traveler from 133:4.10(1475;3)
Salem missionaries in 93:7.2(1021;6)
separated from continent 64:1.5(718;7), 80:2.4(890;8)
white race dominant by 5000 B.C. 80:5.8(894;1)
older Andonites retained semblance of identity in 80:4.6(893;2)
superstitions of sun worship still persist 80:9.14(899;1)
Andonites were 81:4.2(904;6)
blue races mixed with Andonites were 81:4.2(904;6)
inhabited Danube valley 80:9.4(897;7)
mountain survivors of earlier Andonite tribes were 80:8.1,2(896;6)
Syrian Nodite-Andonites were 80:1.2(889;4)
yellow and blue men were somewhat 81:4.2(904;6)
broadcast directors
thought recorders, celestial artisans 44:4.9(504;1)
broadcast receivers
energy transmitters are invaluable to 29:4.22(327;5)
primary seconaphim, serve Ancients of Days 28:4.12(309;6)
broadcasters (superior seraphim). See also broadcasts (celestial)
can simultaneously transmit 144,000 messages 39:2.15(431;4)
dispatchers of records, essential information 39:2.15(431;4)
maintain contact with intelligence coordinators of tertiary supernaphim and completion seraphim 39:2.15(431;4)
use superaphic ideographic techniques 39:2.15(431;4)
broadcasters (tertiary supernaphim). See also broadcasts (celestial)
space report directors, tertiary supernaphim 26:3.6(288;6)

(B's continue...)