truth, beauty, and goodness 2:7sec(42;2), 56:10sec(646;2),. See also beauty; goodness; science, philosophy, and religion; truth
combine into one divine ideal 56:10.15(647;6)
disclosed as love, mercy, and ministry 56:10.19(648;2)
full revelation of divinity 56:10.20(648;3)
glorify us in their embrace 196:3.29(2096;8)
health, sanity, and happiness are integrations of 2:7.11(43;4)
love is all-embracing of 5:4.6(67;4)
relationship 103:9.10(1142;1)
sum of, is love 56:10.17,19(647;8)
unity of, only realized in spiritual experience 44:7.2-4(507;3), 196:3.20-21(2095;7)
pre-Salemite Egyptian triad 95:3.3(1045;6)
Lamech's exultation over weapons of 159:1.7(1764;2)
tulip trees 60:3.7(689;6)
Jesus wore a seamless 187:2.8(2007;7)
Andites upstepped ancestors of 78:5.6(873;2)
Caucasoid inheritance 81:4.6(905;2)
traces of Andite blood yet among 79:1.8(879;5)
Jesus wore 187:2.8(2007;7)
Adamites and Nodites entered then fertile regions of 78:4.2(871;8), 80:2.5(891;1), 81:1.2(900;4)
Andites of 78:6.3(873;7), 79:1sec(878;2), 79:6.13(886;1)
Andonites of 78:1.5(869;1), 78:3.5(871;1), 80:8.2(896;7)
appearance of cities 79:1.4(879;1)
Aryan conquerors of India were from 79:4.1(882;1)
barbarians from T. invaded Europe, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor ca. 2500 B.C. 78:8.3-5(875;7), 80:9.6-7(898;1)
bronze culture before 9000 B.C. 81:3.4-5(903;6)
climatic destruction of rich grazing grounds ca. 12,000 B.C. 79:7.5(886;6), 81:3.1(903;3)
constantly refreshed by Andite arrivals 78:5.3(872;7)
cradle of civilization 81:1.1(900;3)
Eve mother cult in 80:7.7(895;7)
extensive fertile open hunting area 81:6.4(907;1)
farmers of T. raised animals by 5000 B.C. 81:2.8(902;2)
first wooden homes built in 81:2.12(902;6)
increasing aridity forced Andites to invent methods 81:6.3(906;8)
inhabitants virile and vigorous 78:3.4(870;7)
overpopulation in 15,000 B.C. 78:3.5(871;1), 79:2.4(880;2)
vestiges of Adamsonite headquarters in the foothills 77:5.10(862;4)
yellow race drove Andonites into 79:6.1(884;4)
turtles 60:2.13(688;5), 60:3.14,20(690;5), 61:2.6(695;4), 65:2.10(732;8)
and entire council lost in rebellion 67:4.1(757;4)
led governors of advanced tribal relations 66:5.28-30(748;9)
son-in-law of Ikhnaton; reverted to old worship 95:5.10(1048;4)
twelve. See 12
twelvefold adjutants of the Havona circuits. See adjutants of Havona circuits
twentieth century
psychologically unsettled times of 99:4.6(1090;2)
twenty-four counselors. See four and twenty counselors
mid-mammal ancestors 62:3.1(704;6)
no two exactly alike 111:4.6(1220;5)
Primate ancestors 62:3.10(706;1), 62:4.1(706;5)
believed caused by magic or infidelity; one usually killed 68:6.8(770;5)
regarded as very lucky or very unlucky 68:6.8(770;5), 85:6.2(948;2)
simian ancestors 62:3.1(704;6)
70 evangelists sent out 160:2.7(1776;1), 163:1.3(1800;5), 181:2.12(1957;2)
apostles sent out 138:1.1(1538;3), 193:3.2(2055;2)
two-brained mortals 49:5.6-11(566;1),. See also brains; mortals: planetary types
two sons
parable of 173:3sec(1893;1)
Paul taught in school of 133:6.3(1478;2)
Tyre 134:7.1(1492;1), 140:7.2(1578;3), 156:4-5secs) 194:4.13(2068;3)
Christian church built on site of Melkarth temple in 156:4.2(1737;3)
Jesus' 18th appearance at 193:2sec(2054;2)
Joseph of Tyre 156:4.1(1737;2)
rich widow of Tyre offered money for healing 149:1.9(1670;1)
tomb of Hiram 156:4.1(1737;2)
would have repented in sackcloth and ashes 163:6.5(1807;4)
Tyrian purple
dye manufacturers believed in kingdom 156:4.3(1737;4)
Tyrus 165:0.1(1817;1)
ubiquity. See omnipresence
materialism and atheism are maximation of 56:10.4(646;5)
stimulates reach for better things 3:5.11(51;10)
Andonites entered Europe via 80:9.6(898;1)
ultimacy. See also reality: levels of reality: absonite reality
finaliters may someday eventuate the ultimacy of God 5:5.11(69;6)
ultimata. See also energy
also known as emergent energy 0:6.6(9;8), 11:7.8(125;2), 16:4.12(190;6), 42:2.10-13(470;1)
becomes responsive to linear gravity, Universe Power Directors when liberated from Unqualified Absolute 16:4.12(190;6)
comprised of puissant energy and gravity energy 42:2.10-13(470;1)
energy responsive to Paradise gravity 0:6.6(9;8), 11:5.5(122;5), 11:8.6(126;2)
follows space paths of lessened resistance to motion 11:7.8(125;2)
infraultimatonic and ultimatonic rays 42:5.3-4(474;7)
originally neutral but later exhibits positive and negative qualities 11:8.6(126;2)
pre-electronic energies unresponsive to linear gravity 0:6.6(9;8)
Ultimate. See God the Ultimate
Ultimate Deity. See God the Ultimate
ultimate level. See reality: levels of reality: absonite reality
Ultimate Trinity. See Trinity Ultimate
ultimatons 42:6.2-6(476;4),. See also atoms; matter
100 in an electron, held together by mutual attraction 42:3.3(472;1), 42:4.6(473;4), 42:6.4(476;6)
Associate Master Force Organizers and Universe Power Directors can speed up u. to return to puissant energy 42:6.3(476;5)
cold organizes u. into electrons 42:4.5,7(473;3)
critical level of condensation causes explosion 41:3.6(458;6), 41:7.8(464;2)
energy is stored when u. slow down to become electrons 42:5.4(474;8)
energy particles; prime physical units of material existence 42:3.3(472;1), 42:4.8(473;6)
escape physical existence only in terminal disruption of suns 42:6.3(476;5)
exhibit mutual resistance to absoluta 42:6.4(476;6)
first measurable form of energy 42:1.2(467;4)
have Paradise as nucleus 42:1.2(467;4)
leakage from suns 41:9.1(465;1)
morontia material created by modifying primary units of matter 48:1.3(541;6)
originate in force-charge of space 15:4.1(169;1)
primary associators manipulate 29:4.26(328;2)
proceed in direct lines through space 42:5.14(475;10)
respond to mutual attraction and Paradise gravity, but not linear gravity when unassociated 41:9.2(465;2), 42:4.3(473;1), 42:6.2-6(476;4)
revolutionary velocity can be accelerated to partial antigravity 42:4.10(473;8), 42:6.3,4(476;5)
solar heat and pressure cannot convert u. back into puissant energy 41:7.5(463;5), 42:4.8(473;6), 42:6.3(476;5)
spread or cluster in accordance with axial revolutionary velocities; do not orbit 42:6.4,6(476;6), 42:7.3,10(477;5)
Supreme Power Centers transmute into electrons 42:4.3(473;1)
ultraspecialization. See overspecialization
ultraviolet rays 42:5.9(475;5)
Umajor the fifth. See also major sectors; Splandon
70 study worlds rotate around 15:13.3(181;3)
headquarters of Splandon, our major sector 15:7.9(174;9), 15:13.3(181;3), 15:14.7(182;5)
umbilical cord
prized fetish 88:1.8(968;3)
Uminor the third. See also Ensa; minor sectors
headquarters of Ensa, our minor sector 15:7.8(174;8), 15:14.7(182;5)
unanimity. See unity
unbelievers. See also atheism; materialism; secularism
apparently religious traits can grow out of nonreligious roots 102:7.4(1126;4)
believers' certain reply to 102:6.5(1124;7), 102:7.6-9(1126;6)
can be morally good, loyal, filial, honest, idealistic 102:7.4(1126;4)
challenge u. by faith and certainty of experience 103:8.5(1140;5)
may show religious loyalty to espoused cause 100:6.1(1100;3)
only peace for u. is based on optimism or fatalism 181:1.7(1954;4)
ordinarily far better to placate wrath of 181:2.15(1958;2)
uncertainty. See also anxiety; doubt; fear
23rd Psalm reference 48:6.8(552;6)
alone, u. can never prevent survival 110:3.5(1206;3)
early man lived in 86:1.4(950;6)
face without fear 48:6.24(555;3)
feasting upon 26:5.3(291;3)
in predictions
Absolutes cause unpredictability 4:1.8-9(55;6), 7:1.9(83;1), 9:6.8(104;6), 12:6.4-7(136;2)
due to incompleteness of Supreme Being 9:6.8-9(104;6), 10:7.4(115;6)
higher mind meanings and spirit values not highly predictable 12:6.5(136;3)
no absolute certainty in knowledge, only increasing probability of approximation 102:2.4(1120;1)
personality gives rise to unpredictability 12:6.4-5(136;2)
statisticians may announce laws governing groups but not for an individual 42:7.10(478;4)
u. inherent in simultaneous measurements 65:6.1(737;1)
of life not inconsistent with sovereignty of God 3:5.5(51;4)
provides opportunity for hope 3:5.8(51;7)
remedied by consolation and stabilization of sound religion 99:4.6(1090;2)
secret of contented continuity 39:5.9(438;2)
with security is essence of Paradise adventure 111:7.1(1223;3)

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