bloody way 182:2.11(1967;6)
blue race 64:6.21-24(725;2),. See also Cro-Magnons; races
Adamites preferred; infiltrated by 15,000 B.C. 64:6.21(725;2), 78:3.5,7(871;1), 80:1.5-7(890;1), 80:8.1(896;6)
best absorbed by Andites; unfit exterminated 80:5.6(893;8), 80:9.11(898;6)
biologic basis of white race 80:0.1(889;1), 80:5.7(893;9), 80:9.2,5,10(897;5)
Cro-Magnoids 80:3sec(891;2)
early tamed the elephant 66:5.5(746;3)
highly blended with yellow and red races 80:3.2(891;3), 80:9.2(897;5)
in central and South America 79:5.8(884;2)
in India 79:2.2(879;8)
misfortune so largely lost 51:4.3(584;5)
mixed with Andonites 81:4.2-3(904;6)
moved into Europe; drove Andonites from 64:7.3,8(726;10), 78:1.5(869;1)
artistically gifted 66:5.26(748;7), 80:3.3,7(891;4)
brain power of red race, sentiment of yellow race 64:6.21(725;2)
expert hunters, fishers, boatbuilders 68:5.5(768;5), 80:3.5-7(891;6)
most aggressive, adventurous Eurasians 78:1.8(869;4), 80:3.3(891;4)
perfectly honest, wholly free from sexual vices 80:3.4(891;5)
tendency to fight among themselves 64:6.22(725;3)
Neanderthal absorption retarded 64:7.9-10(727;6), 78:1.8(869;4), 79:5.1(883;2)
one ruler had 100,000 burden bearers 81:2.8(902;2)
great teacher among b.r. 200,000 years ago 64:6.23(725;4)
on 24 counselors 45:4.6(513;7)
partial to alphabet writing 66:5.10(746;8)
persisted longest in southern France 80:5.5(893;7)
perverted by Caligastia 64:6.22(725;3)
profited most from Dalamatia teachings 68:0.3(763;3)
scattered all over Europe 78:1.8(869;4)
somewhat broad-headed 81:4.2-3(904;6)
survived in Basques and Berbers 80:9.11(898;6)
united with Adamites, who exterminated Neanderthal strains to produce Cro-Magnons 80:1.5-8(890;1)
usually subdues indigo race 51:4.6(585;2)
board of animal domestication. See Caligastia one hundred
board of planetary supervisors. See four and twenty counselors
Andite mariners settled Crete ca. 12,000 B.C. 140:0.2(1568;2), 157:1.2-3(1743;4), 192:1.1,3(2045;6)
Andonites were sailors 80:8.5(897;3)
apostles fished from b. 140:0.2(1568;2), 157:1.2-3(1743;4), 192:1.1,3(2045;6)
apostles traversed Sea of Galilee in 138:4.1,4(1541;3), 138:5.3(1542;4), 147:7.1(1655;3), 152:0.1(1698;1), 152:2.2(1700;3), 152:5.1,5(1703;5), 154:7sec(1723;4), 156:6.4(1741;4), 157:1.5(1744;3)
Cro-Magnons were expert boat builders 80:3.6(891;7)
early commerce facilitated by 79:1.4(879;1), 81:3.6-7(904;2)
early maritime commerce on Mediterranean 80:1.1(889;3)
Edenites had no suitable 76:0.1(847;1)
built improved b. 129:1.3(1419;6)
met Ruth in a boat 145:0.3(1628;3)
storm on Sea of Galilee 151:5sec(1694;6)
taught from 137:6.4(1533;2), 140:8.1(1579;3), 145:1.1(1628;4), 151:1.1(1688;3), 151:4.1(1693;7)
voyaged to Rome on b. 130:0.2(1427;2), 130:3.1(1432;1), 130:4.12(1435;4), 133:2.1,3,5(1470;2), 133:4.14(1476;2), 133:9.4(1481;6)
wept in a boat 141:0.2(1587;2)
Joseph and Mary's return to Palestine in 123:0.4(1356;1)
many b. used by apostles built by Jesus 138:7.5(1544;4), 145:1.1(1628;4)
Peter's night vision on Sea of Galilee 152:4sec(1703;1)
sea commerce active in 2500 B.C. 80:9.9(898;4)
sea traffic between Indian and Mesopotamia 79:3.2(881;2)
after death, b. is discarded outer covering 30:4.8(341;5), 39:2.13(431;2), 189:1.2(2021;1)
bodies created for the Caligastia 100 66:2.7-8(742;7)
cannot be carried by seraphic transport 39:2.13(431;2)
cosmic mind and adjutant mind-spirits evolves 42:12.4(483;4)
energized by circulatory distribution of assimilable energy products of nourishment 116:7.1(1276;2)
gland chemistry effects imagination, spirit reception 49:5.12(566;7)
healing secretions when injured 65:4.3-6(735;2)
human cells akin to disease-producing organisms 76:4.7(851;5)
living electrochemical mechanism of animal origin 0:5.7(8;7)
mortals may be outwardly beautiful, inwardly unlovely 112:6.3(1236;1)
product of supermortal creative design 118:9.3(1303;4)
reflects personality to limited degree 112:6.3(1236;1)
spirit is architect, mind is builder 42:12.5(483;5)
temple of God 1:4.2(26;4), 34:6.7(381;1), 143:2.4(1609;5), 160:4.3(1779;1)
unkind knowingly to defile or pollute 110:1.5(1204;3)
and entire council lost in rebellion 67:4.1(757;4)
led board of animal domestication and utilization 66:5.4(746;2)
bond servants
among earliest property accumulated 69:5.8(776;6)
Latins preserved b. of heroes; later saints 98:3.4(1080;6)
of dead believed very magical 88:5.2(971;4)
Primates made spicules of 63:1.2(711;5)
primitives revered leaders' 88:2.1(968;6)
Book of
Acts. See Acts, Book of
Deuteronomy. See Deuteronomy, Book of
Enoch. See Enoch: Book of
Genesis. See Genesis, Book of
Hebrews. See Hebrews, Book of
Job, book of. q.v.
life. custodians of knowledge are living books 27:5.1(301;6)
Proverbs. See Proverbs, Book of
Psalms. q.v.
Revelations. See Revelations, Book of
Wisdom. See Ecclesiastes
God is not a 141:4.1(1590;4)
indicates immaturity of creative imagination 14:5.8(159;4)
speared slave to accompany deceased master 87:2.8(960;2)
bosom of the Father
Divinington 13:1.4(144;4), 13:2.7(148;6), 20:4.3(227;1), 39:2.13(431;2)
personality circuit 5:2.2(64;5)
soul-identity of Jesus may repose in 188:3.8(2015;4)
bosom of the Son
Sonarington 13:1.7(145;2)
bosom of the Spirit
Spiritington 13:1.9(145;4)
Bosora 165:0.1(1817;1)
glacial product 61:7.1(700;6)
bow and arrow
red race invented 64:6.4(723;3)
brachiopods 59:1.14(674;4), 59:2.12(676;3), 59:3sec(676;5), 59:4.3(678;4)
Brahma. See also Brahman; Brahmanism; Hinduism
member of Hindu trinity; identified with fate 94:4.4(1031;5), 104:1.5(1144;2)
Vedic deity-father principle 94:1.4(1027;5)
Brahman. See also Brahma; Brahmanism; Hinduism
Brahman-Narayana is Universal Self existing
static and potential throughout all eternity 94:3.3-4(1030;3)
distant idea of all-encompassing Absolute 94:2.6-7(1029;4)
energy-divinity principle activating Vedic pantheon 94:1.4(1027;5)
creative energy, cosmic reaction; beyond all definition 94:3.2(1030;2)
India left helpless by impersonal hypothesis of 94:2.4,7(1029;2)
Infinite One, IT IS; no personality attributes 94:3.2(1030;2), 94:4.3(1031;4)
Vedic oversoul of all creation 94:2.4(1029;2)
Brahmanas. See also Brahmanism; Hinduism
later scriptures of Hindu faith 94:2.6(1029;4)
Brahmanism 94:2sec(1028;4), 94:3sec(1030;1),. See also Brahma; Brahman; Brahmanas; Hinduism; India
ancient gods of Aryans include Agni, Indra, and Soma 94:4.6(1031;7)
Aryans brought B. to India 94:1.1(1027;2)
failed to differentiate levels of reality, recognize soul 94:3.7-8(1030;7)
impersonal Infinity of 98:2.9(1079;6)
influence on Taoism 94:5.5(1032;7)
lacked belief in Father and ascendant progression 94:3.1(1030;1)
never entirely lost Trinity concept 92:5.6(1009;3)
noble reach into philosophy and metaphysics 94:3.1(1030;1)
philosophy very near concept of Adjusters 94:3.6(1030;6)
assumed control over expanding Vedic ritual 94:1.2(1027;3)
caste system perpetuated 94:2.1(1028;4)
exalted themselves above even their gods 94:2.2(1028;5)
lineal descendants of Sethite priests of second garden 79:3.3-4(881;3), 79:4.6-7(882;6), 92:5.6(1009;3)
rejected Salem teaching of salvation through faith 94:1.5(1028;1)
sank in inertia and pessimism 94:2.2(1028;5)
weakened through rejection of higher truth 94:2.2(1028;5)
not organic part of human brain 110:1.1(1203;3)
released if human brain irreparably destroyed 112:3.3(1230;1)
brainedness. See also mortals: planetary types
1-, 2-, and 3-brained mortals 49:5.6-11(566;1), 109:3.5-6(1197;7)
Adjusters gain better contact with 3-brained mortals 109:3.5(1197;7)
differences eliminated on mansion worlds 40:5.14(447;2)
not factor in Adjuster fusion, spirit ministry 40:5.9,11,14(446;3)
senses sharper in 3-brained mortals 40:5.14(447;2), 49:4.3(564;5)
Urantians are 2-brained 40:5.14(447;2)
dinosaurs, sea serpents, perished because b. insufficient for body size 60:1.10(686;6), 60:2.11,14(688;3), 60:3.21(691;2), 61:2.5(695;3)
early mammals possessed large b. in comparison to body size 61:1.5(694;2), 61:6.1(700;2)
evolution followed growth of brain, not bulk 60:2.14(688;6)
lemurs had the largest b. for their size 62:2.3(704;2)
material mechanism for intelligent response to internal and external stimuli 65:0.1(730;1), 65:6.10(738;3)
mid-mammals had large 62:3.3(705;2)
mind endowment wholly dependent on brain capacity 58:6.7(670;1)
patterns for mind endowment 112:5.14(1234;3)
Primates' increased use of hands helped develop 62:4.4(707;3)

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