Punjab. See also India
Andite infiltration into 79:1.1(878;2)
infiltration of Aryans into 79:4.3(882;3)
pure energy. See segregata
pure in heart
shall see God 140:3.6(1570;7), 140:5.12(1574;5)
ancient medical treatment 90:4.8(991;7)
purification ceremonies. See ceremonies: purification ceremonies
Purim. See Judaism: feasts
purposes. See divine plan; goals
purse. See money
miserable remnants of ancient nonsocial peoples 68:1.6(764;2)
no marriage institution 82:2.2(914;8)
no religious reactions as a class 91:0.5(994;5), 92:6.1(1010;5)
first erected by Andite Imhotep 80:6.4(894;5)
sloping entrance to great pyramid pointed toward Pole Star 95:2.7(1044;6)
Pyrenees 61:1.7(694;4)
quail 61:2.12(696;3)
Qualified Absolute. See Deity Absolute
Qualified Vicegerents of the Ultimate 30:1.21(333;7), 106:4.3(1166;6), 117:7.4(1291;8)
Reflective Image Aids represent 15:10.7(179;1)
represents estimate of values 133:5.7(1477;2)
values, felt by soul 111:3.6(1219;5)
energy only released in 42:4.13-14(474;3), 42:5.6(475;2)
quantum behavior
confusion attending wave mechanics 42:4.14(474;4), 42:5.6(475;2)
ancients isolated afflicted individuals 90:3.4(989;6)
interplanetary communication by liaison of self-acting Adjusters during q. 108:4.4(1190;5)
of Satania by Norlatiadek 43:5sec(490;6), 46:8sec(528;7)
circuits will not be restored so long as Lucifer lives, archrebels harbored 46:8.1(528;7), 53:7.3(607;4), 53:9.6(611;5)
effect during Lucifer rebellion 53:6.5(606;8), 53:7.3(607;4)
for 200,000 years 50:6.5(578;5)
Most Highs imposed 46:8.1-4(528;7), 53:4.7(605;4)
of Urantia by Satania 46:8.2(529;1)
quarantine circumvented by archangels' circuit 114:5.4(1254;4)
spiritual isolation 20:8.4(231;4)
rebellion by Planetary Prince causes 35:9.9(394;1)
self-protective act against the halfhearted or doubt-stricken 54:5.10(617;1)
spirit gravity unaffected by 7:1.7(82;6)
spiritually defensive reaction to safeguard God's presence 3:1.10(46;2)
Universe Circuit Supervisors effect 24:1.8(266;2)

worlds subject to quarantine
are confused, retarded 50:6.1-3(578;1)
have difficulty formulating concepts of God 4:3.3(58;1)
have observer Vorondadek Sons 35:5.6(390;3), 43:5.17(491;13)
intercommunication denied 33:6.5(371;7)
only bestowal Son can reestablish circuits 35:9.9(394;1)
readmission decided upon by Ancients of Days 33:7.6(372;10)
seraphim carry messages between 39:5.17(439;3)
some circuits essential to reflectivity not functional 28:7.4(318;2)
student visitors allowed on all 48:3.10(546;3)
system circuits severed upon rebellion 67:2.3(755;5)

gold-bearing q. in Sierras 60:3.3(689;2)
sandstone, limestone changed into 59:1.12(674;2), 59:3.1(676;5)
Quebec 59:3.2(676;6)
first child killed and devoured in 89:5.4(979;3)
questionings. See doubt
quickeners of morality. See also seraphim
administrator seraphim; teach interactions of liberty and loyalty 39:4.10-14(435;3)
among earliest pharmaceutical discoveries 90:4.8(991;7)
withhold pity from 159:3.11(1766;7)
rabbis. See also Judaism
desiring to be called rabbi 175:1.9(1907;1)
Jesus referred to as Rabbi 137:7.2(1534;1), 142:2.1,5(1597;1), 142:6.3(1602;2)
qualified to act as judges 173:2.3(1891;4)
with scribes, comprised Pharisees 137:7.6(1534;5)
rabbits 61:2.7(695;5)
raccoons 61:3.13(697;8)
race commissioners
High Commissioners begin service as 37:5.5-6(411;3)
interpret viewpoint of entire races 37:5.5(411;3), 48:6.11(553;3)
very active on Urantia 114:4.2(1253;5)
work supported by racial interpreter seraphim 48:6.11(553;3)
races Paper 64 (718;1),) 51:4sec(584;3),. See also eugenics; genetics; tribes
24 counselors recruited from all 8 r. 45:4.2(513;3)
Adamic blood better prepares for Spirit of Truth 34:7.1(382;1)
all are belligerent 70:1.2(783;5)
all colors dwelt near Prince's headquarters 66:3.7(743;8)
all included in school for evangelists 148:1.1(1657;6)
angels work for conservation of all r. regardless of political entanglements and religious groupings 114:6.9(1255;8)
about time man develops language 52:1.2(589;4)
human will preceded 64:6.2(723;1)
in Old Stone Age 64:0.2(718;2)
in Sangik family 64:5-6secs)
successively in order of spectrum colors 52:1.1-2(589;3)
suddenly mutated 500,000 years ago 61:7.4(701;3)
usually appear sequentially, not in one family 64:6.1(722;6), 65:4.7(735;6)
basis of primitive national groupings 52:2.5(591;5)
definite social tendencies, mental outlooks, characterize each race 48:6.11(553;3), 155:6.8(1732;1)
dispersion 64:7sec(726;8)
interbreeding. See also hybridization
early 51:4.5(585;1)
half-breeds chief troubles due to prejudice 82:6.8(920;6)
homogeneity not desirable until high spiritual levels attained 64:6.35(726;7)
little objection, if between highest types 79:2.7(880;5), 82:6.4(920;2)
on large scale most detrimental under current circumstances 51:5.7(586;4), 64:6.32(726;4), 82:6.7-9(920;5)
plan was for r. to be blended in Adamic era to olive shade of violet 52:3.7(593;6)
r. destined to be blended and exalted by Adamic uplifters after unfit eliminated 34:7.1(382;1), 51:4.8(585;4), 51:5sec(585;5), 52:3.6-7(593;5)
race mixtures 81:4sec(904;5), 82:5.1(918;1), 82:6sec(919;7)
Jesus personally contacted all r. except the red 134:2.3(1484;7)
Memories of Mercy record mercy extended to 28:6.5(314;4)
no more r. will evolve 65:3.5-6(734;2)
no pure r. today 82:6.1(919;7)
origin of slavery 51:4.6(585;2)
originally, 5 types of skeletal structure 81:4.3(904;7)
Pitcairn experiment blended white and Polynesian r. 82:6.9(920;7)
post-Planetary Prince is era of 52:2.5,9,11(591;5)
problems associated with races
composite natures render it difficult for Adjusters to work efficiently 111:7.4(1223;6)
curse of deteriorated, antisocial, feeble-minded, and outcast specimens 52:2.9-12(592;2), 82:6.4-7(920;2)
existence of multicolored r. handicaps high attainment 55:3.14-15(626;3)
natural antipathy between r. 39:5.4(437;3), 64:7.2(726;9), 79:5.4(883;5)
peace seldom attained until r. fairly well blended 52:3.10(594;1)
relentless warfare sometimes obliterates whole primitive peoples 52:1.3(589;5), 52:2.5(591;5)
Urantia handicapped by existence of 55:3.14,15(626;3)
race is decisive factor in evolution of culture 81:6.4(907;1)
reason for creation of races 64:6.30-35(726;2)
competition stimulated by diversification 64:6.33(726;5)
interbreeding with superior inheritance makes stronger 64:6.32(726;4)
mixtures improved quality of offspring 82:5.1(918;1)
otherwise unattainable expression of diverse human potentials made possible 51:4.4(584;6)
to separate warlike man 63:4.9(714;7)
variety indispensable for natural selection 64:6.31(726;3)
representatives from each race welcomed Adam 74:2.5(829;7)
resurrection halls have separate wing for each r. 47:3.5(533;3)
segregation favored by many languages 52:2.5(591;5)
seldom advanced in tropics 81:6.7(907;4)
Semites among most blended 96:2.1(1054;6)
spiritually equal before God 64:6.27(725;8), 134:4.7(1487;4),. See also God: God's nature: no respecter of persons
superior r. sought northern or temperate climes 64:7.13(728;2)
tested by hardships of glacial age 64:7.1(726;8)
3 current races are Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid 81:4.5-9(905;1)
primary Sangik races
are red, yellow, blue 49:4.2(564;4), 51:4.3(584;5), 64:7.3(726;10)
secondary Sangik races
are orange, green, indigo 49:4.2(564;4), 64:7.3(726;10)
had many desirable traits to enhance primary races 82:6.2,11(919;8)
missing or exterminated on many worlds 51:4.3(584;5)
Rachel (Old Testament)
concealed sacred stones in her tent 85:1.1(944;5)
Rachel (sister-in-law of Jude) 154:5.1(1720;2), 154:6.1(1721;1)
at Jesus' 16th appearance 193:0sec(2052;1)
converted Mary Magdalene 150:2.2(1680;1)
member of women's corps 150:1.1(1678;5)
question of 150:5.1(1682;3)

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