Mary (mother of Jesus) 122:1sec(1344;4), 137:6.1(1532;3), 145:0.1(1628;1), 154:5.1(1720;2), 188:3.3(2014;6), 192:0.3(2045;3),. See also Jesus: family
ambitious mother 137:4.8(1529;5)
avoided Jesus 145:0.1(1628;1)
basked in sunshine of maternal delusion 126:0.2(1386;2)
concern regarding Rebecca and Jesus 127:5.1-2(1402;4)
convinced Jesus would become temporal Messiah 122:5.10(1349;6), 122:8.4(1351;8), 123:0.5(1356;2), 123:6.8(1365;3), 124:4.5(1372;2), 125:6.13(1385;1), 126:3.9(1390;4)
did not understand Jesus 127:1.4(1396;1), 134:1.5(1484;2), 137:7.1(1533;5)
fairly strict disciplinarian 123:3.9(1360;4)
faith in Jesus steadied by memory of Gabriel's appearance 122:5.6(1349;2), 137:3.3-7(1527;6), 154:6.1(1721;1)
faithfully discharged parental responsibilities 123:0.2(1355;2), 124:3.2(1369;8), 124:4.4(1372;1)
held to Hellenic view of Judaism 122:5.11(1349;7)
increasing disappointment, humiliation, despair 138:0.1(1538;1)
overprotective after Jesus fell in sandstorm 123:4.6(1361;6), 123:6.2(1364;5)
shocked at Jesus' Passover views 127:6.7(1404;6)
torn between love and fear; harassed by doubts 126:1.5(1387;5), 126:3.13(1391;3), 128:3.9(1412;3), 128:7.7(1417;6), 154:6sec(1721;1)
wanted Jesus to join Zealots 127:3.3(1399;2)
brother had farm 123:1.7(1357;4), 123:6.1(1364;4), 128:7.8(1417;7)
distant cousin of Elizabeth; visited while pregnant 122:2.1,6(1345;3)
father Joachim; mother Hannah; sisters Salome, Martha, and Mary wife of Clopas; brother Simon who joined Zealots; second brother lived on farm near Sarid; brother fisherman from Magdala? 122:3.3(1347;1), 123:1.7(1357;4), 123:6.1(1364;4), 127:2.4(1397;2), 128:7.8(1417;7), 187:3.2(2008;3), 188:1.7(2013;6)
found Jesus teaching in temple 125:6.4-8(1383;7)
Gabriel chose family for incarnation 122:0.3(1344;3), 122:1.3(1345;2)
in most differences of opinion with Joseph, M. had been right 126:3.11(1391;1)
insisted on accompanying Joseph to Bethlehem 122:7.2(1350;4)
Jesus allowed M. to entertain whatever ideas she chose 124:4.5(1372;2), 127:1.7-8(1396;4), 129:3.4(1423;6), 134:1.2(1483;4)
Jesus sent John for 186:0.1,3(1997;1)
married Joseph in March, 8 B.C. 122:2.2(1345;4), 122:5.8-9(1349;4)
moved to Capernaum 134:1.6(1484;3)
M. 's family always skeptical of Jesus 122:3.3(1347;1), 122:5.10(1349;6)
never failed fully to discuss young Jesus' questions 123:2.3(1357;7)
object of modern mother cult 80:7.7(895;7)
personal characteristics
average person of day and generation 119:7.7(1317;3)
brown-eyed well-nigh blond 122:5.5(1349;1)
died in year following crucifixion 187:2.7(2007;6)
educated far above average 122:5.5(1349;1)
ever-sunny disposition 122:5.2(1348;2)
expert weaver, homemaker 122:5.7(1349;3)
remarkable lineage but genealogies not genuine 122:1.2,3(1345;1), 122:4.4(1347;6)
seriously ill with birth of Jude 124:3.4(1370;2)
present at
birth of Jesus 122:8sec(1351;5)
Gabriel's announcement 122:2.6(1346;1), 122:3sec(1346;4)
Golgotha, crucifixion 186:0.3(1997;3), 187:2.7(2007;6), 187:4.7(2009;6)
Jesus' 4th morontia appearance 190:2.6(2032;4)
Jesus' first Passover at Jerusalem Paper 125 (1377;1),)
upper room at Pentecost 193:6.1(2057;8), 194:3.15(2065;3)
wedding at Cana 137:4sec(1528;4)
returned to Bethsaida, lived with Salome Zebedee 190:1.10(2031;4), 193:6.1(2057;8)
Sanhedrin met with M.; collapse in Zebedee's garden 154:6sec(1721;1)
Mary (sister of Lazarus) 127:3.5(1399;4)
2 years younger than Jesus 127:6.5(1404;4)
at Jesus' 4th appearance 190:2.6(2032;4)
at resurrection of Lazarus Paper 168 (1842;1),)
believed Jesus' warning that he must die 172:1.7(1879;5)
chose good and needful part 162:8.3(1798;1)
disposed of possessions, joined Lazarus at Philadelphia 168:5.3(1849;7), 190:1.9(2031;3)
first met Jesus 124:6.9(1375;3)
Jesus and apostles stayed with 141:9.2(1595;6)
Jesus loved M. with fervent affection 127:6.3(1404;2), 167:4.2(1837;1)
M. loved Jesus like a brother 125:2.7(1380;2)
poured ointment on Jesus' head and feet; Judas resented waste 139:12.10(1567;3), 172:1.5-8(1879;3)
wealthy; inherited extensive vineyards and olive orchards 168:0.4(1842;4), 172:1.7(1879;5)
Mary (wife of Clopas)
sister of Jesus' mother Mary 187:3.2(2008;3)
tarried by Jesus' tomb 188:1.7(2013;6)
witnessed Jesus' crucifixion 187:3.2(2008;3)
Mary (wife of Ezra) 127:5.3(1403;1)
revenge is mask of cowardice 145:3.4(1632;3)
secret society members wore m. to frighten away the curious 70:7.11(791;8)
rubbed evil spirits out of body 90:4.5(991;4)
Master. See also Jesus
red-blooded Galilean fishermen called Jesus M. 100:7.17(1103;5), 141:3.5(1589;6), 149:2.12(1672;1)
Zebedee's workers first called Jesus M. 129:1.11(1421;1)
Master Architects. See Architects of the Master Universe
Master Force Organizers 29:5sec(329;1),. See also Universe Power Directors
can affect motions of astronomic systems 15:3.8(168;4)
can function in outer space 29:5.5(329;5)
control universe making 15:8.10(176;5)
created frandalanks with Universe Power Directors 29:4.29(328;5)
directed by Architects of Master Universe 29:5.2(329;2), 31:9.12(352;5)
in Paradise classification 30:1.15(333;1)
initiate changes which change absoluta into energy 42:1.5(468;2)
manipulate space-forces of Unqualified Absolute 29:5.3(329;3)
primordial force manipulators, functioning especially in unorganized space 29:5.1(329;1), 32:1.1(357;5)
report of acting inspector #811,307 about formation of Andronover nebula 57:1.3-4(651;5)
supervise superuniverse energy before days of Universe Power Directors 15:4.2(169;2), 29:0.3(319;3), 32:1.1(357;5)
transcendental beings 30:1.15(333;1), 105:7.4(1160;2)

types of Master Force Organizers
1. Primary Eventuated 29:0.1(319;1)
bring energy to level of initial response to Paradise gravity 42:2.11(470;2)
inaugurated energy whirl of Andronover then withdrew at right angels 57:1sec(651;3)
modify absoluta into segregata by their passive presence 42:2.5-10(469;5)
nebulae creators 12:4.6(133;8), 15:4.4(169;4), 29:5.3(329;3), 41:1.1(455;5), 57:1sec(651;3)
transmute segregata into puissant energy 29:5.3(329;3)
2. Associate Transcendental 29:0.1(319;1)
comprise Council of Equilibrium 29:4.2(324;4)
leave local universe when Creator Son arrives 29:5.4(329;4)
make force-charge of space gravity responsive 11:8.6(126;2), 15:4.2-4(169;2), 56:9.12(645;7)
metamorphose cosmic force in outer space 12:2.4(131;1)
retire upon appearance of linear gravity response in favor of Universe Power Directors 42:2.12(470;3)
take over from Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers when energy begins to respond to Paradise gravity 42:2.11(470;2)
transmute puissant energy into ultimatons and back to puissant energy 42:6.3(476;5)
transmute puissant energy to gravity-energy 29:5.3(329;3), 42:2.12(470;3)

withstand unbelievable temperatures and conditions 29:5.5(329;5)
master frandalanks. See frandalanks
Master Mathematician 195:6.8(2077;4)
Master Michaels. See also Creator Sons; Paradise Sons of God
after supreme sovereignty, may not create entirely new types of creatures 21:5.3(240;5), 21:6.2(242;1)
also known as sevenfold Creator Sons 20:1.8(224;5)
capacity for more-than-finite service 21:6.2-3(242;1)
Creator Sons become M.M. after 7 bestowals 21:3.15(238;9), 21:4.4-6(239;10), 33:3.5(368;5)
creature and Creator forever blended in 20:1.8(224;5)
Father has transferred every possible prerogative to 10:1.2(108;5)
in perfect communication with bestowal worlds by Spirit of Truth 21:5.6-7(241;3)
Michael of Nebadon is a 20:4.5(227;3), 119:8.6(1318;5)
sovereignty embraces fullest possible authority of Trinity 21:5.1-2(240;3)
subject to superuniverse tribunals only for matters voluntarily submitted 15:12.2(180;3)
supreme in their universes 15:12.2(180;3), 21:5sec(240;3)
unknown destiny with their mortal children 21:6sec(241;5), 26:11.5(297;2)
Master Physical Controllers 29:4sec(324;3), 41:2sec(456;5), 116:5.1(1273;5),. See also Universe Power Directors
500,000 in Satania 41:2.4(457;3)
directed by Council of Equilibrium 29:4.2(324;4)
events involved in
assisted Life Carriers on Urantia 62:7.6(710;5)
building of Salvington in 1 billion years 32:2.3(358;5)
enabled apostles to see transfiguration 158:1.8(1753;4)
formation of Andronover 57:2.3(652;6)
healing at sundown 145:3.8(1632;7)
materialization of Melchizedek 93:1.3(1014;5)
accelerate or retard energy currents; like catalytic agents 29:4.14(326;3)
activate energy-matter 118:7.7(1301;4)
adjust energies essential to interplanetary transport and communication 29:4.7(325;3)
build morontia temples 55:1.3(622;3)
can work with secondary midwayers 38:9.8(424;8)
chief serves on Jerusem executive council 45:3.9(512;9)
distribute power to inhabited worlds 29:2.11-12(322;2)
elevate mortal bodies into atmosphere for fusion 55:1.6(622;6)
formulate and control mechanical-nonteachable mind, preadjutant mind levels 9:5.3(103;1), 29:2.2(321;1), 36:5.14-15(403;2), 41:2.6(457;5), 42:10.3(480;6), 65:0.1,3(730;1), 65:7.5(739;1)
function in batteries of millions 29:4.14(326;3)
humanize midwayers in life and light 55:4.6(627;4)
in charge of energy on individual worlds 29:2.12(322;3), 41:2.7-8(457;6)
insulate planets against powerful energy currents 4:2.8(57;5)
light, heat, energize architectural spheres 45:0.3(509;3), 46:1.3(519;4)
make midwayers visible in light and life 55:4.5-6(627;3)
mobilize, transform, manipulate, and transmit nearly all physical energies 29:3.6(323;4), 41:2.4-5(457;3), 42:4.3(473;1)
modify revolutions of primary units of matter to create morontia substance 48:1.3(541;6)
readjust worlds in light and life 55:4.17(628;8)
render Planetary Princes visible 50:2.7(574;2)
serve on archangel commission of Life Carrier transmutation 65:1.3(731;1)
serve throughout grand universe 29:4.2(324;4)
some may react to impulses of Universal Absolute 29:3.11(324;1)
superuniverse types partially control 30 gravita energy systems 15:8.2(175;5)
transmute power for mortals on worlds where respiration impossible 49:2.17(563;1)
in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.17(337;1)
Infinite Spirit ministers to primitive mind through 9:5.3(103;1)
Master Spirit #5 is adviser to 16:3.10(187;7)
meet at minor sector headquarters 15:13.5(181;5), 18:5.3(211;8), 29:4.8(325;4)
mobile subordinates of Supreme Power Centers 29:2.12(322;3), 29:4.1(324;3)
absent from occasions of rejoicing 29:3.5(323;3), 47:10.1(539;3)
antigravity endowments 9:3.6(101;6), 29:3.6(323;4), 42:4.4(473;2)
direct offspring of Supreme Power Centers 29:4.4(324;6)
part of God the Sevenfold 116:5.1(1273;5)
thoroughly businesslike in all their reactions 48:4.11(548;6)
traverse local space like Solitary Messengers 29:4.1(324;3)
undergo no training; all created in perfection; no evolution in ranks 29:3.4(323;2), 38:7.5(422;5)
not subject to administrative direction by superuniverse government 29:3.2(322;5)
on Edentia and Jerusem 43:8.1(493;7), 46:5.19(526;1)
subject to divine executioners of conciliating commissions 29:4.8(325;4), 50:2.6(574;1)
technician seraphim are liaisons with 48:6.18(554;3)
types of Master Physical Controllers 29:4sec(324;3)
7. frandalanks and chronoldeks. See frandalanks; chronoldeks
utilize calculations of physicists 41:2.7(457;6)

(M's continue...)