evangelists to avoid overmuch social v. 163:4.5(1805;2)
visitors, student. See student visitors
role of sunlight 58:2.2(665;5)
vocabulary. See also language
mere enlargement of v. is not character development 100:1.3(1094;5)
vocation builders
divine builders, celestial artisans 44:3.3(502;2)
vocations. See careers; earning a living
voices. See also leadings; visions
Jesus did not indulge in hearing religious v. 196:0.10(2088;5)
Jesus' voice was musical, fascinating, authoritative 125:5.1(1382;3), 127:1.2(1395;6), 154:6.5(1722;1), 162:6.2(1795;6), 183:3.5(1974;3), 190:2.3(2032;1)
Voices of Angelic Hosts. See also seconaphim
primary seconaphim 28:4.11(309;5)
Voices of Conjoint Actor. See also seconaphim
primary seconaphim 28:4.4(308;3)
Voices of Creator Sons. See also seconaphim
children of Reflective Spirits 40:10.2(452;2)
primary seconaphim 28:4.6-10(308;5)
Voices of Mercy. See also seraphim
justice guides may become 39:4.5(434;5)
superior seraphim; foster holier emotions of men and angels 39:2.5(430;1)
Voices of Seven Master Spirits. See also seconaphim
primary seconaphim 28:4.5(308;4)
voices of the Garden. See also seraphim; Solonia
planetary helpers, personal seraphim of Adam and Eve 39:5.3(437;2)
Solonia reproved Adam and Eve for disobedience 51:3.5(583;4), 73:7.5(827;4), 74:8.15(838;7), 75:4.2,8(842;4), 75:8.8(846;7), 76:6.5(854;2)
Voices of Wisdom. See also seconaphim
secondary seconaphim, reflective associates of Perfectors of Wisdom; in liaison with living libraries of Paradise 28:5.7-10(310;9)
volcanoes 60:3.16(690;7), 61:1.6-7(694;3), 61:2.3(695;1), 61:3.7(697;2)
age of v. from 1.5 to 1 billion years ago 57:7sec(658;9), 59:3.2,6(676;6), 59:5.20(682;3), 60:1.3(685;5), 60:3.1(688;8), 60:3.6(689;5), 61:4.1(698;3)
at Montreal 59:4.16(679;9)
became fetishes 88:1.1(967;3)
extensive v. at end of continental drift 60:3.11,15(690;2)
lava cools into granite 58:5.5(668;7)
lava diversified earth's crust; insulated planet from space-energies 57:8.18(662;5)
lava equalized internal-heat pressure with crustal contraction 57:8.2,11,16(660;4)
lava flows brought heavy metals to surface 58:5.2(668;4)
v. of eastern Kentucky was one of greatest 59:2.5(675;4)
Yahweh associated with Mount Horeb volcano 96:1.3,11(1053;1), 96:4.5(1057;1)
Andite invasion route to Europe 80:4.1-2(892;4)
volition. See decisions; free will
no hirelings used to prepare Garden of Eden 73:4.4(824;3)
seraphim always serve as 113:2.3,7(1242;6)
Volvox 65:2.5(732;3)
voodoo doctors. See also shamans
typical of magicians of old 88:6.1(972;1)
Vorondadek Sons 35:5-6secs. See also Most Highs
1 functions on Urantia as Most High observer 109:7.7(1201;8), 114:3.5(1253;3), 114:4sec(1253;4)
12 administer Norlatiadek 35:6.5(391;4), 43:5.2-15(490;7)
12 sit en banc as high court of review 35:5.7(390;4)
created by Creator Son and Mother Spirit 20:1.2-3(223;4), 35:5.1(389;5)
have been cited for error but never rebellion 35:5.4(390;1), 43:3.1(488;3)
historians of local universes 35:5.7(390;4)
in charge of 2nd Salvington circuit 35:7sec(391;5)
in emergencies, exercise absolute authority over planet's celestial beings 35:5.6(390;3)
in personality registers 30:1.7(331;3), 30:2.7(335;5)
individual Vorondadek Sons in Norlatiadek 43:5sec(490;6)
known as Most Highs when commissioned as Constellation Fathers 15:2.4(166;3), 20:1.3(223;5), 35:5.1(389;5), 35:6.1(390;5), 43:3.1-2(488;3)
Most High observers for quarantined planets 35:5.6(390;3), 43:5.8(491;4)
no powers of reproduction 35:5.2(389;6)
number 1 million in Nebadon 35:5.2(389;6)
Personalized Adjusters confer with 109:7.6(1201;7)
reliable, efficient rulers 35:5.3(389;7)
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.8(524;6)
serve as ambassadors and consuls 35:5.5(390;2)
work pertains to legislative functions 35:5.7(390;4)
wrote Paper 36 (396;1),) 36:3.8(400;3)
Vorondadek worlds
7 worlds surrounding Salvington 35:7sec(391;5)
ascenders educated in universe legislation on 35:7.1-2(391;5)
Vosges mountains 59:5.12(681;4)
voting. See suffrage
addiction to making foolish 89:6.3(980;8)
assumed form of contracts with gods 89:3.5(976;7)
Moses enabled his people to escape worst results of 89:7.1(981;6)
wages. See earning a living
wakes for dead
origin in ghost cults 87:6.4(964;3)
Wales. See also British Isles
reposed sovereignty in United Kingdom 134:6.3(1490;6)
protection afforded by ancient city walls 66:5.8(746;6)
walnuts 60:3.19(690;10)
wampum belts
early writing 69:4.7(775;7)
magic practiced with 88:6.1(972;1)
war. See also military; peace: social peace; self-defense
always been a kingmaker 70:5.5(789;3)
benefits of early war 70:2sec(785;6)
Badonan survivors of w. were most intelligent and desirable of all then living 64:5.1(722;2)
by selective survival, w. improved lemur species 62:2.5(704;4)
compelled arrogant individualists to submit to chief executive 70:2.16(786;12)
early w. spread culture 81:3.7(904;3)
forced tribal organization onto clans 70:3.3(787;3)
indispensable scaffolding; now bankrupt, must be abandoned 70:2.4(785;9)
instituted social changes and new ideas 70:2.1,4(785;6)
requires organization 70:1.4(783;7)
weeded out most abnormal and defective strains 52:2.11(592;4)
cannot be run by a debating society 70:5.5(789;3)
causes of war 70:1sec(783;4)
absence of ideals on part of national leaders 111:4.10(1220;9)
chiefs not fond of peace 70:5.6-7(789;4)
earliest w. fought over mineral deposits 69:4.6(775;6)
early administrations only changed by civil w. 70:7.13(792;2)
for gain or glory 69:1.3,5(772;6)
overpopulation 88:6.12(792;2)
persists because man evolved from fighting animals 63:4.9(714;7), 70:1.2,7(783;5)
secularism 195:8.5(2081;5)
self-assertiveness 194:3.18(2065;6)
symptom of disease of national sovereignty 134:5.2,7,10(1487;9), 134:6.6-7(1490;9)
w. gratifies energies of self-preservation reactions 70:2.15(786;11)
w. is natural state of evolving man 63:4.9(714;7), 70:1.1(783;4)
without help from superhuman sources, society breaks down 68:3.4-5(766;5)
competition is slowly displacing 71:5.1(805;1)
detriments associated with war
all participants met with defeat 194:3.12(2064;4)
great handicap confronting Urantia 55:3.14(626;3)
more killed 1900 1933 than since Jesus' day 195:8.13(2082;5)
more terrible destruction yet to come 195:8.13(2082;5)
will become almost suicidal 134:5.17(1490;3)
disreputable on normal worlds 54:1.10(614;5)
early captives eaten, tortured, sacrificed, or enslaved 69:8.2-3(779;1)
international adjudication should replace 52:6.6(598;1), 71:8.13(807;9)
lack of w. delayed development of Chinese state 79:8.1-2,5
mid-mammals exterminated dawn mammals 62:3.4(705;3)
military mercy slow in coming 70:1.17(784;13)
never yet outlawed by mankind as a whole 71:5.1(805;1)
none in light and life 55:5.4(630;1)
practice of declaring w. represented progress 70:1.21(785;4)
practices of continental nation 72:7.7,14(815;7), 72:11.4-5(819;3)
primitive religions all sanctioned 70:1.14(784;10)
Prince's staff labored to regulate and humanize 66:5.30(749;1)
provide peaceful substitutes for 70:2.15(786;11)
religion prostituted into military propaganda during 99:3.8(1088;9)
sentimental sophistry of visionary peace planning 70:3.4(787;4)
slavery was feature of early military conquest 69:3.7(774;6), 69:8.1-4(778;9), 70:1.20(785;3), 70:8.5(792;9), 121:3.7(1335;6)
warnings. See also religion: warnings
Adam and Eve repeatedly warned not to depart from divine plan 75:7.4(845;4)
Lucifer and Caligastia misconstrued w. as unjustified interference with personal liberties 66:8.2(752;3)
Satania prison worlds are solemn warning 45:1.11(510;9)
usually fire evil determination once love is dead 179:4.8(1941;5)
usually useless with embittered human nature 139:12.11(1567;4)
washing. See also sanitation
Jesus washed apostles' feet 179:1.2,8(1936;7), 179:3sec(1938;3)
Jesus washed only for cleanliness 166:1.2(1825;4), 167:1.3(1834;1), 179:3.1(1938;3)
wasps' nests
early people wrote on 66:5.9(746;7)
human. See excreta
watchful householder
parable of 165:5.6(1824;2)
watchful servant
parable of 165:5.5(1824;1)
parable of building 171:2.3(1869;5)
water. See also water of life
cup given to a thirsty soul 159:2.1(1764;3)
Jesus never walked on 136:7.3(1519;7)
Jesus turned w. into wine 137:4.10-13(1530;2), 138:8.5(1545;6)
morontia plants require 46:2.2(520;7)
of architectural spheres no different from w. of evolutionary planets 43:1.2(486;1)
one drop contains 1 billion trillion atoms; energy of 100 horsepower for 2 years 41:7.6(463;6)
present on all evolutionary planets if not too small 41:10.3(466;2)
Prince's staff included cleansing with w. as purification ceremony 66:5.21(748;2)
superstitions regarding water
best means of resisting ghosts 83:4.6(925;2), 84:1.4(932;1), 87:6.5(964;4)
early fetish 88:1.2(967;4)
potent fetish in treating disease; ancients enjoyed hot springs 90:4.6(991;5)
symbolized divine spirit for Jews 162:4.3(1794;2), 162:6.3(1796;1)
understanding w. molecule should have prevented theory of materialism 12:9.3-4(141;4)
union with God not like drop of w. in ocean 1:7.2(31;2)
w. holes were among first private possessions 69:9.12(781;6)
worship of 85:4.1(946;8)
young Jesus contemplated 3 forms of w. 124:1.8(1367;4)

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