symmetry. See also balance
all real beauty is symmetrical 2:7.11(43;4)
elliptical s. of all reality 103:6.14(1137;4)
Father's infinite s. seen in unity of divine love and divine law 111:6.6(1222;5)
from presence of Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, and Adjuster 34:5.7(380;1)
Orvonton will have high degree of 34:2.6(376;3)
unique feature of Jesus' personality was its s. 100:7.1(1101;5), 139:8.7(1562;1)
sympathy. See also emotions
avoid leaning upon false s. 159:3.11(1766;7)
cannot develop strong characters out of self-pity 159:3.1(1765;3)
crave no undeserved s. 156:5.19(1740;6)
do not appeal to pity in proclaiming gospel 159:3.2(1765;4)
Jesus seldom indulged in pity 171:7.3(1874;6)
offer not s. to those who lie down before troubles 159:3.11(1766;7)
overmuch s. may degenerate into emotional instability 149:4.3(1673;3)
sooner uprooted in rebels' hearts by allowing free expression of evil 54:5.9-12(617;9)
suspicion incompatible with 52:6.4(597;5)
without sentimentality 149:4.4(1673;4)
synagogues. See also Judaism
at first, Jesus often spoke in 146:4.1(1643;2)
believers in Jesus excommunicated from 164:4.6,11(1814;2), 164:5.4-5(1816;1), 174:5.3(1902;4), 190:3.3(2033;3), 190:5.1(2034;2)
closed to Jesus 146:4.1(1643;2), 154:1.2(1717;5), 154:2.1(1718;2)
Hebron synagogue destroyed by fire 154:2.1(1718;2)
Sanhedrin exercised no direct control over s. outside Jerusalem 146:4.1(1643;2), 154:2.1(1718;2)
seeking chief seats in 166:1.4(1826;1), 175:1.9(1907;1)
when enemies bring you before rulers of 165:3.7(1820;6)
syncopation. See music
Syracuse 130:0.2(1427;2)
Jesus' week at 130:8.2(1440;2)
Syria 130:0.3(1427;3), 134:7.1-2(1492;1),. See also Assyria; Damascus
belief in Yahweh 96:1.13(1054;3)
broad-headed Nodite-Andonites in 80:1.2(889;4)
center of early metalworking, pottery industry 80:1.2(889;4)
enjoyed prosperity and peace in times of Jesus 121:1.6(1333;2)
King David laid heavy tribute on 97:9.14(1073;4)
Malach from 156:3.1(1736;6)
Matthew preached in 139:7.10(1560;6)
Norana from 156:1sec(1734;3)
Pilate served under legatus of S., who ordered him to Rome 185:0.1(1987;1), 185:1.6(1988;5)
Rome pitted Seleucids against Egypt 121:2.8(1334;2)
western Nodite headquarters 73:1.5(822;2)
3 or more objects wherein the parts are arranged, not added; individual members are connected only in relation to the whole 112:1.17,19(1227;7)
arrangement of morontia and spirit beings produces melodies 44:1.2(499;4)
system, local. See local systems
system centers. See local system centers
system co-ordinators
in Uversa personality register 30:2.18(337;2)
Morontia Power Supervisors; harmonize differing power systems 48:2.8-9(543;5)
System Sovereigns 45:2sec(511;1),. See also Lanaforge; Lanonandek Sons; Lucifer
3 have rebelled in Nebadon 35:9.5-6(393;5), 119:2.1-6(1310;4)
709,841 primary Lanonandeks designated as S.S. in Nebadon 20:1.3(223;5), 35:8.4(392;4), 45:2.1(511;1)
cabinets of Planetary Princes advise 114:3.4(1253;2)
chiefs serve for dekamillennium 35:9.2(393;2), 35:10.1(394;3)
100 sit in council on constellation headquarters 43:4.7(490;2)
appear on planets in light and life to elevate Planetary Princes to Planetary Sovereigns 52:7.10(599;6)
dispatch and direct Planetary Princes, Material Sons, ministering spirits 35:9.5(393;5), 50:0.1-2(572;1), 51:2.1(582;1), 52:1.8(590;4), 52:3.1(592;6)
dispatch Material Sons to planets 49:5.17(567;4), 51:0.1(580;1)
enforce mandates of constellations and local universes 33:8.1(373;3), 35:9.5(393;5)
ex-Sovereigns teach on Lanonandek worlds 35:10.1-2(394;3)
perpetually head local systems in light and life; no more rotation 55:8.3(632;6)
rule local systems 15:2.3(166;2)
house of S.S. functions on constellations in light and life 55:9.2(633;5)
not supervised by Trinity observers 35:9.5(393;5)
rarely consent to narration of planet's affairs on another 72:0.2(808;2)
rule in commissions of 2 or 3 35:9.2(393;2)
selected by supreme council; appointed by Constellation Father 35:9.2-4(393;2)
wide powers of personal discretion 45:2.1(511;1)
Deborah and Barak defeated Sisera at 126:1.2(1387;2)
acknowledgment to chief of Urantia Adjusters 108:3.5-6(1189;1)
agondonter of finaliter status 50:7.2(579;1)
veteran finaliter; sovereign supervisor of Nebadon decimal planets 49:5.5(565;6), 73:0.3(821;3), 108:3.5(1189;1)
tabernacles, feast of. See Judaism: feasts
taboos 89:1sec(974;3)
7 commandments of Dalamatia and Eden were 89:1.4(975;1)
ancestor of primitive self-control 89:1.1(974;3)
belief violation of t. caused sickness 90:3.8(990;3)
believed to have been handed down from gods 70:11.5(797;3)
burdensome but effective in organizing society 69:0.3(772;3), 89:1.6(975;3)
consecrated land rested under protection of 69:9.13(781;7)
establish institutions of survival 69:1.3(772;6)
inherently negative 70:11.2(796;8)
Jesus delivered us from 196:2.9(2093;3)
primitive's violation of t. was both crime and sin 89:2.4(976;1)
relating to
eating pork 84:4.8(936;1), 89:1.5(975;2)
food originated in fetishism and totemism 89:1.5(975;2)
sex and marriage 82:2sec(914;7), 82:5.2(918;2)
twins 68:6.8(770;5)
represent effort to avoid offending ghosts 89:1.1(974;3)
upheld by primitive religion 89:1.7(975;4)
essential for success 160:1.9(1774;1)
fulcrum of social leverage 156:5.18(1740;5)
gracefully gains victory 160:3.4(1778;2)
Jesus would have good-naturedly managed ruffians 150:9.3(1686;6)
Jesus never resorted to ignoble 149:4.5(1674;1), 173:2.7(1892;4)
Jesus would not serve evil that good might presumably derive therefrom 136:9.3(1522;2)
woman early learned to trade upon sex charms 84:3.5(934;4)
work is less important than way it is done 39:4.13(435;6)
become frogs by living loyally as tadpoles 100:1.4(1094;6)
frogs' young first exist as little fishes 59:5.6(680;8)

money. See also pounds
parable of t.; intended for all disciples 171:8.2(1875;7), 176:3.4(1916;4)
ungrateful steward owed 10,000 t. 159:1.4(1763;1)
skills. See also achievement
chiefly devote to powers of mind and spirit 136:6.10(1519;3)
Jesus refused to prostitute t. for political prestige 136:8.8(1521;3)
man's gift makes room for him 133:5.2(1476;4)
time is the one talent intrusted to all 28:6.9(315;3)
whether one's t. are few or many, reckoning must be faced 176:3.7-8(1917;3)

king of Geshur; King David married daughter of 97:9.10(1072;8)
Mary mother of Jesus a descendant of 122:1.2(1345;1)
Taoism 92:6.2(1010;6),. See also Lao-tse
affected Buddhism 94:9.3(1038;1)
arose in direct consequence of Salem teaching 94:5.2-6(1032;4)
Buddhism absorbed disintegrating ritual of 94:11.1(1038;8)
Ganid's abstract of 131:8sec(1451;4)
Lao-tse envisioned God in Tao 92:5.9(1009;6)
Mongolian merchant believer in 130:2.2(1429;4)
tapirs 61:1.4(694;1), 61:7.15(702;5)
Tarentum 130:0.3(1427;3), 133:0.2,3(1468;2)
Jesus restrained bully attacking small lad at 133:1.1(1468;4)
man attacking his wife at 133:2sec(1470;2)
Tarichea 138:1.1(1538;3), 141:1.2(1587;4), 147:7.1(1655;3), 149:0.1(1668;1)
call of Thomas and Judas Iscariot at 138:5sec(1542;2), 139:12.2(1566;1)
fish merchants of 192:1.9(2047;2)
on west bank of Sea of Galilee at Jordan outflow 139:8.2(1561;2)
Thomas resided at 139:8.2(1561;2)
tariffs. See taxation
Tarim basin
eastern outpost of Andite culture; in Sankiang 79:1.2,8(878;3)
more advanced than Tibet 79:6.5(885;2)
reputed destination of Jonah's voyage 130:1.2(1428;2)
Mithraism was dominant religion in T. during Paul's adolescence 98:7.9(1084;8)
Andonic migration to 64:1.6(719;1)
taste designers
designers and embellishers of celestial artisans 44:6.8(506;9)
ancient badge of tribal membership 70:7.6(791;3)
artistic evolution of earlier crude scarring 89:8.3(983;1)
tax collectors. See also publicans; taxation; taxpayers
early rulers used secret clubs as 70:7.14(792;3)
extort no more than assigned 135:6.8(1502;6)
Jesus sold harp and gave away Greek Scriptures to avoid seizure by 126:5.5-6(1393;2), 127:4.10(1402;3)
Matthew Levi was a 138:3.1,4(1540;4), 181:2.14(1958;1)
Peter paid 157:1sec(1743;3)
Zaccheus was a 171:6.1(1873;4)
taxation. See also government: principles of government; tax collectors; taxpayers
avoid enslavement of citizenry by state 70:12.6(798;5)
citizenry must control 71:8.6(807;2)
excessive t. interferes with individual liberties 134:6.10(1491;4)
by ancient Egyptian ruler 89:4.9(978;6)
half-shekel tax to support Jerusalem temple 126:5.5-6(1393;2), 157:1.1,3(1743;3), 173:1.3(1889;1)
Jesus' family had difficulty paying taxes 126:5.5(1393;2), 127:3.1(1398;5)
Jesus paid taxes to Caesar and the temple 185:3.1(1991;1)
overtaxation was a reason for decline of Rome 195:3.9(2074;4)
right of coinage carried right to levy taxes 174:2.5(1899;5)
in continental nation 72:7sec(815;1)
import duties 72:7.9(815;9)
inheritance tax up to 50% 72:7.11(816;2)
property tax limited; homes exempt 72:3.1(811;1), 72:7.6(815;6)
inheritance tax
100% for primitive man 69:9.3,6(780;6)
primitive funerals held up until family donated large sums to king 69:9.6(780;9)
must support state without handicapping industry 71:5.2(805;2)
tithing was early form of taxation 70:7.14(792;3)
tithing in light and life 55:3.2(625;1)

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