sharks 59:4.11(679;4), 59:5.8(680;10)
Shawnee Tenskwatawa. See Tenskwatawa
Shechem 134:7.5(1492;5), 186:3.2-3(2000;5)
sheep. See also shepherd
arithmetic of shearing 133:5.5(1476;7)
domesticated by 5000 B.C. 81:2.8(902;2)
Egyptian tribes worshiped 95:2.3(1044;2)
has many s. not of this fold 165:2.9(1819;5), 181:2.18(1959;2)
his s. hear his voice 164:5.2(1815;3)
told Peter to feed his s. 192:2.3(2047;7)
lawful to lift s. from pit on Sabbath? 148:7.2(1665;1)
Nodites imported 80:1.2(889;4)
parable of the lost s. 159:1.2(1762;4), 159:5.13(1770;5)
scatter when shepherd smitten 181:2.27(1962;1), 183:4.6(1976;4)
we are s. of God's pasture 131:2.5,7(1444;5), 131:4.4(1448;3)
first-born son redeemed for 5 122:9.1(1352;4)
in mouth of fish 157:1.4(1744;2)
Jews coined silver s.; money-changers licensed to exchange 173:1.3(1889;1), 173:2.3(1891;4), 186:1.2(1997;5)
one-half shekel
amount of temple tax 126:5.5(1393;2), 157:1.1(1743;3), 173:1.3(1889;1)
size of 10 cent piece, twice as thick 173:1.3(1889;1)
reputed symbol of Divine Presence 136:1.4(1510;1)
of no worth after chick is hatched 48:6.21(554;6)
Jewish creed of faith 150:8.4(1685;2)
King Omri attempted to buy estate of 97:9.18(1073;8)
advanced Chinese civilization in 79:7.5(886;6)
hydraulic problems of agriculturists in 79:8.6(887;6)
Hebrew place for dead 86:4.8(953;7)
shepherd. See also sheep
23rd Psalm whispered to s. boy 48:6.8(552;6), 131:2.7(1445;1), 165:2.6(1819;2)
God feeds his flock like a 97:7.8(1069;3)
Jesus told Peter to be a good 192:2.3-4(2047;7)
John the Baptist's life as a 135:3sec(1497;7)
Lord is my s. 84:3.2(934;1)
parable of the good s. 159:1.2(1762;4)
sheep know voice of true 165:2.4(1818;6)
sheep scatter when s. is smitten 181:2.27(1962;1), 183:4.6(1976;4)
Sons are Father's true shepherds 169:1.15(1853;2)
true s. must feed flock with good food 165:2.6(1819;2)
Shiloh 153:2.2(1709;3)
Yahweh's temple at S. discredited 97:9.17(1073;7)
taught God concept in Amida Buddha; faith 94:12.2-3(1040;6)
affected Buddhism 94:9.3(1038;1)
Ganid's abstract of 131:7sec(1451;1)
proto-Taoism, revered in Japan 92:6.2,4(1010;6), 94:5.6(1033;1)
worship of state in the imperial family 92:6.9(1012;1)
ship. See also boats
mind is our 111:1.9(1217;4)
Shittim 165:0.1(1817;1)
lower classes made ceremonial of executions in Greece 98:1.1(1077;5)
some enjoyed crucifixion for 187:0.4(2004;4)
shooting stars. See meteors
short cuts
never any gain from 75:8.5(846;4)
no s.c. to Paradise 48:5.7(551;2)
short space rays. See space rays
King David ate s. when hungry 147:6.4(1654;3)
shrewd steward
parable of 169:2sec(1853;4)
shrimps 59:1.14(674;4),. See also crustaceans
shrines. See temples
shrub of Edentia. See tree of life
Shunem 124:6.3(1374;3), 150:5.1(1682;3)
differed little from worshiping to primitives 85:7.2(948;7)
Asoka established Buddhism in 94:9.1(1037;4)
Siberia 60:1.12(686;8), 60:3.15(690;6), 61:7.1-3(700;6), 64:4.5(721;3), 80:3.6(891;7)
Andites arrived in Europe from 80:4.1-2(892;4)
connected to Alaska 60:1.13(686;9)
red race left imprint 64:6.5(723;4)
Siberians were Andonites; assimilated much red stock 79:5.6(883;7)
yellow race drove Andonites into 79:6.1(884;4)
siblings. See brethren
Sibmah 165:0.1(1817;1)
Sicilian land bridge
connected Europe to Africa; Andonites migrated across 64:1.5(718;7)
in times of 4th glacier 64:4.7(721;5)
protected Mediterranean in early days of violet race 80:1.1(889;3)
carried down Edenic peninsula 73:7.1(826;6)
occasioned greatest loss of life by flood 80:2.4(890;8)
marine life evolved in bay of 59:6.9(683;6)
Thomas preached in 139:8.13(1563;1)
sick, the. See also disease; healing; health; injury; Jesus: miracles and healings; medicine
apostles, women's corps visited every house to minister to 141:8.1(1595;2), 142:8.1(1605;3), 146:3.9(1642;5), 151:0.2(1688;2), 163:7.3(1808;5)
avoided and neglected for long ages 90:4.3(991;2)
do everything in power to alleviate or cure 163:4.15(1805;12)
gospel very comforting to 141:8.2(1595;3)
minister to all 163:1.4(1801;1), 190:3.1(2033;1)
refrain from despising material means of healing 164:3.15(1813;2)
refrain from teaching expectation of miracles 163:4.3(1804;7)
sickness. See disease
Siddhartha. See Gautama Siddhartha
Abraham's victory at battle of 93:5.14(1020;3), 93:9.9(1023;6)
Sidon 130:0.3(1427;3), 133:8.4(1481;2), 140:7.2(1578;3), 155:4.1(1728;1), 186:3.2-3(2000;5), 190:1.8(2031;2)
home of Karuska and Norana 156:0.1(1734;1)
Jesus' teaching in 156:2sec(1735;5)
would have repented in sackcloth and ashes 163:6.5(1807;4)
Sierras 60:3.3(689;2), 61:3.3(696;7), 61:4.2(698;4)
of Israel like wheat, Amos said 97:4.3(1065;6)
of kingdom should not distress 153:5.3(1715;3)
Significances of Origins. See also seconaphim
assigned to Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number 28:6.1(313;5)
teach ascenders spirit ethics 28:6.8(315;2)
tertiary seconaphim; living reference genealogies 28:6.2-4(314;1)
believed to reveal will of spirits 87:5.9(963;4)
civilized races cursed with belief in 87:5.11(963;6), 150:3.12(1681;7)
Jesus' resurrection after 3 days was only sign 173:5.4(1895;2)
medicine men put great trust in 90:2.5(988;1)
none shall be given 153:4.5(1714;4), 157:2.1(1744;4)
Pharisee requested Jesus give predetermined sign 153:4.5(1714;4)
advanced religion synthesized by Guru Nanak from Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism 92:5.12(1010;3), 92:7.2(1012;3)
most recent religion 92:6.2(1010;6)
joined Paul in Corinth 133:3.3(1472;2)
after prayer, remain in 146:2.17(1641;1)
Jesus refuted false accusations by 184:3.8(1982;9)
Siloam (pool) 162:6.1(1795;5)
2000 believers baptized in 194:1.4(2060;4)
Abraham the Pharisee baptized in 148:8.1(1665;4)
golden pitcher filled at 162:4.4(1794;3)
Josiah washed clay off in 164:3.8,12(1812;2)
semi-sacred place 164:3.14(1813;1)
Siloam (tower)
fell on 18 men 166:4.4(1830;4)
Silurian. See also geologic ages
marine-life era from 300 to 275 million years ago 59:3sec(676;5)
Simeon (reputed holy man)
tomb on hill in Nazareth 126:1.2(1387;2), 150:7.1(1683;6), 158:1.4(1752;6)
Simeon (singer)
at presentation of Jesus 122:9.2-5(1353;1)
simians. See also apes; chimpanzees; gorillas; monkeys
descendants of lemurs 62:1.3(703;4)
retarded mid-mammals were ancestors; man not descended from 61:6.1(700;2), 62:1.1(703;2), 62:3.11-13(706;2)
some Andonites mated with 63:1.4(711;7)
Simon (assistant of David Zebedee) 145:1.1(1628;4)
at draught of fishes 145:1.2(1628;5)
Simon (boat)
Jesus taught from 145:1.1(1628;4)
kept at Jesus' disposal 151:1.1(1688;3)
Simon (brother of Jesus) 138:1.4(1539;2),. See also Jesus: family
at Jesus' 4th appearance 190:2.6(2032;4)
born April 14, A.D. 2 123:6.7(1365;2)
brought Jude home after he ran away 128:7.8(1417;7)
graduated from school in A.D. 16 128:2.2(1410;1)
Jesus took S. to Jerusalem for Passover 128:3.1-8(1411;1)
married March, A.D. 24 134:1.4(1484;1)
placated bellicose playmates by persuasion and nonresistance 127:4.5(1401;5)
started school 127:1.5(1396;2)
well-meaning boy; dreamer 127:4.7(1401;7)
worked with Jacob the stone mason 128:2.2(1410;1)
Simon (brother of Jesus' mother)
officer of Zealots 127:2.4,7(1397;2)
Simon (father of Lazarus)
died by A.D. 12 127:3.4(1399;3)
father of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus 124:6.9(1375;3)
invited 5 Nazareth families for Passover 125:2.1-2(1379;2)
leading resident of Bethany 168:0.4(1842;4)
watched young Jesus in temple 125:5.1,8-9)
Simon of Bethany 172:5.1(1883;6), 173:0.1(1888;1)
gave public banquet for Jesus 172:1.2-3(1878;5)
Gethsemane camp on ground belonging to 173:5.5(1895;3)
Jesus said good-bye to 174:0.1(1897;1)
Jesus stayed with 172:0.1(1878;1), 172:2.1(1880;2)
Judas deposited funds with 172:2.3(1880;4)
lived near Lazarus 152:7.1(1706;2)
Simon of Bethphage
Thomas brooded at home of 189:4.1(2025;2), 191:0.13(2038;8), 191:5.1(2042;5)
Simon of Cyrene
compelled to carry Jesus' crossbeam; became valiant believer 187:1.9-10(2006;2)
father of Rufus, whom Jesus aided 130:6.6(1438;3)

(S's continue...)