spirit mortals. See ascending mortals
Spirit Mother. See Infinite Spirit
spirit of God
Infinite Spirit 8:5.5(96;1)
Supreme Being 8:5.6(96;2)
Adamic blood better prepares for 34:7.1(382;1)
allow S.o.T. to do his own work 178:1.16(1932;1)
apostles laid on hands in token of receiving 139:5.9(1557;3)
bestowal Paper 194 (2059;1),) 120:2.4,6(1328;1), 174:5.12(1904;3), 178:1.6(1930;3), 181:1.5(1954;2)
all will not choose to receive 181:1.4(1954;1)
chief mission of bestowal Son 20:5.3(227;6), 49:5.18(567;5)
independent of all ceremonies 194:3.10(2064;2)
limited by man's reception of mission of bestowal Son 34:5.5(379;5)
Master Spirit's, Mother Spirit involvement 16:4.14(190;8), 52:5.6(596;4)
no demon possession after 77:7.5-8(863;6), 145:2.13(1631;1), 153:4.1(1713;3), 163:6.2(1807;1)
received in accordance with love for truth, capacity to grasp 194:3.6(2063;4)
sent to those proclaiming gospel 191:4.3(2041;6), 194:3.5(2063;3)
upon all normal minds of moral status since Pentecost 40:6.6(448;5), 52:5.6(596;4), 53:8.7(610;3), 108:2.3(1187;2), 108:6.2(1193;1)
upon all sincere believers 32:5.8(365;4), 162:6.1,3(1795;5), 180:4.1,5(1948;2), 181:1.1-2(1953;3), 194:3.6(2063;4)
Caligastia servile before 53:8.7(610;3)
changes throughout local universe after Creator Son's final bestowal 20:6.8-9(230;1)
combined operations with Adjuster 101:1.3(1104;6)
Creator Son in perfect communication with bestowal world through 21:5.7(241;4)
cup of remembrance is emblem of 179:5.1-3,9
defined as
Comforter 34:4.1-2(377;5)
conviction of truth 180:5.1(1949;3)
functionally centered in Mother Spirit 20:6.8(230;1), 34:4.3-4(377;7), 40:10.2(452;2)
just like Jesus without his material body 180:4.5(1949;1)
personification of truth 34:4.2(377;6)
spirit of Creator Son 15:9.12(177;11), 20:1.6(224;3), 21:5.7(241;4), 34:4.1-4(377;5), 53:8.7(610;3), 56:10.17(647;8), 180:4.1-3(1948;2), 194:2.11-12(2061;9)
spirit of Creator Son and spirit of planet's bestowal Son 20:6.8-9(230;1), 21:5.7(241;4), 52:5.6(596;4)
spirit of Father and Creator Son 194:2.3(2061;1)
spiritual foundation for great achievements 72:12.5(820;3)
universe presence analogous to Master Spirits 34:4.2(377;6)
well of living water springing up into eternal life 181:1.4(1954;1), 190:5.4(2035;1)
with believers as Father was with Jesus 182:1.6(1964;3)
does not indwell individual minds 34:5.6(379;6)
effect of receiving the Spirit of Truth
acts on idea-decisions spiritized by Adjuster 101:6.7(1112;3)
bears witness with our spirits that we are sons of God 146:3.6(1642;2)
becomes power-multiplying fulcrum of service 178:1.6(1930;3)
comforts and guides 176:2.3(1914;4)
creates consciousness of Michael, not himself 180:6.4(1951;5), 194:2.4(2061;2), 194:3.1(2062;10)
directs loving contact of mortals 180:5.11(1950;6)
draws children of light toward one another 180:4.5(1949;1)
draws us to Michael 34:4.2(377;6), 40:6.6(448;5)
endows believers with power from on high 193:3.2(2055;2), 193:5.2(2057;4), 194:0.1-3,6
equips believers to overcome evil with good 194:3.11(2064;3)
establishes believers in kingdom 137:8.7(1536;4)
fosters and personalizes truth; destroys believer's feeling of orphanhood 194:2.2(2060;7)
gives new sense of joy, security, confidence, insight, and power 191:5.3(2043;1), 194:0.1,6(2059;1), 194:1.1(2060;1)
helps us recall and understand words and realities of Jesus 180:4.3(1948;4), 194:2.1,5-6
illuminates difference between sin and righteousness 180:6.2(1951;3)
leads believers into all truth 34:7.1(382;1), 56:10.13(647;4), 103:0.1(1129;1), 176:3.7(1917;3), 180:4.2(1948;3), 180:6.3(1951;4), 181:2.17(1959;1), 191:6.3(2044;4), 194:2.7(2061;5), 194:3.8(2063;6)
leads believers to labor for extension of kingdom 181:2.13(1957;3), 194:0.1(2059;1)
makes men free 52:5.4(596;2)
makes religion personal 160:5.13(1782;4)
prepares men's minds for Adjusters 34:5.5(379;5), 120:2.6(1328;3), 194:2.3(2061;1)
purifies human hearts 194:3.19(2065;7)
shows us things to come 180:6.4(1951;5)
shows way at every crossroad 34:7.8(383;2), 117:5.9(1286;7)
teaches us here on earth and through the eternal ages 117:5.9(1286;7), 181:2.24(1961;3)
transforms, strengthens, and endows us 143:2.4(1609;5)
unfolds truth folded up in person of Jesus 194:3.8(2063;6)
Jesus had to leave before sending 52:5.6(596;4), 176:4.3(1918;6), 180:6.2(1951;3)
look for S.o.T. in every wise saying 180:5.4(1949;6)
mystery how S.o.T. associated with souls 124:6.17(1376;3)
planetary isolation of little concern to mortals since pouring out of 114:5.4(1254;4)
sin separates sinner from communion with 5:1.10(64;1)
spiritual philosophy is endowment of 101:3.2(1108;1)
unerringly responds 2:7.6(42;7)
Spiritington 13:1.9-10(145;4),. See also sacred spheres of Paradise
bosom of Spirit; Paradise home of high beings of Infinite Spirit 13:1.9(145;4)
secret is reflectivity 13:1.10(145;5)
spiritism, dual. See dual spiritism
spirits. See also ascending mortals; creatures
6th stage spirit mortals have not attained finality of status 31:3.3-6(347;6), 40:10.12(454;1), 107:5.6(1182;2)
evil spirits. See demon possession
spirits of brotherhood. See also seraphim
planetary helper seraphim; work for racial harmony 39:5.4(437;3)
Spirits of the Havona Circuits. See Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits
spirits of trust. See also seraphim
planetary helper seraphim; inculcate trust 39:5.7-9(437;6)
spiritual assurance. See assurance
spiritual attainment. See spiritual growth
spiritual communion 103:4sec(1133;1),. See also God: consciousness of God; meditation; prayer; spiritual growth; worship
effect of spiritual communion
assurance of s.c. gradually develops 34:6.12(381;6)
divine presence most fully discovered in 5:2.3(64;6)
divine union attained by 1:7.2(31;2)
presence of God determined by 13:4.4-5(150;3)
relieves tension, augments resources of personality 160:1.10-12(1774;2)
source of energy 160:3.1(1777;2)
subjects whole personality to contact with divinity 160:1.11(1774;3)
ever-present possibility of immediate s.c. 5:1.3,8(63;1)
Father's personality only grasped in 1:6.8(30;7), 5:0.1(62;1)
interrupted s.c. produces sense of guilt 103:4.3(1133;3)
involves moral status, motivation, spiritual experience 5:2.6(65;2)
held unbroken communion for 6 weeks on Mount Hermon 134:8.5(1493;4)
prepared for crisis by 136:4.8(1515;2), 152:5.5(1704;4)
spent nights in 138:10.3(1547;3)
lack of consciousness of s.c. does not disprove 5:2.4-5(64;7)
maintained through prayer and worship 194:3.20(2065;8), 196:0.10(2088;5)
Michael's only concern was to maintain unbroken 120:1.4(1326;1)
modern man thinks he is too busy for 195:6.7(2077;3)
no intermediaries 92:7.7(1013;2)
not promoted by massive ornateness, ostentatious art 167:6.6(1840;5)
perversity, self-indulgence, intolerance separate us from 5:1.10(64;1)
Remembrance Supper is parable of 179:5sec(1941;6)
step aside from rush of life and renew spirit by 156:5.12(1739;7)
truth exists only on level of 180:5.2(1949;4)
spiritual consecration. See consecration of choice
spiritual-energy manipulators
energy manipulator celestial artisans 44:5.4(505;1)

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