nonnative residential areas on Jerusem 46:4.1(522;5), 46:5sec(523;4)
of ascending mortals 46:5.20(526;2)
of courtesy colonies 46:5.23(526;5)
of finaliters 46:5.25(527;1)
of Master Physical Controllers 46:5.19(526;1)
of the angels 46:5.13(525;3)
of the Sons of God 46:5.3-12(524;1)
of Universe Aids 46:5.18(525;8)
surrounded by 35,000 mile exhibit panorama 46:5.16(525;6)
walls of crystal gems 46:5.4(524;2)
circuit regulators
in Uversa personality register 30:2.18(337;2)
millions required to energize mansion worlds 48:2.6(543;3)
Morontia Power Supervisors; dynamos who transform everywhere energies of space 48:2.6-7(543;3)
Circuit Supervisors. See Universe Circuit Supervisors
circuits 34:4sec(377;5)
all lead back to God on Paradise 11:1.4(119;1)
angels sustained by direct intake of spirit circuits 26:1.10(286;5)
energy circuits. See energy: circuits
gravity q.v.
Havona. See Havona: circuits
local system 29:2.9(321;8),. See also local systems: life circuits
local universe. See local universes: circuits
not always possible to distinguish between 3:1.6(45;4)
pervade the superuniverses 15:9sec(176;6)
presence circuits of Paradise 15:9.1(176;6)
derived from personality presences of Deities 34:4.2(377;6)
matter. See gravity: types: material gravity
mind. See gravity: types: mind gravity
personality. See personality: personality circuit
spirit. See gravity: types: spirit gravity
reflectivity independent of all subabsolute c. 17:3.10(201;8)
seem automatic, but subject to intelligent supervision 23:1.1(256;3)
superuniverse. See superuniverses, the seven: circuits
Abraham underwent c. to solemnize commitment 93:6.6(1021;2)
arose as partial human sacrifice 89:8.2(982;6), 92:1.1(1003;6)
initiation rite into secret fraternities 70:7.6(791;3)
Jesus circumcised 122:8.2(1351;6)
John the Baptist circumcised 122:2.7(1346;2)
most Salem believers practiced 93:6.6(1021;2)
practiced by shamans 90:2.10(988;6)
circumspection. See propriety
circumstances. See also environment; handicaps; providence
all things work together for good 4:1.4,11(55;2), 10:7.5-6(115;7), 48:4.7(548;2), 54:4.7(616;6), 67:7.8(761;7), 67:8.4(762;3), 94:6.4(1033;7), 118:10.18(1306;7), 182:2.1(1966;1)
divine dispensation working with children of God 140:8.3(1579;5)
did not interfere with natural events 135:11.3(1507;2), 136:7.2-3(1519;6), 136:8.5-6(1520;6), 136:9.9(1523;1), 182:3.7(1969;2), 183:1.2(1972;1), 186:2.3(1999;3)
lived life in the channel of its natural flowing 128:1.6(1408;3)
seraphim manipulate c. to influence human activity 113:3.5(1244;6), 113:4.4(1245;4), 114:6.18(1256;8)
souls seeking God with whole heart delivered from evil 130:1.2(1428;2)
citadel of the spirit
unassailable inner bastion 100:2.7(1096;4)
cannot withstand siege unless united 153:4.3(1714;2)
culture thrives best in c.; multiply power for good or evil 68:6.5(770;2)
he who rules self greater than he who captures city 143:2.3(1609;4)
heathen lay siege to 155:1.3(1725;4)
arose ca. 10,000 B.C.; early unsanitary conditions 81:3.3(903;5)
commons represent earlier collective ownership 69:9.14(782;1)
destruction of houses after death delayed 87:1.3(958;5)
devoted to manufacture, trade arose ca. 8000 B.C. 79:1.4(879;1)
Dravidians among first to build 79:3.7(881;7)
fugitives secure against attack in cities of refuge 69:4.4(775;4)
rose 2 feet every 25 years from dirt and trash 81:3.3(903;5)
walls protected against attacks by humans, beasts 66:5.8(746;6)
managed as commercial associations in advanced states 71:3.8(803;8)
no power to tax or incur debt in continental nation 72:7.3(815;3)
whose builder is God 178:3.4(1934;6)
citizenship See also cosmic citizenship
solemn consecration of Roman youths 98:3.4(1080;6)
citizenship registrars
of Jerusem assign suffrage qualifications 45:7.7(518;3)
forbidden fruit 162:4.4(1794;3)
City of David. See Bethlehem (Judea)
City of Judah
small village 4 miles west of Jerusalem; home of Elizabeth and Zacharias 122:2.6-7(1346;1), 135:0.2(1496;2)
civil servants
if unbelievers qualify as superior c.s. 178:1.13(1931;4)
civilization. See also evolution: social evolution; government; social classes; standards of living
Adamic infusion accelerated 81:0.2(900;2)
concerned with self-perpetuation, self-maintenance, and self-gratification 68:2.3(764;6)
breakdown during transition 81:6.40-41(911;5)
breaks down without superhuman help 68:3.4(766;5)
civilization retrogresses when genius declines 195:1.9(2072;2)
common opinion has always delayed 71:2.2(802;1)
force only temporarily advances c. 71:2.2(802;1)
inferior minds spurn highest c. 50:6.4(578;4)
jeopardy when 3/4 of youth enter materialistic professions 111:4.3-4(1220;2)
must keep pace with scientific developments 81:6.39(911;4)
racially degenerate stocks have retarded 99:3.5(1088;6)
reasons for decline of Roman Empire 195:3.8-9(2074;3)
recedes from premature attainment 78:2.3-4(870;1), 118:8.6(1302;3)
sudden transformations unhelpful 66:6.3-7(749;5)
too complicated or too luxurious standards of living are suicidal 68:6.7(770;4)
unbridled self-gratification unfailingly destroys 68:2.11(766;1)
when society is overstressed 70:1.1(783;4)
will not settle down for a millennium 99:1.1,3(1086;4)
demands ideal type of citizen 99:3.4(1088;5)
dependent upon 68:2sec(764;4), 71:4.2(804;2), 81:6sec(906;6)
advances born in inner world 111:4.3(1220;2)
antecedent racial progression 81:5.1(905;6)
capital goods 81:6.6-7(907;3)
care of the unfortunate 71:4.2(804;2)
climate is decisive factor 78:8.11(877;1), 80:1.4(889;6), 80:2.1(890;5), 80:3.8(892;2), 81:1.1-3(900;3), 81:6.3-4(906;8),. See also drought
communication 81:6.25(909;6), 160:2.3(1775;4)
compulsory education, which is the only safe method of accelerating c. 70:9.2(793;12), 71:2.2(802;1), 71:4.2(804;2)
compulsory employment 71:4.2(804;2)
coordination of specialists 81:6.29-33(910;2)
domestication of animals 81:2.3(901;6)
education of younger generation 81:6.24(909;5)
effective families 71:4.2(804;2), 79:8.9(888;2), 84:0.2(931;2), 84:7.1(939;4)
efforts of planetary helper seraphim 39:5sec(436;5)
enslavement of captives 81:2.3(901;6)
enthusiastic and effective load-pulling spirit 81:6.35-37(910;8)
food and security 50:5.7(577;2), 71:4.2(804;2)
freedom of religion 70:9.2(793;12)
human resources 81:6.11-13(907;8)
language 81:6.16-19(908;5)
leisure to think and plan 50:5.7(577;2), 71:4.2(804;2), 78:2.4(870;2), 81:2.2,10(901;5), 81:6.6(907;3)
liberty of the individual 71:4.2(804;2)
love, the wellspring of superior c. 16:9.7(196;3), 102:6.3(1124;5)
Master's teachings conceal secret of 154:4.2(1720;1), 194:3.12(2064;4)
military defense 70:9.2(793;12)
moral assistance of well-ordered society 34:7.4(382;4), 102:8.2(1127;6)
morality predicated on spiritual realities 39:3.7(433;1), 195:5.9(2075;12)
natural resources 78:2.4(870;2), 81:6.3-5(906;8)
prevention of disease 71:4.2(804;2)
private property 81:2.3(901;6)
promotion of art 71:4.2(804;2)
rearing of children in environment of culture 68:0.2(763;2)
religion; God; nothing takes the place of God in c. 16:9.7(196;3), 80:7.8(895;8), 94:6.12(895;8), 195:8.6(2081;6)
sagacious correlation of material wealth, intellectual greatness, moral worth, social cleverness, cosmic insight 16:9.4,7(195;6), 71:4.2(804;2), 81:6.38(911;3)
scientific knowledge 71:4.2(804;2), 81:6.8-10(907;5)
selective elimination of inferior strains; education, religion 70:8.14-18(793;6), 71:4.2(804;2), 79:2.6-8(880;4)
sound genetic base. See genetics
spiritual idealism 81:6.26-27(909;7)
taming of fire 81:2.3(901;6)
the planetary age, biological uplifters, missions of divine Sons 49:5.9(566;4)
tools 81:2sec(901;4)
true religion; spiritual idealism is energy which advances 71:4.2(804;2), 79:4.9(883;1), 79:6.10(885;7), 81:6.27(909;8)
willingness to invest in future generations 84:7.27(941;8)
world travel 81:6.25(909;6)
does not make the people 76:6.4(854;1)
early war dissolved illusion of equality 70:2.5(786;1)
enables man to stand on shoulders of all who have preceded him 79:8.10(888;3), 81:6.23,25,44(909;4), 160:2.3(1775;4)
evolutionary religion is man's most expensive but incomparably effective institution 92:3.6-9(1006;3)
conserves property 79:8.10(888;3)
develops sense of duty, morality 79:8.10(888;3)
education of children 79:8.10(888;3)
for every man to love his neighbor as himself 99:2.4(1087;7)
foster originality 70:2.13(786;9)
ideal realized only in divine kingdom 196:2.11(2093;5)
prime gift of society is security, survival possibilities 68:1.5(764;1), 70:9.1(793;11), 81:5.4(906;2)
refusal to use power selfishly is mark of high c. 48:7.8(556;8)
should not tolerate idleness or poverty 71:3.5(803;5)
should provide fair and peaceful opportunity to all 70:9.7(794;5)
society secures civil freedom through institutions 81:5.5(906;3)
superconscious mind contains master patterns for 111:4.5(1220;4)
is to evolution as effect to cause 81:5.1(905;6)
Jesus avoided entanglements with economic structure 120:3.4(1329;5)
joint product of mortals and midwayers 77:9.8(866;7)
judge by purity and nobility of its religion 102:8.2(1127;6)
lower strata no longer so ignorant, politically helpless 99:1.5(1087;2)
modern civilization
critically interdependent 99:1.4(1087;1)
dangerous phase of complicated interdependence 68:2.5(765;2)
notwithstanding material achievement, is slowly disintegrating 195:8.10(2082;2)
offspring of ages of trial and error 81:6.41(911;6)
nationalism prevents c. from disintegrating 195:8.10(2082;2)
never developed in poverty 81:6.6(907;3)
no great club of inherited privilege; exacts fees 81:5.3-5(906;1)
not divine; a phenomenon of progressive evolution 81:6.39(911;4)
numerous unmarrieds indicates breakdown of mores 83:7.5(928;6)
organization of intelligent co-operators 68:1.4(763;7)
primitive society Papers 68, 70, 71)
4 great stages were collection, hunting, pastoral, and agricultural 66:3.2(743;3), 68:5.2-11(768;2)
belief group had right to control individuals 70:10.4(795;1)
chief factor was force exerted by wise social masters 81:6.14(908;3)
Chinese were first to attain large-scale 79:6.8(885;5)
dawn of; cradle of Paper 68 (763;1),) 81:1sec(900;3)
first great advances were fire, animal domestication, slavery, and private property 69:6-9secs 81:2.3(901;6)
forged out between anvil of necessity and hammers of fear 66:5.13(747;3)
founded on the reciprocity of necessity 68:1.3(763;6)
industrial, regulative, religious, military divisions 69:6.1(777;4)
man's insurance against risk, violent death 68:1.2(763;5), 68:2.2(764;5)
men driven together by food hunger, sex love, vanity, and ghost fear 68:2.4,6(765;1), 68:3sec(766;2)
Planetary Prince's and Adam's headquarters intended to advance 51:6.3(587;1), 51:7sec(587;5), 66:3sec(743;2)
slavery caused culture to perish 80:7.6,13(895;6)
wholly negative in its organization 70:11.2(796;8)
progressive civilization 50:5-6secs
race mixture favors versatility 79:2.7(880;5)
after death of Andon 63:5.7(715;7), 64:1.7(719;2), 64:2.4(719;7), 64:4.12(721;10)
after death of Onamonalonton 64:6.8(723;7)
after Lucifer rebellion 67:5.3(759;1)
in Mesopotamia with emigration of superior peoples; immigration of inferiors 78:8.12(877;2)
many backward steps 68:4.7(767;7)
rights asserted by society 70:9.2(793;12)
second Eden was cradle of c. for 30,000 years 76:3.8(850;4), 78:0.1(868;1)
small middle class appeared in Jesus' time 121:1.5(1333;1), 121:3.4(1335;3)
society has right to employ force 133:1.5(1470;1), 133:4.12(1475;5), 140:8.4(1579;6)
spiritual progress not dependent upon 65:8.4(739;8)
spread by commerce and exploration 52:6.3(597;4), 81:3.2,6,7(903;4)
status determined by equity of courts 70:11.10(797;8)
sum of man's adjustment to life 68:5.1(768;1)
unstable; not biologically innate 16:9.4-5(195;6), 68:0.2(763;2)

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