Melchizedek, Malavatia. See also Melchizedek Sons
sponsored Paper 43 43:9.6(496;1)
Melchizedek, Manovandet. See also Melchizedek Sons
author of Paper 53 53:9.9(612;1)
Melchizedek, Mantutia. See also Melchizedek Sons
directed creation of Parts II and III 56:10.23(648;6), 119:8.9(1319;2)
wrote Paper 120 120:0.1(1323;1)
Melchizedek brotherhood. See also missionaries: Salem missionaries
members promised to proclaim good news to all men 93:4.4(1017;6)
nearly disappeared after Melchizedek's departure 93:9.1(1022;4)
over 100,000 tithe payers on clay-tablet rolls 93:4.1(1017;3), 93:6.8(1021;4)
Melchizedek College of Administration
on Jerusem 45:7.4-5(517;6)
Melchizedek College of Spiritual Endowment
evangels of destiny trained in 35:3.14(388;8)
Melchizedek receivers. See also Melchizedek Sons
12 administered Urantia after rebellion 67:6.5-6(759;8)
activity on Urantia 93:0.2(1014;2)
delivered planetary custody to Adam 74:2.6(830;1)
departed 7 years after arrival of Adam and Eve 74:5.1(833;1)
encouraged loyalists to desert Caligastia 50:4.8(576;3)
forbidden to interfere with personal plans of Adam 75:6.1(844;3)
gave titular authority over Urantia to Van 74:2.6(830;1)
plan for racial upstepping 79:5.9(884;3)
proclaimed gospel of rehabilitation to Adam 76:5.1(851;7)
returned to Urantia 70 days after Eve's default 75:5.8(844;1)
seized authority 67:3.10(757;3)
selected Adam and Eve 74:1.3-4(828;4)
thrown completely on their own resources 93:1.3(1014;5)
warned Adam and Eve concerning dangers 51:3.4(583;3)
all created in same millennium 35:1.3(385;2)
by nature unprejudiced observers 35:2.3(386;1)
chief aids of Gabriel 35:2.5(386;3)
created by Creator Son, Mother Spirit, and Father Melchizedek 20:1.3(223;5), 35:1.1,3(384;4)
dominant influence on Jerusem 46:5.7(524;5)
halfway between God and man 35:2.1(385;4)
known as emergency Sons 35:4.2-4(389;1), 93:0.1(1014;1)
life carriers to midsonite worlds 35:1.3(385;2), 36:4sec(400;5)
local universe Sons of God 20:1.2(223;4)
not infallible in judgment 35:2.8(386;6)
receivers of defaulting planetary governments 35:4.4(389;3), 39:4.3(434;3)
self-governing 35:1.3(385;2), 35:2.2(385;5)
bestowal of Michael as 119:1sec(1309;2)
easily make themselves visible 35:4.4(389;3)
have never betrayed their trust 35:2.2(385;5), 53:7.4(607;5)
home world is sphere Melchizedek 35:3.2(387;3)
in personality registers 30:1.7(331;3), 30:2.7(335;5)
Jesus held to be priest after order of 93:3.7(1017;1)
mortals sometimes permitted to see 50:2.7(574;2)
Nebadon's M.S. are renowned 35:3.15(388;9)
no powers of reproduction 35:5.2(389;6)
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.7(524;5)
12 accompany Magisterial Sons on bestowal missions 20:2.9(225;8), 35:2.6(386;4)
all judicial problems reviewed by council of 43:2.4(487;6)
assist Trinity Teacher Sons in light and life 55:0.1(621;1)
chief serves on Jerusem executive council 45:3.9(512;9)
colleges on Edentia 43:1.6(486;5)
commission Mansion World Teachers 48:5.4(550;5)
direct mansion worlds 47:0.4(530;4), 47:2.2(531;6)
do not interfere with planetary administrations unless asked 50:2.2(573;3)
function as mobile advisory review courts 35:2.4(386;2)
function directly in mortal ministry without necessity of incarnation 35:2.1(385;4)
immediately dispatched to Jerusem upon outbreak of rebellion 67:3.1(756;2)
in charge of 1st, 4th Salvington circuits 35:3sec(387;2), 36:2.1(397;1)
incarnate when accompanying Avonal Sons on planetary bestowals 35:2.6(386;4)
incarnated as humans 7 times in Nebadon 35:4.4-5(389;3), 93:1.3(1014;5)
instruct prospective Planetary Princes 50:2.2(573;3)
maintain autonomous intelligence organization 35:2.3(386;1)
metamorphic range of personality function, incarnation 35:4.4(389;3), 93:0.1(1014;1)
mortals' foster fathers on Jerusem 46:5.7(524;5)
remain with universes of origin in light and life 55:10.11(635;2)
schools in local systems 45:7sec(517;3)
sent as advisers to Life Carriers until arrival of Planetary Prince 36:1.3(396;4), 65:4.9(735;8)
sponsor Nebadon educational system 37:6.1(412;1), 45:7sec(517;3)
supervise resurrection halls for modified ascenders on Edentia 43:1.5(486;4)
teach on Jerusem 45:7.2(517;4)
test Jerusem citizens for suffrage qualifications 45:7.6-7(518;2)
stationary number; 10 million in Nebadon 35:2.9(387;1)
teachings have never been contradicted 55:12.1(636;2)
Technical Advisers aid 25:4.11(280;6)
use seraphic transport 74:5.2(833;2)
wrote:Papers 38, 39, 43, 45, 49, 53, 56, 66 72, 90, 92 106, 120) 38:9.14(425;6), 39:9.4(442;2), 43:9.6(496;1), 45:7.9(518;5), 49:6.22(571;1), 53:9.9(612;1), 56:10.23(648;6), 66:8.8(753;4), 67:8.6(762;5), 68:6.12(771;1), 69:9.19(782;6), 70:12.9(799;2), 71:8.16(807;12), 72:12.16(807;12), 90:5.9(993;3), 92:7.12(1013;7), 93:10.12(1026;2), 94:12.8(1041;6), 95:7.7(1051;5), 96:7.9(1061;2), 97:10.9(1076;6), 98:7.13(1085;2), 99:7.6(1093;4), 100:7.19(1103;7), 101:10.10(1117;4), 102:8.8(1128;4), 103:9.13(1142;4), 104:5.7(1151;7), 105:7.9(1161;1), 106:9.13(1175;2), 120:0.1(1323;1),
Melchizedek sphere
Michael's 1st bestowal took place on 119:1.3(1309;4)
pilot world of Salvington circuit 35:2.2(385;5), 35:3.1,4-5,13)
resurrection halls for modified orders of ascension 43:1.5(486;4)
to ascenders, most interesting sphere in Nebadon 35:3.4(387;5)
Melchizedek University
490 spheres encircling Salvington; mortals pass through each 35:3.1,14-15) 36:4.7(401;3)
100,000 Trinity Teacher Sons on staff 20:8.2(231;2)
attended by ascending mortals just before superuniverse translation 49:0.1(559;1)
Material Sons not eligible for admission 45:5.7(515;6)
numerous restricted zones 36:4.7(401;3)
Melchizedek worlds
7 spheres circling Salvington 35:3sec(387;2)
Melkarth temple
in Tyre; became site of Christian church 156:4.2(1737;3)
melodies. See music
619 planetary m. on Jerusem 46:5.20,24(526;2)
Michael Memorial on Jerusem, circles of Sons 46:5.12(525;2)
on Jerusem circle of finaliters, sealed by Gabriel 46:5.25(527;1)
Memories of Mercy
assigned to Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number 28:6.1(313;5)
disclose individuals' and races' moral and spiritual liabilities 28:6.5-6(314;4)
must show saving credit was fully paid out 28:6.7(315;1)
teach mercy 28:6.8(315;2)
tertiary seconaphim, living records of extended mercy 28:6.5-8(314;4)
ascenders possess memories of all former existences 48:4.20(550;1)
build up reserve galleries of beauty 160:4.6(1779;4)
Adam's children fortunate to have forgotten first garden 76:3.2(849;5)
contemporary groups of survivors reconstruct memories on mansion worlds 40:9.7(451;3)
essential to self-consciousness 112:6.8(1236;6)
Havona graph is high-speed method 26:3.8(289;1), 27:6.4(303;2)
Jesus recited Psalms at crucifixion 187:5.2(2010;3)
Jesus soothed himself with old memories 182:3.10(1969;5)
Jewish students learned by rote 123:5.2,5(1362;3)
m. survives death through Adjuster's transcript 40:9.4(450;6), 47:4.5(535;1)
on mansion worlds we remember our associates 112:5.22(1235;4)
personality recognition is independent of m. 40:9.8(451;4)
subsequent to survival, only experiences of spiritual value are remembered 40:9.4-9(450;6), 47:4.5(535;1), 112:5.22(1235;4)
grievous sin to be detected in; complete quarantine 84:4.8-9(936;1)
suggested blood as creator of child 84:2.1(932;7)
mental illness. See insanity
merchant of Damascus
asked Jesus to enter his import business 128:3.3(1411;3)
asked Jesus to establish school in Damascus 128:4.1-4(1412;4)
Jesus translated Greek into Indian language for 130:0.4(1427;4)
Mercury. See also Monmatia
orbit compared to inner election of atom 42:7.2(477;4)
rotation ceased due to tidal friction 57:6.2(657;5)
mercy. See also fairness; grace (God's mercy)
and justice 133:1sec(1468;4)
bear with erring brother 54:5.5(617;5)
creature's need wholly sufficient to insure God's full m. 2:4.2,4(38;2)
defined as
applied love; inevitable offspring of goodness and love 2:4.4(38;4), 6:3.5(75;10)
culmination of justice, fairness, and patience 28:6.8(315;2)
divinity correlated in personality 0:1.17(3;4)
expression of righteousness in attitude of love 10:6.8(115;2)
God's attitude of love for each individual 2:4sec(38;1), 12:7.1(137;2)
justice tempered by wisdom and perfection of knowledge 2:3.2(36;7), 2:4.1(38;1)
leading to perfection 140:3.16-17(1571;3)
quality of growth 28:6.8(315;2)
saving interval between seedtime and harvest 54:4.6(616;5)
season of grace before full ripening of evil 131:3.5(1447;2)
spiritual deliverance from anger, desire for selfish power or revenge 141:3.8(1590;3)
Eternal Son is m. 6:3.2,5(75;7), 8:4.2(94;4)
evidence man is indwelt by God 26:11.5(297;2)
extension of mercy to wrongdoer may work hardship on other family members 54:6.3-4(618;6)
forgive 70 times 7 times 159:1.4-5,7)
in doubt, Judges invariably rule in personal interests of individual 112:5.7-8(1233;3)
let decisions favor those in need 132:5.3(1463;1)
merciful shall obtain m. 140:3.9(1570;10), 140:5.17(1575;2), 146:2.5(1638;5)
m. credits always far in excess of ability to exhaust; of lavish proportions established to insure survival 28:6.5-7(314;4)
m. ministry is always work of the individual 133:1.2(1469;1)
not thrust upon those who despise it; cast not pearls before swine 28:6.7(315;1), 140:3.18(1571;5), 186:2.2(1999;2)
requires adjudication consonant with creature nature 39:1.8(428;2)
show m. to those who abuse you 178:1.17(1932;2)
spiritual growth favored by refusal to presume on divine m. 100:1.8(1095;3)
time lag of m.; wisdom of delay 2:3.5(37;3), 54:4-5secs) 131:3.5(1447;2)
when m. exhausted, justice prevails 21:5.4(241;1), 28:6.7(315;1)

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