personality circuit. See also personality
bosom of Father 5:2.2(64;5)
centered in Father 5:6.11(71;6), 11:1.4(119;1)
dispatches worship to Father 5:3.2(65;4), 5:6.11(71;6)
Father maintains parental contact with all persons by means of 1:3.6(25;6), 3:1.6(45;4), 3:3.3(49;2), 5:0.2(62;2), 5:6.10(71;5), 6:4.5(76;5), 10:3.14(111;12), 40:5.3(445;4), 56:4.2(640;1)
gives Father knowledge of thoughts of all beings 32:4.8(363;6)
non-Adjuster-indwelt beings included in 5:6.12(71;7), 9:6.4(104;2)
perfectly unifies personality at all levels 56:4.2-3(640;1)
personality gravity is noncomputable 12:3.8(133;2)
personality responds to 0:6.1(9;3), 9:8.6(106;4), 12:3.1(131;4), 16:8.9(195;2), 16:9.10(196;6), 30:1.23(334;2), 112:0.8(1225;8)
Third Source personality beings are not in Father's personality circuit 9:8.6-10(106;4)
Personalized Adjusters 40:4sec(444;4), 109:6-7secs) 109:7sec(1201;2),. See also Thought Adjuster of Jesus; Thought Adjusters
3 very active on Urantia; one certifies plan for each human being 109:7.7(1201;8), 110:2.1(1204;5)
assigned to worlds following bestowal of Paradise Son 108:3.4(1188;6)
chiefs of their kind 20:4.3(227;1)
college on Divinington 16:3.2(186;6)
embrace all known relationships of personality 109:7.4(1201;5)
executives for Architects of Master Universe 109:6.7(1201;1), 109:7.3(1201;4)
have experientialized by participation with mortals 40:4.2(445;1)
have served with incarnated Paradise Sons or achieved unusual distinction 20:4.3(227;1), 40:4.1(444;4), 107:2.8(1179;2), 109:6.3(1200;3)
in personality registers 30:1.12(332;3), 30:2.8(335;6)
Master Spirit #1 is adviser to chief of 16:3.2(186;6)
nontime beings 136:5.4(1516;4)
of Divinington certify life plans for human subjects 110:2.1(1204;5)
permit some fusion-status mortals to continue duties 55:3.13(626;2)
personal agents of full ministry of Universal Father 109:7.3(1201;4)
personalized by Universal Father 40:4.1(444;4)
personnel of training schools of Divinington 107:3.6(1180;2)
seldom seen at large 109:7.6(1201;7)
unassigned sovereign stabilizers and compensators of universes 109:7.2(1201;3)
values of nonsurviving human subjects become possession of 109:6.2(1200;2)
visible to beings who have attained Father 107:4.5(1181;1)
persons. See also creatures; mortals; personality
God no respecter of 1:4.6(27;1), 2:3.1(36;6), 12:7.1,8(137;2), 40:10.13(454;2), 133:0.3(1468;3), 137:8.6(1536;3), 138:8.2(1545;3), 140:3.16(1571;3), 143:1.5(1608;2), 148:6.2(1662;4), 155:6.2(1730;6), 156:2.4(1736;1), 166:4.11(1831;2), 175:2.1-3(1909;1), 181:2.14(1958;1), 192:2.2(2047;6)
perspective 118:10.13(1306;2)
acquire long-distance view of destiny 156:5.8(1739;3)
awareness that God and divine hosts are on our side 101:10.9(1117;3)
comprehension of Deity's relation to cosmos helpful to man's cosmic orientation 118:1.1(1295;1)
danger of losing one's sense of proportion 50:1.2-3(572;4)
each generation smiles at its ancestors' foolish superstitions 86:6.5(956;1)
gain true p. from studying origin, history, and destiny of situation 19:1.5-12(215;2)
gaze upon universe from within God's viewpoint 101:10.9(1117;3)
grasping eternal goal-meanings in seemingly insignificant time-space activities 43:8.10(494;9)
increasing time frame makes God's will more discernible 12:7.2,7(137;3)
individual's lifetime is yardstick for time measurement 65:8.3(739;7)
insight into wholeness of past-present-future events 118:1.8(1295;8)
lesser matters should give way before greater 162:8.3(1798;1)
logical thought is within frame of postulates; all are erroneous to greater or lesser degree 115:1.1(1260;2)
man defending family from saber-toothed tiger 100:4.5(1098;2)
man needs sustenance of a cosmic perspective 99:7.2(1092;6)
one-eyed person cannot visualize depth 130:4.4(1434;3)
present is trivial divorced from past and future 160:2.9(1776;3)
religion provides goal above temporal objectives 99:7.2(1092;6)
rest and relaxation shrink size of problems 143:3.3(1611;1)
see evil against background of good 195:5.12-13(2076;3)
those able to observe wider stretches discover divine oneness which overspreads all 56:0.2(637;2)
values and facts must not become disproportionate 143:6.3(1615;4)
vastness of God's plan makes it impossible to see much in one life 32:5.1-2(364;3)
when clouds gather overhead, look beyond mists of mortal uncertainty 108:6.8(1194;1)
rolled off Jesus' face 182:3.7(1969;2)
employ p. to change minds, not compulsion 178:1.12(1931;3)
traces of Andite blood reached 79:5.9(884;3)
pervaded space. See space: pervaded space
pessimism. See also optimism
proves universe not wholly material 195:7.8(2079;3)
pursuit of mere knowledge leads to 195:6.3(2076;8)
pet evil
almost every human being has a 163:2.7(1802;3)
Peter. See Simon Peter
privilege of p. inherent in free citizenship 71:2.10-11(802;9)
petrified forests 60:1.7(686;3)
phallic cult
defense against evil eye 87:5.5(962;6)
Pharisee and publican
parable of 140:5.7(1573;9), 167:5.1-2(1838;2)
Pharisees. See also Judaism; rabbis; Sanhedrin; scribes
3 resigned during trial of Jesus 184:5.5(1985;6)
almost all Sanhedrists espousing Jesus were 184:1.1(1978;4), 184:3.5(1982;6)
asked John the Baptist if he were Elijah 135:9.4(1505;4)
beware of the leaven of 157:2.2(1745;1)
Jesus' breakfast with P. at Philadelphia 167:1sec(1833;4)
kept Jews in bondage to ritual, traditions 121:7.3(1340;1)
little bothered about Jesus sect after resurrection 194:4.10(2067;5)
many were honest of heart 140:8.22(1582;3), 162:3.1(1792;5), 165:3.2(1820;1), 171:4.4(1872;1)
many were tradesmen 121:3.4(1335;3)
Matadormus was a P. 163:2.6(1802;2)
motives for wanting to kill Jesus 175:4.8-12(1911;5)
path blocked by spiritual pride, self-satisfaction 147:5.8(1653;2)
ceremonial devotion to own self-righteousness 166:1.2-4(1825;4)
did not shun publicity about their philanthropy 147:5.2(1651;6)
ultraconservative 175:4.9(1911;6)
referred to themselves as "associates" 137:7.6(1534;5)
refused to countenance assassination 175:4.14(1911;11)
refused to enter kingdom; prevented others from entering 166:1.4(1826;1), 175:1.12(1907;4)
scribes and rabbis taken together were 137:7.6(1534;5)
spiritually blind but thoroughly moral 162:3.1(1792;5)
613 rules of living 163:4.8(1805;5)
disgracefully lax divorce practices 140:8.14(1581;1), 167:5.2-4(1838;3)
human body literally resurrected 137:7.6(1534;5), 174:3.4(1900;4)
Jesus discredited 173:3.3(1893;3)
paid particular attention to tithing, purification, avoidance of non-Pharisees 166:1.7(1827;1)
systematic dogmatic theology 149:3.1(1672;4)
untaught people accursed 162:2.9(1792;3)
wealth is token of God's favor 163:2.6(1802;2), 169:2.8(1854;4)
think they do God's service 155:1.4(1726;1)
went to John for baptism 135:6.7(1502;5)
Pharos, lighthouse of
in Alexandria 130:3.2(1432;2)
Phasaelis 143:1.1(1607;3), 143:3.8(1611;6)
Jesus asked Fortune directions to 130:6.2(1437;2)
Philadelphia Paper 167 (1833;1),) 128:3.2(1411;2), 152:7.1(1706;2), 159:5.1(1769;3), 165:0.1(1817;1), 186:3.2-3(2000;5), 190:1.8(2031;2)
Abner taught 3 times a day in synagogue of 166:5.1(1831;4)
center of Abnerian kingdom of heaven; held faithfully to Jesus' teachings 130:2.3(1430;1), 166:5.6(1832;2), 171:1.6(1869;2)
chief ruler of synagogue was unfriendly Pharisee; deposed 167:3.2-4(1836;1)
David Zebedee, Ruth, sisters of Lazarus moved to 190:1.9-10(2031;3)
David Zebedee oversaw large interests of kingdom at 171:1.5(1869;1)
10th appearance at 191:4sec(2041;4)
arrived accompanied by 600 followers 167:0.1(1833;1)
meeting with merchant of Damascus at 128:3.3(1411;3)
largest congregation of believers; feud with Jerusalem 166:5sec(1831;4)
Lazarus was treasurer of church at 168:5.3(1849;7), 171:1.5(1869;1), 172:2.4(1880;5)
Nathaniel lived at P. for 1 year 193:6.4(2058;3)
synagogue never subject to Jerusalem 166:5.1(1831;4)
philanthropy. See charity
Philip (Apostle) 141:3.2(1589;3), 143:3.5(1611;3), 144:1.4(1618;1), 178:2.6-8(1933;3), 191:0.9(2038;4), 192:4.7(2051;4),. See also apostles of Jesus
converted Anaxand in Caesarea 130:2.5(1430;3)
failed as steward only a few times 181:2.20(1960;1)
labored for Samaritans 139:2.7(1551;3), 143:4.2(1612;2), 143:6.6(1616;2)
recruited Nathaniel 137:2.6,7(1526;6)
selected Thomas 138:2.5(1539;8)
very tenacious and successful personal worker 139:5.8(1557;2), 141:3.2(1589;3)
among the 120 at Pentecost 194:1.2(2060;2)
and the inquiring Greeks 174:5.1(1902;2)
at Jesus' appearances 191:2sec(2040;2), 191:5sec(2042;5), 192:1-4secs) 193:0sec(2052;1), 193:3sec(2055;1), 193:5sec(2057;3)
business partner of Nathaniel 139:5.1(1556;1)
chased out of Samaritan town with stones 162:0.1(1788;1)
chosen as apostle 137:2sec(1526;1)
"come and see" 137:2.6(1526;6), 139:5.8(1557;2)
crucified at Hierapolis 139:5.11-12(1557;5)
descendants persecuted by Christians 175:2.2(1909;2)
fearless wife in women's corps; stoned to death at Philip's cross 139:5.11(1557;5), 163:7.3(1808;5)
admonitions to P. 174:0.2(1897;2), 181:2.20(1960;1), 192:2.11(2049;2)
asked to feed the 5000 152:2.6(1701;1)
asked to preach to gentiles 192:2.11(2049;2)
told P. no more to busy himself with money and goods 181:2.20(1960;1), 192:2.11(2049;2)
noncommittal on plan to make Jesus king 152:2.5(1700;6)
personal characteristics
always wanted to be shown 139:5.5(1556;5), 181:2.20(1960;1)
fisherman from Bethsaida; had known Jesus aforetime 137:2.3(1526;3), 139:5.1,4(1556;1)
honest but unspiritual 139:5.7(1557;1), 181:2.20(1960;1)
married, no children, 27 in A.D. 26, lived at Bethsaida 139:5.1-2(1556;1)
methodical; lacked imagination; commonplace average man 139:5.2-7(1556;2)
questions usually foolish 139:5.5,7(1556;5), 143:1.2(1607;4), 149:6.1(1675;2), 180:3.8(1947;7), 181:2.20(1960;1)
the curious; apostolic steward 138:10.4(1547;4), 139:5sec(1556;1)
worried Jesus might ask him to feed multitude in Jerusalem 172:5.6(1885;1)

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