Part I. The Central and Superuniverses

Paper 18

6. The Unions Of Days


18:6.1  The Trinity personalities of the order of "Days" do not function in an administrative capacity below the level of the superuniverse governments. In the evolving local universes they act only as counselors and advisers. The Unions of Days are a group of liaison personalities accredited by the Paradise Trinity to the dual rulers of the local universes. Each organized and inhabited local universe has assigned to it one of these Paradise counselors, who acts as the representative of the Trinity, and in some respects, of the Universal Father, to the local creation.

18:6.2  There are seven hundred thousand of these beings in existence, though they have not all been commissioned. The reserve corps of the Unions of Days functions on Paradise as the Supreme Council of Universe Adjustments.

18:6.3  In a special manner these Trinity observers co-ordinate the administrative activities of all branches of the universal government, from those of the local universes up through the sector governments to those of the superuniverse, hence their name— Unions of Days. They make a threefold report to their superiors: They report pertinent data of a physical and semi-intellectual nature to the Recents of Days of their minor sector; they report intellectual and quasi-spiritual happenings to the Perfections of Days of their major sector; they report spiritual and semiparadisiacal matters to the Ancients of Days at the capital of their superuniverse.

18:6.4  Since they are Trinity-origin beings, all of the Paradise circuits are available to them for intercommunication, and thus are they always in touch with each other and with all other required personalities up to the supreme councils of Paradise.

18:6.5  A Union of Days is not organically connected with the government of the local universe of his assignment. Aside from his duties as an observer, he acts only at the request of the local authorities. He is an ex officio member of all primary councils and all important conclaves of the local creation, but he does not participate in the technical consideration of administrative problems.

18:6.6  When a local universe is settled in light and life, its glorified beings associate freely with the Union of Days, who then functions in an enlarged capacity in such a realm of evolutionary perfection. But he is still primarily a Trinity ambassador and Paradise counselor.

18:6.7  A local universe is directly ruled by a divine Son of dual Deity origin, but he has constantly by his side a Paradise brother, a Trinity-origin personality. In the event of the temporary absence of a Creator Son from the headquarters of his local universe, the acting rulers are largely guided in their major decisions by the counsel of their Union of Days.



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