Part I. The Central and Superuniverses

Paper 18

The Supreme Trinity Personalities


18:0.1  Supreme Trinity Personalities are all created for specific service. They are designed by the divine Trinity for the fulfillment of certain specific duties, and they are qualified to serve with perfection of technique and finality of devotion. There are seven orders of the Supreme Trinity Personalities:

  1. Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy.
  2. Eternals of Days.
  3. Ancients of Days.
  4. Perfections of Days.
  5. Recents of Days.
  6. Unions of Days.
  7. Faithfuls of Days.

18:0.2  These beings of administrative perfection are of definite and final numbers. Their creation is a past event; no more are being personalized.

18:0.3  Throughout the grand universe these Supreme Trinity Personalities represent the administrative policies of the Paradise Trinity; they represent the justice and are the executive judgment of the Paradise Trinity. They form an interrelated line of administrative perfection extending from the Paradise spheres of the Father to the headquarters worlds of the local universes and to the capitals of their component constellations.

18:0.4  All Trinity-origin beings are created in Paradise perfection in all their divine attributes. Only in the realms of experience has the passing of time added to their equipment for cosmic service. There is never any danger of default or risk of rebellion with Trinity-origin beings. They are of divinity essence, and they have never been known to depart from the divine and perfect path of personality conduct.



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